Vienna Gin Festival 2019 – Strong presence of Austrian gins

Posted on 18/07/2019 by Raise Your Sprits
Vienna Gin Festival Cool Event Austria

For the second time already, Vienna Gin Festival rocked the Semperdepot in the Austrian capital on 3rd and 4th May and was sold out on both days. In addition to international brands, a large number of the exhibitors were “local heroes”, proving the versatility and liveliness of the Austrian gin scene.

Of course, not all of the approximately 150 Austrian gin producers were present, but those that participated offered a broad spectrum of domestic gins to more than 3,500 visitors. With Fabdrinx, we participated in the event and here are some of the gins that have caught our attention.


Sauguata Gin – From Vienna

Developed by G & T enthusiast Klaus Burka and friends, Sauguata Gin is a true London Dry Gin, with classic botanicals including lemongrass, tangerine peel, cinnamon, and ginger. But quantity is not their thing, the motto is much “Back to the roots”. The team showed the interested public that fine G & T variations can be accomplished especially well with “Sauguata Gin”. The Valenciano, which was designed by a Spanish bartender for the Viennese Gin, was extremely well received by the guests. The ÖGZ recently named Sauguata Gin the winner of their comparative tasting and in Spain, it also received a gold medal at the Catavinum Competition.

Sauguata Gin Tonic Valenciano

50 ml “Sauguata Gin”
3 juniper berries & 2 cardamom seeds
1 lemon zest & 1 orange zest
Dry Tonic Water (for example Schweppes Dry Tonic)

Crush cardamom & juniper berries, fill a Copa glass with plenty of ice, add Sauguata Gin and fill up with tonic by pouring it over a bar spoon. Finally, squeeze the essential oils from the lemon zest into the glass and add the two halfs to the drink as well.


Vienna Gin Festival Sauguata Gin

5020 Gin. A classic – Made in Salzburg

This is the second time that Stephan Koudelka presented his 5020 London Dry Gin at Vienna Gin Festival. In addition to juniper, 22 organic botanicals are distilled in a 100-liter still and give this gin its unique character. 5020 is the postal code of the Mozart city where the distillery is located. Fine craftsmanship, patience, and finesse assure a distinctive taste experience. The producer recommends lemon peel and peppermint leaves to top off his 5020 London Dry Gin Drink. The audience was queuing up to taste the G & T symphony from Salzburg. Amadeus would probably have loved it, too! The World Spirits Awards did, that is for sure and rewarded 5020 Gin with silver.


Vienna Gin Festival 5020 Gin


Drytun Gin – From Burgenland

At home in the sunny Burgenland, Drytun Gin came to meet gin lovers in Vienna. Formerly called Neptun Gin, it was refined and perfected over the years in the village distillery Wallner on the north shore of Lake Neusiedl. 17 botanicals, including cinnamon bark, citrus fruit, and lavender, are combined into a versatile recipe. It is important to the Wallner family, besides the quality of their ingredients, that Drytun Gin can be enjoyed sweet, dry or fruity. This versatility was demonstrated at the Gin Festival, where various fillers could be tried on the stand, including Royal Bliss Bohemian Berry Taste, which procures the gin a fruity note. Despite the maritime appearance of the bottle: Drytun Gin – is not only for sailors!


Vienna Gin Festival Drytun Gin


Steinhorn London Dry Gin – From Lower Austria

Martin and Johannes Steiner from Lower Austria, aka the Steiner Bros., fondly call their creation a “lovechild”. Steinhorn Gin is produced in their parental wine tavern in Ruppersthal, their hometown in the idyllic Weinviertel, and was first brought to market in 2018. From rosemary, elderberry licorice, and other botanicals…, Steinhorn Gin is distilled according to the strictest rules of an LDG. The 44% vol Gin is well received by aficionados and juries, and so in 2018, just shortly after its launch, Steinhorn Gin was awarded the best Austrian Gin at the Falstaff Gin Trophy.


Steinhorn Gin Falstaff Gin Trophy Best Austrian Gin Steiner Bros


Vienna Gin & Herak

Wine gin + rosé wine from Hagn = HERAK, wine gin aperitif. Vienna Gin by the Kesselbrüder is a reference in the Gin Country Austria and a regular with the Vienna Gin Festival. Again, the guys have come up with something special. In cooperation with the young Weinviertel winemaker Wolfgang Hagn from Mailberg in Lower Austria, they have developed the first wine-gin-aperitif “Herak”. They took a new Gin creation by the Kesselbrüder and added fine rosé wine from the Austrian wine variety par excellence, Zweigelt. Juniper, lavender, elderflower and orange, fresh red currants, ripe blackberries, and raspberries give a sweetly dry base note to this aperitif drink with 22.5% vol. Herak is an amalgamation of several words: Herz-Anker-Kreuz (heart-anchor-cross). Can be enjoyed with tonic, but also with fine frizzante, preferably one also produced by the Hagn winery. We believe that this drink has the potential to shake up the city’s aperitivo selection!


Vienna Gin Festival Wien Gin Austria


Vienna Gin Festival 2019 After Movie

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Austro Gins: reminisce, relive goosebumps moments and look forward to the next year! Below is the official video wrap of this year’s Vienna Gin Festival.



We are already looking forward to the next Vienna Gin Festival and many more gin creations from Austria and the rest of the world!



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