Zermatt Unplugged with Marius Bär and Band

Posted on 02/05/2017 by Olivia Fey
Zermatt Unplugged Marius Bär

What a festival, what a journey! I had the pleasure to accompany Marius Bär and his band for four days while they were preparing and participating in Zermatt Unplugged, probably one of the most impressive Swiss festivals.

My job: band mum. Meaning as much as organizing, seeing to everyone’s wellbeing, producing photos and videos for social media and blog posts. It really was about relaying the bands experience to their followers. I was also responsible for promotion, merchandising and the sale of the band’s CDs. Being the dedicated tour blogger truly had its perks,  I can tell you that! It was an amazing experience! I had a great time and made many new friends.

It all started with a rehearsal session in Zurich that was held outdoors and filmed for Marius’ Social Media. Then, we climbed into “The Bear Bus” and set out for Zermatt. Somewhere on the way we got lost and so the drive up there seemed like an eternity… I guess the fact that the navigation system of the bus was broken and we simply chatted too much had something to do with it.

But anyway, we made it! Eventually, we arrived in Zermatt and unloaded all the gear from the bus and into the train. That’s a particularity of Zermatt: it is completely car-free. You arrive in Täsch, leave your car and then continue your journey by shuttle train, the reason being sustainability, of course. Protecting the environment and its pristine scenery is of central importance to Zermatt.

Once we got there, we received a warm welcome by the festival hosts. After a short briefing session, we checked in at the Pollux, a very typical, conveniently located hotel. Here, Marius had his first rehearsal just before heading back out again for his first gig and the shoot of a commercial at the top of a mountain!

Later that night, Marius ended up at a spontaneous jam session with some of his band members and a one-to-one with Paolo Nutini, of whom he is the biggest fan.

With a total of three appearances, Marius Bär absolutely enchanted the audience. Two of the performances took place on the main stage, right in the heart of the festival venue, the so-called Taste Village, another in the beautiful CERVO with a breathtaking view of Zermatt and the Matterhorn.

Zermatt Unplugged Marius Bär

The first gig started at 1pm at the Taste Village and the show lasted for about an hour. Then the band had to change hotels and moved in at Hotel Alpenroyal. On the second festival day, Marius’ agenda was filled with meetings and get-togethers of all sorts. The highlight of that day: Marius performance at the CERVO, one of Zermatt’s most luxurious hotels. The view over the resort from there is simply mind-blowing!

At 3pm, the venue was packed! At some point, even Thomas Gottschalk, a German entertainer and TV host, showed up and stayed to listen to Marius. The crowd enjoyed his deep, smoky voice and applauded the band’s performance.

The time passed quickly, far too quickly! Soon, it was dinnertime. We ate at Restaurant Sonnmatten just before having to hurry to the next show. It was held in the main tent and Paolo Nutini was performing when we arrived. Later that night, we met him again at the jam session at Hotel Mont Cervin Hotel. It was a-mazing!

The bear and his band had their last gig on Saturday, back on the stage at Taste Village. During Marius’ sound check, the place got really crowded. It seemed like everyone had heard of him and wanted to come see the band perform for one last time. The atmosphere was great, the audience totally captivated, dancing and grooving along.

The stage was on fire, graced by this full blast of bear power, passion, blues and rock. The band played in perfect harmony and the crowd was absorbed in the vibe. I feel honored to have been a part of it! You can find more pics on my blog www.liviesnotes.com. Below, a video, so you can get a taste of what it was like. Shivers!

Other artists who were performing at this year’s edition of Zermatt Unplugged were, for example, IDA MAE with their heavenly guitar riffs and beautiful duo-performance,  GRAHAM CANDY from New Zealand (love his unique, powerful voice!) and DJ ALLE FARBEN. It was a great festival and I hoped it would last forever.

But, but, but… all good things come to an end. 11 am the next morning: everybody back on track, hotel checkout, train back to Täsch, gear packed in the bus, happy and our hearts filled with unforgettable memories… Bye bye, Zermatt Unplugged. See you next year!

Zermatt Unplugged Marius Bär



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