New from Ben & Jerry’s: Oh My! Apple Pie!

Posted on by Eileen Schuch
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Nothing, or almost nothing, is more evocative of the sheer bliss of being at home than the wonderful smell of freshly baked cake slowly filling the house. Even lifelong ice cream aficionados go weak at the knees and can be heard to utter the words “Oh My! Apple Pie!” at the oven door. It’s memories such as these that must have inspired the flavour designers at Ben & Jerry’s for their new version of the good old American apple pie recipe. “Oh My! Apple Pie!” will be adding its unusual, irresistible flavour in March 2012 to the already rich selection on offer from Ben & Jerry’s.

Fragrant, ripe apples, spiced up with a touch of cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg – that’s the secret of a good old Apple Pie just like grandma used to make, as well as Ben & Jerry’s brand new version of it. But wait! There’s more! This ice cream is brimming with delicious chunks of rich pie crust that Ben & Jerry’s fans simply won’t be able to get enough of. Just thinking about it has your hand reaching out for the spoon and scooping out chunks like you used to while mum was still making it.

The new Fairtrade version of the super premium ice cream brand is not happy with just being exquisitely delicious. Ben & Jerry’s has committed itself wholeheartedly to a number of sustainable development and solidarity projects to show its gratitude towards society. “Oh My! Apple Pie!” bearing the Fairtrade stamp, brimming with delectable ingredients and flavoured with cinnamon, can be enjoyed with a clear conscience as of March in 500 ml tubs priced at CHF 9.90, or in 150 ml shorty versions selling for CHF 4.50.

For more details about Ben & Jerry’s, its social commitment and the conversion of its entire range over to Fairtrade principles, take a trip to the website at and, of course, to its Fan Page on Facebook!

A bit about Ben & Jerry’s:

The history behind the success of the prestigious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream brand began in 1978 with the opening of the first milk bar by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. More than 30 years’ later, the name Ben & Jerry’s is not only synonymous with being ‘Better than ice cream’, the internationally-renowned brand Ben & Jerry’s is now more of a philosophy and a way of being captured in ice. This is linked mainly to the social, ecological and human values that Ben & Jerry’s defends just as vigorously as its top-quality ingredients and the fun names applied to its different ice cream varieties.






  1. I love them all but this one is simply succulent !

    In the United States it’s called ‘Apple-y Ever After’ and it came out with a little bit of controversy as the packaging shows an happily married gay couple.

    Usually I’m not into politics, but I could go anywhere for a Ben&Jerry’s ice cream !

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