Flik Flak, the first wrist watch for cool kids

Posted on 17/01/2018 by coolbrandz

What time is it? Tick tack, Flik Flak, it’s Christmas time! And today we put a sweet gift for little ones under the Christmas tree.

xMas-Calendar-2014-17-17.12.14-FlikFlak-CuteSizeSince 1987, Flik Flak watches delight children with their original, colourful models and help them learn to read the time. For Christmas, we’re giving away 2 x 1 funky Flik Flak “Cute Size» watch. If you would like to win one of them as a gift, please leave a comment below. A lucky draw on 24.12.14 will determine the winner.

Flik Flak Cute-Size: wrist watches for kids

Away with grey: the dial and case of the “Cute-Size” collection – specially designed for children from 3 to 5 years of age – emerge from their cocoon in an explosion of colour resembling tangy sweets, attracting the eye as much as the touch! And they are equally to the taste of parents: always simple and easy to read, Flik Flak watches are manufactured in Switzerland and are resistant to shocks, water and scratches thanks to their plastic glass. And they even change as they follow the children in their play.

Specially designed for little adventurers, “Back to Wilderness” draws children into a safari of pure colours which makes them want to explore the world. Who has never fantasised about having a baby tiger for a pal or clowning around with a monkey? This watch can be taken along on all expeditions, as far as the end of the dunes in the sandpit…

For those who enjoy drawing, it’s not the result that counts but the desire! For budding artists, “Sweet School” proves that the main thing is to enjoy oneself. Neither the cute kitty nor the funny puppy will tell you any different… A blink of the eye and you’re off creating new works of art!Flik Flak Cute Size

Little princesses in search of their royal palace will find it with “Summer Colors” on their wrists. Between tangy candy and enchanting animals, the hands resonate with the rhythm of the most girly colours, while the dial sparkles with its 12 stones.

“Underwater Party” is designed for swimming in crystalline waters and meeting dolphins, for all those who dream of the great blue yonder and cute aquatic creatures. And when it’s time to return to the surface, simply look at the stones to know which direction the sun’s rays are coming from.




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