Nespresso Variations 2015 Limited Edition and a CitiZ Travel Mug

Posted on 17/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Here at coolbrandz we love our coffee, that is a no longer a secret. But the coolest thing is that we get to share our passion with you!

That’s why we put 1 x trio pack of Nespresso Variations and a CitiZ Travel Mug behind the 17th door of our Advent Calendar. Coffee addicts, you can win this gift by simply leaving a comment hereunder until 24.12.15.

Nespresso Limited Edition for the holidays

Like every winter for Christmas, Nespresso spoils us with a collection of different variations for the Year End celebrations. This Limited Edition is deliciously spicy and fits perfectly to Christmas cookies.

Vanilla Cardamom is a full-bodied blend of natural vanilla and cardamom aromas, which transform the roasted notes of Grand Cru Livanto in a surprising experience.

Vanilla Amaretti reminiscent of sweet amaretti biscuits, with its aromas of almond and vanilla, which sublime the round profile of the Grand Cru Livanto.

Ciocco Ginger is the harmonious combination of roasted notes of Grand Cru Livanto with the aroma of dark chocolate, accented by a touch of ginger. Simply delicious!

But that is not all! Whether in front of the fireplace or on-the-go, a CitiZ Travel Mug is the perfect partner to snuggle up with. Made of doubled stainless steel, this mug allows you to enjoy hot or cold drinks in style, everywhere!

To win this cool gift, just like the article and leave a little comment below. Good luck!

Winner: Melina M.

Nespresso | CitiZ Travel Mug




  1. Hi,
    I am looking for a company to purchase a travel mug that seals as well as the CitiZ. We want to purchase them for promotional items to have imprinted with our logo and phone.
    If you have any ideas, please share. They must be stainless, natural finish and with a screw on top that does NOT leak. Thanks

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