SWIZA Swiss Knife: world’s first with Tick Tool!

Posted on 16/06/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Swiza Swiss Knife Tick Tool

When you hear SWIZA, you probably think of watchmaking. Founded in 1904, the family business has a history of over a hundred years! The manufacturer is known the world over for its excellence in Swiss clock and watchmaking… But: did you know that SWIZA also produces Swiss pocket knives?

And not just any Swiss pocket knife, oh no! SWIZA recently issued a world premiere: the TICK TOOL. It is directly integrated into the knife and serves to remove – you guessed it – ticks. You know these little critters that you are likely to encounter in summer while hiking and camping. Little parasites that you or your pet brush off from bushes and trees and that sometimes carry Lyme disease. Scroll down to know more about ticks, why they can be dangerous and what you can do to prevent contact with them.

If, however, a tick has managed to get a hold of you, a SWIZA pocket knife with TICK TOOL can prove very useful! It has an integrated magnifying glass which makes it easier to actually find the tiny arachnid and because it is made of plastic, it provides the flexibility needed to position the tool in the right place. The cleft tip is v-shaped which facilitates grabbing and removing the tick. Should the tool break, you don’t need to replace the entire knife. The tool can easily be exchanged.

With ticks, speed is of the essence. The faster you get rid of the parasite, the more the risk of getting infected with Lyme Disease is reduced. Having an appropriate tool integrated with a pocket knife is not only handy but also very clever!

To have made that possible is proof once more for SWIZA’s continuous quest to reinvent themselves and to challenge the norms of Swiss Knife design, an effort that was previously recognized by a Red Dot Award. For their TICK TOOL and the communication around measures to prevent Lyme disease transmitted by ticks, the brand went one step further and teamed up with a company that developed an app for information about ticks.

A&K Strategy GMbH is a ZHAW Spin-off and co-founder Prof. Dr. Jürg Grunder explains the advantage their synergy represents as such: “Comparing the SWIZA TICK TOOL to other tick-removal devices, it is a very good solution to enable pocket knife users to remove a tick. It perfectly complements our tick-prevention app, because when it comes to tick bites, it is very important to react quickly and remove the tick as early as possible, in the correct way.”

The SWIZA TICK TOOL is available in two versions at all SWIZA points of sale or via www.swiza.com: TT03 comes with 11 functions  – 75mm blade with safety lock, tick tool with a magnifying glass, punch/reamer awl with sewing eye, bottle opener with flathead screwdriver No. 3 & wire bender, sommelier corkscrew, tweezers – and at a recommended retail price of CHF 39. The TT05 offers an additional tool – a saw, that is super practical for outdoor activities and BBQs – and boasts 12 functions. It retails around CHF 45.

That is a fair price considering that both models, like all SWIZA knives, feature only premium materials and top quality finishes. The blade, for example, is forged from a chrome and molybdenum alloy polished to an impervious stainless steel finish and thus extra strong. Easy opening with either the left or right hand, a safety locking system, and a soft-touch handle are further examples of SWIZA’s sophisticated forms, ergonomic shapes, and contemporary designs. The colors are pretty funky, too! SWIZA Red, Ebony Black, Orange, or Olive Camouflage… your knife, your choice!

Swiza Swiss Knife Tick Tool


What are ticks and why are they dangerous?

Ticks are small spiderlike animals (classified as Arachnida) that live on low vegetation at ground level. They lie in waiting for passing animals or humans to be brushed off of the plant, clings on the host, fasten themselves onto the skin and feed on blood. Most ticks don’t carry diseases, and most tick bites don’t cause serious health problems. However, to avoid the risk of contracting one of the varieties of tick-borne diseases, it is important to remove a tick as soon as you find it and to ensure the whole creature is removed. Removing the tick’s head will prevent infection of the skin where it bit, and removing the body will help to avoid the infection with Borrelia bacteria.

Lyme disease is a bacterial disease caused by Borrelia. The Borrelia are in the gut of the tick and are transmitted while the tick is feeding. There exists no vaccination available for protection of Lyme disease, but it can be treated with antibiotics and if detected in time, completely healed. In Switzerland, the Federal Office of Public Health counts every year between 8.000 and 12.000 cases of new Borrelia infections. Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is caused by the TBE virus in the saliva of the tick. The tick transmits the virus immediately after biting. The TBE virus multiples in human nerve cells. Approximately 1% of yearly 100 to 250 patients that develop neurological symptoms die of TBE. A vaccination prior to infection with TBE is available and provides effective protection.

Found throughout the world, the occurrence of ticks is increasing and expanding further north. According to global centers for disease control, while ticks have always presented health risks, the prevalence and severity of infection are increasing and developing into a significant emerging problem.

Scientists think that the moving of ticks into new areas has to do with the removal of forests which naturally recreates grasslands, and by creating grasslands by planting grains as food sources. Also, climate change and global warming are causing previously cold areas to become hotter, or to warm earlier in spring, enabling ticks to proliferate faster. The SWIZA tick tool is perfectly designed for the safe and effective removal of all types of ticks.

Swiza Swiss Knife TT03 1010 C Black

Who is at risk and what to do if you get bitten?

People most typically at risk are outdoor sportsmen and women, all those that enjoy hiking and camping, children playing outdoors, and those involved in farming activities or interacting regularly with horses, dogs, and cats. Tick bites occur most often during early spring to late summer, in areas of tall grasses and woodlands, and where there are many farmed animals or domestic pets.

As soon as possible, remove the tick, wash the site of the bite, and disinfect the area. Usually, this is all that is needed. However, watch for any signs of illness that develop over a period of days to weeks after the tick bite. The symptoms experienced depend on the particular microbe that is transmitted. If you do start to feel ill a few days after spending time outdoors or if you detect a circular skin rash around the site of the tick bite, patients should be examined by a doctor for a suspected tick-borne disease infection.

About the tick prevention app to download

In order to prevent tick bites and identify Lyme disease infections early on, a digital application was developed in Switzerland by A&K Strategy GmbH, a spin-off of ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences with the technical assistance of the Federal Office of Public Health. Initiated by Werner Tischhauser, scientist and tick specialist, and Prof. Dr. Jürg Grunder, Director of ZHAW Research Group Phytomedicine, this prevention app informs about the protective means, displays the current tick risk in a specific area in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and offers a tick bite diary for monitoring bites. The tick app is free and can be downloaded here: www.zecke-tique-tick.ch – for iOS  and Android Smartphones and Tablets.

About SWIZA: Disruptive. Not conventional.

Setting trends and leading new generations. The new SWIZA is made up of passionate visionaries who are rethinking urban style. Building on the well-established and rich background of horology and cutlery manufacturing in Delémont, SWIZA has redesigned a new brand of pocket knives and watches to meet the demands of next-generation style. A lifestyle brand for people on the go, SWIZA is developing versatile, durable, affordable, and thoughtfully designed products. SWIZA is an iconic, global and truly authentic Swiss brand, offering excellent quality at affordable prices. It’s young. It’s dynamic. It’s a rebel with a cause. SWIZA online: www.swiza.com.

We brought the brand to Montreux Moda and our friends from DUO Films produced this little “Best-of-Video”. Enjoy!



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  1. This is what outdoor enthusiasts and animal lovers have been waiting for: a highly functional, beautifully shaped Swiss knife with integrated tick tool. With the innovative Tick Tool you can remove ticks easily and safely and thus reduce the risk of being infected with dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease or early summer encephalitis ( TBE ) in the event of a tick bite. SWIZA reinvents the Swiss Knife again: An elegant pocket knife Made in Switzerland . The innovative Tick Tool is made of flexible plastic and has a V-shaped incision with which ticks can be securely fixed and removed. The integrated magnifier makes it easier to find the tiny parasites.
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    And Happy New Year!

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