Kosha bookmark: a must have for the stylish lover of literature

Posted on 23/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch

A bookmark from Kosha is an object of highest quality, Swiss Made and created by local craftsmen with a particular attention to detail. On the back of each bookmark you’ll find engraved a quotation on the subject of reading. This inspiring object is the ideal companion for moments of reading pleasure. Behind the brand is neither a major corporation nor even a group of investors, just a handful of individuals that are reunited by the passion for beautiful things and reading.

The philosophy behind Kosha

Kosha is Sanskrit and means „sheath“ or „vehicle of conscience“. In Yoga philosophy Kosha is used to distinguish the 5 sheaths that envelope the pure light of the transcendental Self or the true I as opposed to the Ego: annamaya kosha, built of anna (food), is the physical body, pranamaya kosha, made of prana, is the kosha-bookmark-front-redgold-rgb-low-deflifeforce, manomaya kosha, the sheath comprising the mind with its faculties of perception, vijnanamaya kosha, the intrinsic knowledge and intuition and anandamaya kosha, referring to the most subtle, delicate experience of ananda, pure joy. The Kosha bookmark is realised in 3 finishes:

Stainless steel

Made of particularly elastic stainless steel the Kosha bookmark flattens out between the pages of your book when it is closed and returns to its harmoniously curved shape when you take it out.

Black or red gold

Black gold is an alloy of 9 carat gold and nickel, red gold an alloy of 16 carat gold and copper. The gold is applied in a thin layer on the stainless steel base thus combining the flexibility and resistance of steel with the beauty and prestige of gold.

Claudio D’Amore, creator of Kosha

Claudio d’ Amore, Cosanova Sàrl, Lausanne, Suisse, le 24 janvier 2009Born in Switzerland of Italian parents Claudio D’Amore was raised in a multicultural environment. At age 13, when he spent most of his time in his father’s workshop, he created his first pieces from recycled materials. In 2000 Claudio graduated in product design from the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL), which belongs to the best design schools in Europe. He then set off for London and worked with Ross Lovegrove, a renowned British designer.

In 2004, aged 28, Claudio returned to Switzerland and founded cosanova, a design studio specialising in luxury timepieces and objects. Today, the studio employs four designers and counts 15 of the most prestigious brands amongst its clients: Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Van Cleef & Arpels, Parmigiani, Hautlence, Concord, …. Claudio’s work was soon crowned with success and rewarded with international prizes. The result of two decades of perfectionist creative work combined with a personal quest for inner peace and tranquillity is the brand Kosha that was launched in spring 2010.

kosha-bookmark-giftbox-rgb-low-defAn exclusive gift for passionate readers

You would like to surprise someone special with a gift of timeless beauty? The exquisite Kosha feathers are perfect! The bookmarks are available in the Kosha online shop for CHF 69.- (feather in stainless steel) and CHF 99.- (plated in black, yellow or red gold). Delivery to a Swiss address will normally take 2 to 4 days, for deliveries outside of Switzerland you should count 6 to 15 days.



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