WeWood: Sustainable wooden watches and accessories

Posted on 28/01/2021 by Eileen Schuch
WeWood Wooden Watches Model Alpha

WeWood, an Italian brand, was founded in 2009 in Florence, a city known for its art, beauty and creativity. WeWood combines the Italian ability to build unique objects with the need to focus greater care and attention on our planet.

The first brand to create wristwatches using wood, WeWood is completely free of toxic and artificial materials. Instead, raw materials are sourced from old boats and damaged huts. For each watch or pair of sunglasses sold, WeWood plants a tree.

The company is thus sustaining an initiative set up in collaboration with the no profit organizations American Forests and Trees for the Future.

The WeWood line of wooden watches is a combination of style, luxury, and environmental responsibility. Inspired by the beauty of the Tuscan territory, WeWood timepieces reflect the great cultural and artistic heritage of Florence. All watches are created with careful design and an eco-conscious mind.

WeWood uses different types of wood, each with a specific color and characteristic, making their timepieces a perfect accessory for any outfit. Being made of 100% wood, WeWood watches are mostly biodegradable, free of chemicals, and extremely lightweight.

WeWood Wooden Watches

For their eyewear collection, WeWood uses cotton fiber that originates from an environment-friendly concept. This material is preferred over wooden frames because of its higher durability. It is also more flexible and water-resistant. These unique features make WeWood eyewear preferable to celluloid or wooden frames.

WeWood eyewear is mainly made of natural cotton fibers. In line with the brand’s commitment to preserve worldwide natural resources, this solution allows to create frames made of eco-sustainable materials, which minimize the impact on the environment. No fossil fuel is used during the manufacturing process.

The company aims to raise environmental awareness around the globe and is proud to create products that are as unique as the materials they find in nature.

WeWood Cotton Fibre Sunglasses

WeWood products are guaranteed for 2 years. In Switzerland, the after-sales service is located in Geneva.



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