71% of Swiss consumers say they are perfume collectors

Posted on 16/01/2018 by coolbrandz

More than 300 Swiss consumers have participated in a survey about perfume that coolbrandz conducted as part of a mandate for the young and innovative perfume brand Valeur Absolue. The insights generated range from: brand notoriety before the national word-of-mouth campaign, the role of online in spreading the word, Swiss consumer habits and attitudes with regards to perfume, well-being and lifestyle.

Social Webcoolbrandz important for brand awareness

When asked if they already heard about Valeur Absolue perfume before discovering it on coolbrandz, 92% said that “No”, they have not heard about the brand before. The highest percentage of participants indicating that they already knew about Valeur Absolue are English speaking Swiss residents. Surprisingly, the brand was least known among participants from the French speaking part of Switzerland despite its headquarters being located in Geneva and the perfumes being available at Bongénie in Geneva and Lausanne.

Online: important for brand’s notoriety

87% of those participants who have already heard about Valeur Absolue say that it was online, via blogs and social media. 7% indicate that they found out about the brand in the media, whereas 6% say they heard about it from friends and family. Friend and family recommendations were mentioned most by English and German speakers at this stage of the campaign (prior to testing the perfumes). In fact, none of the survey participants have already tried the perfumes for themselves, despite the fact of having heard about the brand.

Valeur Absolue: an absolutely cool brand

Without having discovered the brand or tested the products for themselves, over 60% of survey participants judge Valeur Absolue to be “mega cool” or “super cool”, around 30% believe the brand to be “totally cool”. The remaining percentage have answered “sufficiently cool” to the question “What is your general impression of the brand Valeur Absolue?”.

Swiss consumers: like to discover novelties

When asked which element it is that motivates them to test and review the Valeur Absolue perfumes, 57% of participants indicated that they “love to discover novelties”. 32% said that it is because they “like to test before buying” and 11% were motivated by the prospect of “becoming an ambassador” for this brand. English speakers are most represented for this criteria.

Perfume: of great importance in Switzerland

To the question how important perfume is for them, 52% of the survey participants replied “extremely important”, 41% indicated “very important” and for 7% perfume is “important”. None of the respondents has chosen “less important” or “not important” for this criteria. The percentage of participants who have indicated that perfume is “extremely important” to them is highest among German and English speaking participants.

Majority of Swiss consumers: perfume collectors

71% of all survey participants described themselves as “perfume collectors”. Over 35% say they use “more than 4” perfumes at the moment. For both criteria, the percentages are highest among German and English speaking participants. French speakers are most numerous amongst participants having said they currently use “3” perfumes.

smiling young womanWell-being: extremely important for Swiss people

The importance of well-being has also been explored in the course of this survey. 65% or respondents indicated that this notion is “extremely important” to them, for 30% well-being is “very important” and another 5% say that they find it “important”. None of the participants indicated “less important” or “not important” for this criteria.

100% epicurean: preferred lifestyle choice

Most Swiss consumers (53%) who have shown an interest in discovering the Valeur Absolue perfumes identified themselves as “100% epicurean” when asked to describe their lifestyle. The percentage is highest among German speaking survey participants for this criteria. 19% say they would describe their lifestyle as “totally fashion conscious”, the majority for this criteria is English speaking. French speakers are mostly represented among participants having indicated that they are “calm and relaxed”, the preference for “cooconing” is also highest among French speakers.

The word-of-mouth campaign

More than forty swiss consumers, of which some selected bloggers, have been given the opportunity to discover the Valeur Absolue brand and products by themselves via the coolbrandz platform. The first reviews have already been submitted. Here some examples of blog reviews:

In due course, the campaign results will be analysed and published on www.coolbrandz.com.

For press inquires, please contact: 

Eileen-Monika Schuch, Founder & CEO, eileen.schuch@coolbrandz.com, M: +41 76 322 23 03

For further information about Valeur Absolue: 

Web: www.valeurabsolue.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



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