6 years coolbrandz, CHF 6000 worth of gifts – Thank You!

Posted on 27/12/2017 by Eileen Schuch
AdventCalendar 2017

We hope you all spent a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Seeing you all share your trees, your dinners and your gifts, we trust you had a great time and Father Christmas was generous!

Speaking of generosity, I would like to thank all our partners who contributed gifts to our Advent Calendar. Merci, Vielen Dank for letting us share the Christmas joy and spoil our community with fabulous gifts.

The Advent Calendar is a tradition we maintain since 2013 and it is one way to shine the light on many new and upcoming brands, to share the gifts we receive from established brands and also to give something back to our readers: to say thank you for being part of our super cool community, for participating in our campaigns, for helping small and large brands to more notoriety, for co-creating with our partners. Thank you for being YOU!

All winners of the gifts in our Advent Calendar have now been established. Here is a recap of all 24 presents with the names of the winners:

24. Nobis winter goodies

Those seeking to embrace the elements now have a partner who understands their need for functional and stylish clothes: Nobis. The brand redefines luxury apparel and proposes original pieces with a high level of functionality and fashion-forward silhouettes. Outerwear, headwear, knitwear, and shoes for women, men and kids, nothing says “us” like “nobis”. Whatever the weather, nobis dresses the whole family. Embracing the elements has never been more stylish! To allow one of you to be all wrapped up and snug, nobis put behind the 24th window of our Advent Calendar a winter set in the value of over CHF 400, comprising a Diego Beanie, a Wylie Cap and a Scarf! The winner of this gift is: Saroeun S. Congratulations!

nobis winter goodies


23. Realtrue, eco luxury purse

What is this beautiful object of desire? It is a REALTRUE purse. Born in Brazil, designed in Switzerland, and crafted in Italy… every item by this brand is unique. Why? Because of the material it is made of: fish skin. The skin of the fish, the Pirarucu, is a by-product that would else be left unused – because leathery and inedible – and a burden on the environment in Brazil. With a nose-to-tail approach to fishing, no part of the animal is actually “thrown away”. Quite the contrary: the beautiful skin is recycled and transformed into a luxurious, long-lasting accessory. The one we choose for our gift N° 23 is the Natal #Pirarucu Wallet in Bronze Gold worth CHF 270. Winner: Livia B.


Realtrue Fishskin NATAL BRONZE GOLD


22. Gentleman’s Cognac, Cocktail & Cigar Kit

Ah, that time between Christmas and New Year: no more work, no more gift hunting… just some peace and quiet. Time to indulge in the pleasures that life has to offer: get-togethers with family and friends, good food, one or two drinks, maybe a cigar… To sublime these moments, we are delighted to offer you as Gift N° 22 in our Advent Calendar a “Gentleman’s Treat”, comprising Fine de Cognac from Hennessy, a cocktail book, and a Cigar Box, courtesy of Gentilhomme, in the total value of over CHF 150. Hennessy Fine de Cognac is a stylish, youthful, VSOP quality blend that you can enjoy at home every day, in a cocktail or as a digestif. It is no stranger to ice cubes, sparkling water and other quality mixers, too! That is why in your box, you will find a cocktail manual. Who says Cognac, often means cigars as well. The gift from gentilhomme.ch we included is a Freeline Humidor in Walnut that holds up to 25 cigars. The lucky winner is: Cristina Gh.

21. coolbox filled with beauty products

Coolbrandz started six years ago, on 11.11.11 to be precise, as Switzerland’s first influencer community and word-of-mouth platform. At the time, we disrupted the realm of traditional advertising and public relations by cutting out media as a prescriber channel and giving the products directly into the hands of our users. A generation of consumers so powerful, so creative and so influential on their peers that companies quickly started to embrace this marketing approach. Rapidly, we got to work with renowned brands: Nestlé, L’Oréal, Carlsberg, LVMH, Campari and many more. We are very happy to be able to work with such large companies. Our true passion, however, is to accelerate smaller, emerging brands and startups. It is via all our partners that we can offer you the fabulous gifts in our Advent Calendar. Gift N° 21 is a coolbox jam-packed with A LOT of beauty products worth over CHF 200. You will find goodies from brands like Paul Mitchell, A-Derma, Vichy, L’Oréal, OPI, LR and more in there! Winner: Verena C.

xMas Beauty Box

20. Gift Box “Clos Corbassières” from Provins

At the occasion of the 64th edition of Expovina, the largest public wine fair in the world, wine lovers from every corner of the planet came to Zurich in order to discover the most wonderful wines. I met Provins at their stand for a tasting because Switzerland’s largest wine producer had reason to celebrate, indeed! Gold medals, galore! With the “Clos Corbassières 2012”, Provins brought one of the three coveted Grand Gold Medals to Valais and another Gold medal for its “Clos Corbassières 2013”. W are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to discover both of these extraordinary Swiss wines worth over CHF 100 via Gift N° 20 in our Advent Calendar. The winner is: Andreas D.

Provins Clos Corbassieres


19. Family Box from Webforkids

Recently, some of our (blogger) friends announced their pregnancy. We also welcomed quite a few babies in the coolbrandz family this year. And, if you follow us in Social Media, you will have seen that we support a couple of startups that devote their project to making the life of families easier, healthier and more fun. One such startup is Webforkids. For our Christmas gift N° 19, we partnered with this new platform in order to propose something special for young parents: a family box containing goodies in the value of over CHF 300! What’s in it? Well, you will find a voucher over CHF 100 from Yamo in your box, goodies from Faber Castell and – oh, lalala – a piece of jewelry from Bijoux Le Bébé! The winner of this gift is: Ayche S.

Webforkids Box

18. BaByliss Digital Sensor, the smart hairdryer

What if you could spend more time getting out and about and less time in the bathroom styling your hair? With the new Digital Sensor, BaByliss proposes a smart, high-end hair dryer that is set to revolutionize the market. It has a sensor integrated in its digital EC motor that detects which nozzle you are using and adapts the airflow and temperature accordingly. That makes blow-drying your hair a lot safer and faster! Celebrity endorsed and quite simply awesome, we thought this Gift N° 18 in the value of CHF 249 would be a welcome addition to the styling tools of one of our coolgirls. Who is it going to be? We will soon find out! Cerasela B. has won this gift.

Babyliss Digital Sensor Sara Bachmann


17. Ruinart wooden picnic box

If somebody knows about making Champagne, it is Ruinart, the oldest established Champagne house, exclusively producing champagne since 1729. From a recent press trip to Reims I brought back for you a wooden picnic box including a bottle of Ruinart Rosé. And because champagne making is all about time, you will also find included, an item that will allow you to measure it, some nibbles and a little something to take care of yourself. All in all, everything you need to enjoy some me-time! Gift N°17 has a total value of CHF 150 and we will soon announce the winner. We congratulate Simone Th. for winning this gift.

RUINART Harvest Picnic Box


16. Phibio, 100% organic hair care

Phibio focuses on natural compositions to ensure the high quality of its care. Some of the ingredients used are produced in phibio’s own farm. An ethical and sustainable approach to hair care is paramount at phibio. The company focuses on two aspects: old recipes and new extraction technologies. As gift N° 16, we selected 3 products in the total value of CHF 178 from the range, each addressing a different hair care challenge: Anti-Dry Hair, Anti-Hair Loss and Anti-Dandruff Lotion. Bye bye, bad hair days! This gift goes to Michaela Sch.

phibio haircare


15. KA/NOA, men’s slow wear

Switzerland has a new fashion hotspot: KA/NOA, specialized in slow wear for men. The brand proposes timeless essentials that are all 100% Made in Italy, by the hands of men for men! Timelessness, longevity and tradition are values that are close to the founder’s heart. Bruno Grande, tired of the speed and superficiality of today’s world, created a slow wear brand to counterbalance the ephemeral character of current fashion. Like the yarn from which its fabrics are woven, KA/NOA symbolizes the unique and precious thread that weaves humanity together, that intertwines generations, that links our roots, our values and beliefs, the past and the future. We put a fabulous basic, an Alaric T-Shirt, worth CHF 168 behind the 15th door of our Advent Calendar for you. Valentina B. is the winner of this gift. Congratulations!


14. Greenbox: time for sustainability

Authentic, timeless and original, this is Mondaine, the popular Swiss watch brand. Functionality is in focus; style and elegance are always a trend for this label. Mondaine is a Swiss icon, their design unmistakable: the contrast of black and white with red accents, no frills and reduced to a minimum. What makes a watch a watch? Exactly, it displays the time. And that is something that Mondaine is doing so precisely for a long time that they have been selected official timepiece by the SBB. In your “Greenbox” worth over CHF 250, you will find a Mondaine watch and an iPhone pouch made of recycled PET bottles, a Tatajuba bag together with its accompanying pouch from Rubbish Upcycling and an eco-friendly BONNI bamboo toothbrush! Winner: Claudine N.



13. Neotus spice mill & Würzmeister spices 

Bring singularity to your dining room and kitchen! With a beautiful, one of a kind spice mill from neotus! Unconventional by design, made from the best materials and crafted by master artisans these stunning creations are true objects of desire. The OFF-AXIS is a spice mill that is “sculpted” from one unique piece of wood. A true eye-catcher with its sleek lines that contrast the noble wood from which it is created. Gift N° 13 in our Advent Calendar is one neotus OFF-AXIS spice mill in black American walnut worth CHF 237.60. But what is a spice mill without spices, right? We thought of that, too and found the perfect match: Würzmeister! Three of their incredible, handmade spice mixes will accompany your neotus mill: pepper mix, chili salt and chili pepper. With that, you have everything you need to get creative in the kitchen! The winner of this gift is Kim W.

neotus spice mill würzmeister spice mixes


12. Veuve Clicquot gift boxes

What is the ultimate holiday essential? That’s right: Champagne. That is why behind the 12th window of our Advent Calendar we have just that waiting for you: 2 Gift Boxes from Veuve Clicquot, each filled with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label and Veuve Clicquot goodies, each box worth about CHF 100! The Yellow Label is Veuve Clicquot’s signature champagne. 2017 marks the 140th anniversary of the icon. Champagne lovers across the globe enjoy Clicquot’s yellow for its characterful, crisp and fruity taste. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label is a perfect aperitif and during a meal pairs well with pan-fried seafood, fish and cheese. Our two winners have been established: congrats to Vanessa S. and Lis F.

Veuve Clicquot Goodies


11. Garogosi, jewelry from the glacier 

Did you ever dream of having something so singular, so special, that there is but one of its kind? Are you a passionate mountaineer, an alpinist or simply someone who loves nature? Gift N° 11 comes directly from a Glacier, where it was formed and shaped into an item that is truly unique. A moment in time, an instant of poised ice captured in the beauty of a piece of Garogosi jewelry and made to last forever. The gift we got for you is a Contrast Glacier Ring in the value of CHF 350. This ring represents the Garogosi brand ethos – Contrast Defines. Mihaela T. will be delighted, because she won this gift!

Garogosi Glacier Jewelry


10. Coolbox filled with surprises for girls

For me, there is nothing more fun than sharing the excitement of the Yuletide with you, our community and blog readers. I feel blessed every day to be connected to such wonderful, talented people. Christmas is a great opportunity for me to give you something back. That is why behind the 10th window of our Advent Calendar I put a gift for you girls: a coolbox filled to the top with beauty products and other girly items in the value of CHF 200! You will find goodies from brands such as OPI, L’Oréal Paris, L’Occitane, LR Colours, Mia Tui, I am a Girly and many more in there. Winner: Elke B.

Coolbox Girls

09. Uppercut Deluxe Gifts: curated by Gentilhomme

Behind the 9th door of our Advent Calendar was a present by Uppercut Deluxe. In Switzerland, products from this brand are brought to you by Damien, our blog contributor and founder of www.gentilhomme.ch. His eShop is serving modern gentlemen since 2013 with an array of high-quality products, all irresistible in their own way. The gifts we have selected for you this year have a total value of over CHF 400 and are: 1 x Uppercut Deluxe Wooden Crate, 1x Uppercut Deluxe Box + T-Shirt and 1 x Uppercut Deluxe Vanity Bag. Our three winners are: Diana F., Mr. K and Elias M. Congratulations!

Uppercut Deluxe Bearded Tattooed Stylish


08. SmartWatcher safety watch

Imagine being able to call for help by pressing a button on your watch. That is the basic premise of SmartWatcher. The Zurich based company created a discreet and elegant safety companion, that looks just like a watch. It has all the functionalities of a normal wristwatch but comes equipped with an interesting extra feature: a software-enabled alarm button that you can press should you feel the need. Pushing it instantly connects you with your helpers. They can speak to you through the loudspeaker and microphone built into the watch and can see your exact position thanks to the advanced geo-location system, which works even inside buildings. Carrying such an emergency call watch can make you feel safer and more confident in everyday life, at home as well as when you are out and about. We thought our Advent Calendar is an excellent way to present this brand to you and offer one SmartWatcher safety watch in the value of CHF 279 as a gift. Claire K.,  Congrats & Happy New Year, you won!

Smartwatcher PEARL Emergency Call Watch


07. Gift boxes from Obrist

Obrist was founded in Vevey in 1854 and owns vineyards of great renown, such as Cure d’Attalens and Clos du Rocher, which extend from La Côte, through the terraces of Lavaux, and to Chablais. Besides its own vineyards and estates, Obrist is known for finding and curating other fantastic wines. The company’s portfolio includes prestigious Swiss wines as well as many extraordinary, distinctive and original wines from renowned vineyards around the world. Gift N° 7 in our Advent Calendar are 3 x 1 Gift box filled with delicious wine the total value of over CHF 150. Michelle R., Andrea Ml., Veronica C., you are the three winners. Happy New Year!

Obrist Wines

06. coolbox filled with surprises for guys

The sixth gift is a coolbox containing goodies for guys in the value of CHF 300. We put everything in there that we thought would make one of our Coolboys happy. You will find products from brands such as Bulgari, BRONX COLORS, Uppercut Deluxe, Nespresso, Belvedere, Glenmorangie, Hennessy, Gents and something from Tag Heuer to keep you warm during winter! A gift that contains something for “before the party”, “during the party” and “after the party”… This gift goes to Denny R.

Coolbox Coolboys

05. Sugar-sweet jewelry by Bombom Bijoux 

Bombom Bijoux: halfway between the craft of designing jewelry and selecting precious stones, this brand celebrates original materials from around the world.

And because we believe that macarons are probably the best way to sweeten the countdown for the holidays, we slipped a sparkling surprise from BombomBijoux in our xMas Calendar: 1 x jewelry gift set in the value of CHF 250, made from pieces that you can pick and choose from to your liking. Congrats, Clarissa L., you are the winner of this gift!

BomBom Bijoux Bracelet


04. The beauty of Iceland with OPI nail polishes

This winter, journey to the magical land of blue lagoons and Northern Lights with the Iceland Collection by OPI. Featuring a palette of 12 shades that are inspired by the country’s scenic, varied landscape of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields and glaciers, this collection offers a range of captivating, chic hues that portray the wild beauty of Iceland: chocolate browns, dark grey and khaki green, rich hues of blue ranging from sparkling jewel-tones to cooler blue-greys, orange clay and wine red to shimmering mauve and various tones of purple –including dusky violet, berry and deep eggplant-grey. 3 x 3 fabulous shades in the total value of CHF 180 waited behind the 4th window of our Advent Calendar and I am excited to see who the winners will be. Congratulations to Lena K., Tatjana F., Simone T., you each won a trio of OPI nailpolishes!

opi iceland


03. Snug as a bug with Pandacow

This is the story of a Swiss cow and a Chinese panda: Pandacow. It is the coming together of two symbolic animals, two countries, two cultures… the birth of a new garment brand that is devoted to one thing and thing only, the Onesie: a jumpsuit that procures ultimate comfort. Far more than an outfit, Pandacow is a beautiful way of life that gives you an experience of extreme wellbeing. It allows you to dive into an ultra soft universe and to protect yourself from daily stress. All equal, the experience addresses the whole family, regardless of age, gender or physique. Pandacow is about feeling good: in your life, in your body, in your skin. What pleasure to be able to introduce this new brand to you via 3 Pandacows in the overall value of CHF 350 in our Advent Calendar! The three winners are: Geraldine G., Claudia St. and Rolf S. Congratulations!

Panda cow Switzerland China Onesie Premium Quality Garments


02. In the mood for Christmas: mood ring

Mood is fun & fabulous jewelry made in Switzerland. A longstanding friendship connects us with the brand and so it was only logical to offer a mood ring worth CHF 300 in our Advent Calendar. After all, no other occasion says “JEWELLERY!” like Christmas. But that is just once a year. What about all the other days? Would it not be super cool if you had a ring whose allure you could change in spring? A piece of jewelry that you can personalize and adapt as you go along… something that helps you express your feelings, show the many facets of your personality or shine the light on a special occasion? Well, mood offers you just that! Are you in the mood to celebrate the New Year, Marina W.? Then you are lucky: you won this gift!

mood christmas gift


01. Bepure, vegan natural cosmetics 

This exquisite gift in the value of CHF 200 is brought to you by bepure: 1 gift box filled with 1 x Intensive Daycare Faceoil, 1 x Fresh Bodycare Oil, 1 x Repair Haircare, all of which I have personally tested, and 1 x surprise product. I absolutely love bepure, not only for the elegance, quality and benefits of their products but also for their business ethics. 100% natural, vegan, not tested on animals, all bepure products carry the ECOCERT label. Produced in Morocco and bottled in Switzerland, bepure combines sustainability with social responsibility. Fair-trade is a very important component in the bepure concept. The winner of this gift is Larissa G. We are happy for you!

bepure natural cosmetics

































  1. Heureux pour les gagnants mais pas eu de chance en 2017 alors vive 2018 et bonne année pour tous.

  2. Hi Eileen,

    These look like great gifts although they seem not to be available in India. I especially loved the concept of coolbox filled with surprises for guys. Hope more startups existed that give you that surprise. Continue writing these awesome posts !


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