Liquid Love: our Advent Calendar 2020

Posted on 01/12/2020 by Eileen Schuch
Advent Calendar Gifts Giveaway Geschenke Weihnachten Christmas

This year, we teamed up with cool small businesses to bring you a ‘Liquid Love’ Advent Calendar in partnership with fabdrinx, our sister platform. We created the Advent Calendar in support of the hospitality industry and all the small, local producers who craft the most fabulous things to eat and drink. Are you as excited about the Christmas Countdown as we are? Then join this bit of Yuletide fun and try your luck at winning on of the 24 gourmet gifts our partners put behind the windows of our Advent Calendar. You will discover some exciting brands! The first 4 gifts that you can win will whisk you away to the Mediterranean.

N° 01: Wandering Grace Rosé Organic Wine – Spain

N° 02: Purest Sail Gin Organic Craft Gin – Austria

N° 03: Les Ibériques with “elPaeller” – Spain

N° 04: LAW Gin of Ibiza Craft London Dry – Spain 

Wandering Grace

A wonderful premium organic rosé wine from Marbella. Elegant and gentle in nature, it sublimes all the special moments in life. The aromatic, gentle rosé is the fruit of the collaboration between two courageous men who are determined to enrich the premium rosé market with their own creation: Lauren Rosillo, an innovative, internationally renown oenologist, and Gregorio Bustos, a Spanish entrepreneur, writer and winemaker in the 6th generation. How to win this gift? Follow this link >>>



Purest Sail Gin

Sail Gin is sun kissed and tastes of freedom, friendship and adventure. It is an organic craft gin containing only the purest Austrian spring water and botanicals. It tastes fresh, fruity, and boasts fabulous citrus notes. We discern pronounced juniper notes, and also hints of cucumber, rosemary, pepper, green apple, and mint… a short trip to the Mediterranean with every sip. A lively, balanced gin that was just recently awarded 91 Points by Falstaff Magazine! If you are interested in Sail Gin and would like to take your chance to win, go here >>>



Les Ibériques

Ambassadors of Spanish culture and gastronomy in Switzerland, they bring you their novelty el Paeller. Paella @ Home, everything you need to make the most delicious, authentic Paella yourself! Dinner for two including a bottle of Spanish wine! The Paella pack is an idea by Rafa Margós, the only Master Paella Chef. In his life, he already prepared over 300,000 wood-fired paellas! And now, he created this pack so that we get to experience the true essence of the paella ritual at home! Fans of Paella and Iberian food, find out how to participate in the giveaway on the fabdrinx blog >>>



LAW Gin of Ibiza

LAW is a multi-award winning Small Batch London Dry Gin, produced by four friends in their own distillery in the heart of the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Based on pure wheat alcohol, they distil their LAW in a hand-forged copper alembic in the traditional way that goes back to the Moors and was common throughout the Hispanic region for centuries. It works entirely without modern instruments such as temperature or pressure gauge, but with a great deal of instinct and sensitivity. An approach that was awarded with 91 Falstaff points! Bring those island vibes home and try your luck to win this gin >>>



Check back on the fabdrinx blog every day to discover which new gift has been released. And follow fabdrinx on Instagram and Facebook. Each participation in every channel counts as an entry in the giveaway and raises your chances to win.

The Liquid Love Christmas Countdown Giveaway is intended for people of legal drinking age in their country. It is international unless indicated otherwise and runs until 24 December 2020. For each gift, the winner will be determined by luck draw on Boxing Day.




  1. Hi Eileen,
    vielen Dank für die nette Überraschung, wir haben uns wirklich sehr darüber gefreut. 🙂

    • Thank you so much and a Happy New Year to you as well! 🙂 Sorry, you didn’t win anything but stay tuned, we will have more giveaways and activities throughout the year!

    • Danke, liebe Barbara! <3 Dir auch alles erdenklich Gute im Neuen Jahr. Auch in 2019 wird es bei uns wieder Giveaways und Gewinnspiele geben, also: dranbleiben! 🙂

  2. I didn’t get nothing Sometimes only like,only coment on fb but…nothing I’m crying I dream that chocolate

    • Hallo liebe Mihaela, das wünsche ich dir auch. Alles Gute für das neue Jahr. Ich hoffe, ihr habt schön gefeiert und 2019 hat dich mit einem Paukenschlag empfangen. 🙂

  3. Hallo ihr Lieben. Ich bin etwas verwirrt… bin ich die Gewinnerin vom 21.12. ? Da steht Sarah s. Ich hab aber keine Benachrichtigung. Jetzt bin ich ein wenig unsicher !

    • Hallo liebe Sarah, leider nein. Es handelt sich um eine andere Person. Ich schreib dir kurz per E-Mail. Happy New Year und liebe Grüsse, Eileen 🙂

    • Hallo Sarah, hab gerade gecheckt und gesehen, dass du nicht am Adventskelender teilgenommen hast… In die Glücksziehung kam nur, wer sich eingeschrieben hat. Sorrryyyyy

  4. Heureux pour les gagnants mais pas eu de chance en 2017 alors vive 2018 et bonne année pour tous.

  5. Hi Eileen,

    These look like great gifts although they seem not to be available in India. I especially loved the concept of coolbox filled with surprises for guys. Hope more startups existed that give you that surprise. Continue writing these awesome posts !


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