7 years coolbrandz, gifts worth CHF 7000 – Thank You!

Posted on 31/01/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Thank You & Hapy New Year

We hope you all spent a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Seeing you all share your trees, your dinners and your gifts, we trust you had a great time and Father Christmas was generous!

Speaking of generosity, I would like to thank all our partners who contributed gifts to our Advent Calendar. Merci, Vielen Dank and Thank You for letting us share the Christmas joy and spoil our community with fabulous gifts.

The Advent Calendar is a tradition we maintain since 2011 and it is one way to shine the light on many new and upcoming brands, to share the gifts we receive from established brands and also to give something back to our readers: to say thank you for being part of our super cool community, for participating in our campaigns, for helping small and large brands to more notoriety, for co-creating with our partners. Thank you for being YOU!

And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Advent Calendar, who contributed answers to our questions, who liked, commented and shared. You all made the Yuletide special for me and everyone in the Coolbrandz family. All winners of the gifts in our Advent Calendar have now been established. Below is a recap of all 24 presents with the names of the winners.


24. Christmas Magic with Moët Fairy Tale

Founded in 1743, Moët & Chandon enchants champagne lovers ever since. From the iconic Moët Impérial to the Grand Vintage Collection, the extroverted Moët Rosé Impérial to the innovative Moët Ice Impérial, each champagne dazzles and delights with bright fruitiness, an enticing palate and an elegant maturity. Moët & Chandon’s Special Edition for the End of Year celebrations is called “Tribute to French Art-de-Vivre” and pays homage to the French way of living: eternal refinement, generous hospitality and joyful celebrations. Behind window N° 24 of our Advent Calendar we put a bottle of each, Moët Impérial and Moët Rosé Impérial. This gift has a value of CHF 100 and the winners are: Amandine O. (Moët Impérial) and Jenny A. (Moët Rosé Impérial).


Moet Chandon Moet Imperial Fairy Tales Christmas Moet Imperial Moet Imperial Rosé


23. Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic Series 1000 and winter Goodies

Earlier in 2018, I spent a couple of days in Iceland with Luminox. The reason: the Swiss watchmaker partnered with ICE-SAR, the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association and launched a special series of watches. We got to participate in various rescue drills involving all the elements: Land, Air and Sea. The experience is unforgettable and to allow you to be part of it, I brought back from Iceland, not only an exciting story but also a gift. Behind window N° 23 of our Advent Calendar, I put a special edition Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic Series 1000 watch and winter goodies so that you are always visible and protected from the cold! This gift has a value of about CHF 600 and the winner is: Pasquale P.


Luminox ICE-SAR Swisswatch Iceland Search and Rescue Watch


22. Nobis Luxury Apparel – Beanie or Cap

Those seeking to embrace the elements have a partner in nobis who understands their need for functional, stylish clothes. The Canadian brand simply redefines luxury apparel. Nobis proposes original clothing with a high level of functionality and fashion-forward silhouettes. Outerwear, headwear, knitwear, and shoes for women, men and kids, nothing says “us” like “nobis”. Whatever the weather, nobis dresses the whole family. Embracing the elements has never been more stylish! This year, nobis put two fabulous gifts in the total value of over CHF 150 in our Advent Calendar for you: 1 x Sapna Beanie with oversized faux fur pom-pom and 1 x Yale ball cap. The winners are: Bastian G. (Beanie), Ralph A. (Cap).

nobis winter goodies sapna beanie yale cap


21. Veuve Clicquot gift boxes

What is the ultimate holiday essential? That’s right: Champagne. The Yellow Label is Veuve Clicquot’s signature champagne. 2017 marked the 140th anniversary of the icon! Champagne lovers across the globe enjoy Clicquot’s yellow for its characterful, crisp and fruity taste. That is why behind the 21st window of our Advent Calendar we put 2 Gift Boxes from Veuve Clicquot, each filled with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label and two Veuve Clicquot branded glasses. A gift in the total value of about CHF 100! Our two winners have been established: congrats to Michael Sch. and Sarah S.


Veuve Clicquot Carte Jaune Champagne Gift-Box Glasses


20. Discovery Box from Alver Golden Chlorella

Winter is coming. It’s getting cold outside! The perfect time to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, in order to fill up on vitamins and fibre and to optimize your health and fitness! Proteins are essential for a balanced diet, but can they be found in plants? It turns out they can! Alver Golden Chlorella is the proof of it! The golden powder is 100% natural. It comes from a microalga called Golden Chlorella. Alver put a Discovery Box worth CHF 150 behind the 20th window of our Advent Calendar. It contains: bags of Golden Chlorella, curry soup, tomato soup, curry sauce, tomato sauce and one absolute novelty that hasn’t even been announced yet. Our winner is first to discover it! Congrats Karine N., the winner is you!


Alver Golden Chlorella Pflanzliches Protein


19. EMYUN, Athluxury – Saas Fee T-Shirt

This label is, like Coolbrandz, from Lausanne. We are always super happy if we see a cool brand emerge from the city we call home. Conscious, forward-thinking, sustainable, edgy and useful… EMYUN is all that. The young label offers elegant functional clothing with an allure of couture. Just recently, the new fall-winter collection was revealed. And in particular, the SAAS FEE t-shirt, with its high crew neck, slim cut and set-in long sleeves with a gusset, caught our eye. Which is why we packed it behind the 19th window of our Advent Calendar. This gift has a value of CHF 169 and the winner is: Jay B.




18. Dinner for Two at Grand Hotel Victoria Jungfrau 

What if everything you find on your plate came not from miles away but from very close to where you live? Eating seasonal and regional not only stimulates the local economy but helps the planet, too! Bread, butter, honey, eggs, truffles, vegetables, meat and wine… all ingredients on the “Menu vo Hie” at the Casual Fine Dining Restaurant “La Terrasse” are sourced by Executive Chef Stefan Beer from local producers not further away from the hotel than 40km. Behind the 18th window of our Advent Calendar, we put a Dinner for Two at Hotel Victoria Jungfrau in the value of CHF 340. The winner is: Saroeun C.


Victoria Jungfrau Menu vo Hie FunkyForty


17. coolbox filled with surprises for guys

The seventeenth gift in our Advent Calendar is entirely dedicated to all you cool boys out there. It is a Coolbox containing goodies for guys in the value of CHF 300. We put everything in there that we thought, in the mix, would make one of you happy. The winner will find products from brands such as Jeep, Fiat, Victorinox, Phibio, Obrist, Luminox, Wilkinson, L’Oréal Men Expert… and many more in his box. What exactly remains a surprise though! This gift goes to: Jay F. K.


Coolbox Guys


16. Château de Châtagneréaz, Coffret Collection of Premier Grand Crus

Clos, Domaines & Châteaux is the hallmark that unites some of the most beautiful Swiss wine estates. One such vineyard is Château de Châtagneréaz. Located in the heart of Mont-sur-Rolles its history that goes back a thousand years! The vineyards stretch along the lake towards Geneva and produce wines of the appellation “La Côte”. The Chasselas produced by Château de Châtagneréaz is 1er Grand Cru. Behind the 16th window of our Advent Calendar we put a Collector Box containing 6 Premier Grands Crus by Château de Châtagneréaz from Vintages 2011 – 2016 in the value of CHF 125. The winner is: Luana C.


Château de Châtagneréaz Clos Domaines et Châteaux Premier Grand Crus Coffret Collector


15. Max Chocolatier chocolate for half a year!

Did you know that, according to Chocosuisse, the Association of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers, the annual per capita chocolate consumption in Switzerland is 10.5 kg? The gift behind the 15th window of our Advent Calendar is going to make one chocoholic happy! It is a Chocolate Subscription from Max Chocolatier worth CHF 159. Over 6 months, the lucky winner will receive a surprise box filled with the most delicious, handmade Swiss chocolate every month: Plättli, pralines, chocolate bars… The winner is Priscilla Sch.


Max Chocolatier Chocolate Subscription


14. Realtrue, eco luxury purse

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.”, once said Vivienne Westwood. The true luxury of our times is being able to pursue our passions, living extraordinary experiences, seeing the world… not having “things”. Unless, of course, they are beautiful objects that make sense. Realtrue is a brand that creates such accessories. Born in Brazil, designed in Switzerland, and crafted in Italy… every item is unique. Why? Because of the material that it is made of: fish skin. The Pirarucu is the largest freshwater fish in the world. Its beautiful skin is recycled and transformed into a luxurious, long-lasting accessory. This year, Caroline Hirt, the founder and heart of Realtrue put a Natal Electrum purse in the value of CHF 350 in our Advent Calendar. The lucky winner is: Isabelle P.



13. coolbox filled with beauty products

Coolbrandz started seven years ago, on 11.11.11 to be precise, as Switzerland’s first influencer community and word-of-mouth platform. From the start, we specialised in giving the products directly into the hands of our users, a generation of consumers so powerful, so creative and so influential on their peers that companies quickly started to embrace this marketing approach. Rapidly, we got to work with renowned brands – Nestlé, L’Oréal, Carlsberg, LVMH, Campari – but also smaller, emerging brands and startups. It is via all our partners that we can offer such fabulous gifts in our Advent Calendar. Gift N° 13 is a coolbox jam-packed with beauty products worth over CHF 150. The lucky winner is: Davit P.


Coolbox Beauty


12. Les Fondues Wyssmüller Truffle Fondue and Champagne

Most of you will probably know the gourmet guide Gault & Millau for recommending restaurants; but did you know that it recommends gastronomic products, too? Les Fondues Wyssmüller is the first Swiss product distinguished by the prestigious label. Each Wyssmüller fondue is prepared by skilled artisans, with matured cheeses from the AOP production sectors or with semi-hard Fribourg cheese. Les Fondues Wysmüller offer a unique gourmet experience: inspired recipes with pepper, truffles, Vacherin and delicious cheese blends. Behind the 12th window of our Advent Calendar William Wysmüller put two “Prestige” Gourmet Gift Boxes worth CHF 100 each. Our two winners are: Sarah Sa. and Sabine R.


Fondues Wysmüller Gault Millau Truffle Champagne


11. WowTrip Surprise Travel for Two

What if you knew that you are going to travel, but where to remained a mystery? Does that sound like a perfect adventure? How many times did you stand in the airport departure hall and thought how fun it would be to just take off somewhere, right then, right there? You are a travel bug and Wanderlust is your middle name? Then you will love the concept of WowTrip! Behind the 11th window of our Advent Calendar we put a surprise travel for two, flight and hotel inclusive, worth EUR 400! Yes, that’s right, our winner and a friend will get to take off somewhere, but where to remains a mystery until they arrive at the airport. The winner is: Stefanie Sch.


WowTrip Surprise Travel


10. Gifts from Gentilhomme.ch

The presents behind the 10th window of our Advent Calendar are brought to you by Damien Rothen, an expert in men’s fashion. In 2013, Damien created his eBoutique www.gentilhomme.ch which is since serving the modern gentleman with an ever-growing array of high-quality products. This year, Damien selected two items for you from his shop: 1 x Gift Set from MÜHLE in the value of CHF 109.00 and 1 x Vanity Bag from Uppercut Deluxe worth CHF 59.90. The winners are: Stefano J. (Mühle Set) and Patrick St. (Uppercut Delux).


Gentilhomme.ch Uppercut Deluxe Mühle Rasurkultur


09. Poo~Pourri Gift Sets

This is one of those products where you think – “Hahaha, right! A bit of fun, a prank gift, maybe…” – until you experience it for yourself. We teamed up with Poo~Pourri for our Advent Calendar so you get the opportunity to test it and build your own opinion. Instead of using all sorts of chemicals that are literally flushed down the drain, Poo~Pourri actually prevents odours from forming in the first place. And it really works! Behind the 9th window of our Advent Calendar, we put 10 Poo~Pourri gift sets in the total value of CHF 300. Our winners are: Alpland, Catherine R., Fiona H, Caroline B., Charlotte R., Vanessa S., Monika B., Nil G., Ludivine and Myriam R.


Poo Pourri Beauty


08. Alpamare tickets: 5 x 2 entries

The Alpamare adventure pool on Lake Zurich is the largest water and Fun Park in Switzerland. 12 slides with a total length of 2.1 km offer endless sliding fun. Just recently, the popular wave pool got a facelift and now provides even more Tropicana: exotic plants, 30° C warm water and meter-high waves… A new colour concept and a window painting depicting the Azores convey the feeling of a tropical oasis right here on Lake Zurich. Behind the 8th window of our Advent Calendar, Alpamare packed 5 x 2 Tickets for you. The winners are: Denny R., Carol R., Cindy, Irma L. and Joana R.


Alpamare Zürich Wellenbad


07. Sweet, sweet Swissness – Bärli & Schwänli

Bärli & Schwänli is an exciting new Swiss startup that we discovered in 2018. The company was founded in November 2017 and is based in Emmental. Passionate about developing authentic Swiss handicrafts, Bärli & Schwänli curates the best of Swissness and is working with numerous partners from all over Switzerland – artisans from an array of local cottage industries ranging from mountain farmers, sheep breeders, saddlers, wood sculptors, soap makers, wool milliners, weavers, and small factories to ceramic and concrete artists. For an extra cosy, authentic Christmas, Bärli & Schwänli put a sweet gift behind the 7th window of our Advent Calendar: 3 gift boxes in the total value of CHF 200. Our winners are: Jasmin H., Milena D. and Nicolas M.


Bärli & Schwänli Schweizer Tradition Handwerk


06. Surprise Coolbox

For me, there is nothing more fun than sharing the excitement of the Yuletide with you, our community and blog readers. I feel blessed every day to be connected to such wonderful, talented people. Christmas is a great opportunity for me to give you something back. That is why, as a surprise, we put a Coolbox filled with products in the value of CHF 200 behind the 6th window of our Advent Calendar. We will not reveal what is inside just yet in order to not spoil the surprise for the winner. Congratulations, Marina W.! We hope you will enjoy your gifts.


Coolbox Surprise xMas


05. Bepure, vegan natural cosmetics 

Coming home one day, I was welcomed by the most beautiful perfume emanating from a parcel I received. It sat on the sideboard and was labelled bepure. The products it contained smelled divine! After having tested the cosmetics over the last few months, I can say that I am a total fan. Not only for the elegance, quality, and benefits of the bepure products but also for the business ethics of the brand. 100% natural, vegan, not tested on animals, all bepure products carry the ECOCERT label. This year, the gift bepure offered our community was 3 x 1 Set with 2 products – Pure Clean Face Wash & Mask + Prickly Pear and Rose Brightening Eye Serum – in the total value of CHF 288. The winners are: Belinda L., Nathalia A. and Juliette D.


beeper cosmetics natural vegan ecocert


04. Two Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 loudspeakers

In autumn 2018, Ultimate Ears released a new generation of their popular, award-winning speakers. BOOM 3 and MEGABOOM 3 feature major improvements in all areas and take the pleasure of listening to music to an entirely new level! The gift behind the 4th window of our Advent Calendar is the perfect occasion for two of you to discover the new Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3! Each one comes together with a POWER UP charging station. The total value of this gift is CHF 550. The two winners are: Thomas S. and Elias M.


Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3


03. Hotel Crans Ambassador, a stay in Winter Wonderland

The start of a new year is the perfect time to think of a weekend getaway. Why not in the Swiss mountains: a breath of fresh air and evasion from everyday life. Where better than Crans Montana for a total immersion in the winter magic so typical for Switzerland! Behind the 3rd window of our Advent Calendar we put a stay for two in an Alpina Deluxe room including breakfast at the Crans Ambassador, a magnificent 5-star hotel in Crans Montana. This package has a value of CHF 640.00 and the winner is: Monika Oe.


Crans Ambassador Victoria Jungfrau Collection


02. Bombom Bijoux sweet, Swiss made jewellery

Christmas, New Years, or romantic dinners by the fireplace… There are many good reasons to wear a beautiful piece of jewellery to sublime those moments that make life so precious. Bombom Bijoux creates the sweetest jewellery. It is inspired by candies and cakes and makes for a wonderful present that you can offer a loved one, a friend or yourself at any time. The gift our friends from Bombom Bijoux put behind the 2nd window of our Advent Calendar is jewellery in the value of CHF 150! The winner is: Diana F.


Bombom Bijoux Marina Cantafio


01. Surprise yourself and a friend

Like every year, since our humble beginnings in 2011, we created this Advent Calendar for you to make the xMas Countdown even more fun. All year long, I am looking forward to sharing the excitement of the Yuletide with you. More than the gifts, it is the spirit that I cherish: getting together with loved ones, slowing down, indulging in each others company and good food, people coming closer together and sharing precious moments. Our first gift this year is one that allowed you to share a surprise with a friend. Apart from the following 23 gifts that were revealed one by one each day until the 24th December, 2 x 24 little gifts were set aside ready to be sent off in the first week of January. Each day, we pulled a winner and this person and their friend will receive a small gift from us. We will not reveal just yet who in order to not spoil the surprise.


xMas Surprise




  1. Hi Eileen,
    vielen Dank für die nette Überraschung, wir haben uns wirklich sehr darüber gefreut. 🙂

    • Thank you so much and a Happy New Year to you as well! 🙂 Sorry, you didn’t win anything but stay tuned, we will have more giveaways and activities throughout the year!

    • Danke, liebe Barbara! <3 Dir auch alles erdenklich Gute im Neuen Jahr. Auch in 2019 wird es bei uns wieder Giveaways und Gewinnspiele geben, also: dranbleiben! 🙂

  2. I didn’t get nothing Sometimes only like,only coment on fb but…nothing I’m crying I dream that chocolate

    • Hallo liebe Mihaela, das wünsche ich dir auch. Alles Gute für das neue Jahr. Ich hoffe, ihr habt schön gefeiert und 2019 hat dich mit einem Paukenschlag empfangen. 🙂

  3. Hallo ihr Lieben. Ich bin etwas verwirrt… bin ich die Gewinnerin vom 21.12. ? Da steht Sarah s. Ich hab aber keine Benachrichtigung. Jetzt bin ich ein wenig unsicher !

    • Hallo liebe Sarah, leider nein. Es handelt sich um eine andere Person. Ich schreib dir kurz per E-Mail. Happy New Year und liebe Grüsse, Eileen 🙂

    • Hallo Sarah, hab gerade gecheckt und gesehen, dass du nicht am Adventskelender teilgenommen hast… In die Glücksziehung kam nur, wer sich eingeschrieben hat. Sorrryyyyy

  4. Heureux pour les gagnants mais pas eu de chance en 2017 alors vive 2018 et bonne année pour tous.

  5. Hi Eileen,

    These look like great gifts although they seem not to be available in India. I especially loved the concept of coolbox filled with surprises for guys. Hope more startups existed that give you that surprise. Continue writing these awesome posts !


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