Sweet, sweet Swissness: Bärli & Schwänli gift ideas for Easter

Posted on 06/04/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Bärli Schwänli Easter Giftideas Ostern Geschenkideen

Timeless design instead of fast-fashion, sustainable materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods and fair production with a love of traditional craftsmanship. Everyone has a choice. Bärli & Schwänli decided on Swiss handicraft with heart.

The startup from Emmental was founded in November 2017. Since then, traditional Swiss materials have been transformed into lifestyle products with numerous partners, such as mountain farms, sheep farmers, saddlers, woodturners, soap makers, wool mills, small factories and artisans. Just recently, the company launched its own e-shop.

Working together, sustainable use of resources, love for nature, awareness for high quality, combining traditions with modernity, esteem and a lot of passion for what you do! Not just a philosophy, but noticeable in every piece available at Bärli & Schwänli …

For a colourful spring and a particularly authentic Easter, Bärli & Schwänli has expanded its range and added new, handmade products that make fantastic gifts or decorations!


Bärli Schwänli Easter Giftideas Ostern Geschenkideen Schweizer Handwerk mit Herz


Coffee-to-Go Mug: Mix and match!

We all know how important it is to avoid plastic and disposable products. “Coffee-to-Go” is a lifestyle concept of our era, but despite all the hustle and bustle, we should still take the time to reflect about what happens to the cup after we enjoyed our beloved hot drink …

Bärli & Schwänli offers a wonderful sustainable solution: The “What ever to Go mug” is made of glass (KeepCup) and covered with 100% black-nosed sheep’s wool from the Haslital. Dishwasher safe and without BPA in the plastic lid, you can wash the cup and reuse it. The coat of natural wool prevents you from burning your fingers on the hot drink and adds cosiness. Available in sizes S, M and L in Bärli brown, Schwänli white and Gitzi grey. With these cups, you can take coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other favourite drink anywhere.

You can also choose the colours of the lids: whether brown with a beige cap, light grey with a dark grey cap … or a creation from the spring special edition, you can vary according to your mood.

The cups can be found on the website, where you can also order directly >>>



Syrup creations: from the farm directly to your home

If you are looking for a gift that embodies joy, colour, taste and fragrance, you do not always have to resort to a bouquet of flowers. Why not surprise someone with a syrup? In Bio Suisse quality on top of that! In the Bernese Oberland, at an altitude of 1000 m, in a beautiful, sunny location, the most delicious, colourful organic syrup varieties are grown by one of Bärli & Schwänli’s partners. You can find delicious flavours such as rose, lavender, sunflowers and even mountain meadow! All come with a cute bag containing the flowers and herbs contained in the syrup so can smell and touch them.

Anyone looking for a sweet gift to put in their Easter basket will certainly find inspiration at Bärli & Schwänli. Syrup is not just for kids! Diluted with water as a refreshment, for flavouring tea, for sweetening Prosecco and cocktails or for refining desserts… syrup is a special treat. You can discover and order the syrup creations here >>>



“Geissli” crockery: perfect for an Easter brunch

Another example of the “Heimatliebe”, the love for Switzerland, which Bärli & Schwänli expresses with each of their handmade, Swiss products, is the porcelain with little goats. Crafted with quality porcelain from Langenthal, the “Geissli” tableware puts everyone in a good mood at the breakfast table. The small plates are perfect for a roll in the morning, to serve bread or appetizers.

If you like to drink your coffee, tea or cocoa out of a cup, you will love this crockery. With 44 cl capacity, the “Geissli” cups are also suitable for milk coffee or cappuccino.

There are also bowls for cereal, salad or soup that show the little fun goats. Particularly sweet are the “Geissli” egg cups. Each egg cup is unique and so the sizes of the goats vary as well. You would like to enjoy your Easter egg from exactly one of these? Then you can have a look in the Bärli & Schwänli eShop and order directly >>>



Soaps and lip care: kissed by the Swiss mountains

Whether covered with black-nosed sheep’s wool as a wonderfully gentle peeling soap; made from fresh, organic goat’s milk and refined with mountain blossoms and alpine herbs, or entirely vegan and made from Valaisian hay flowers… all hand, shower and peeling soaps from Bärli & Schwänli are the purest natural cosmetics and free of palm oil.

The lip balm with alpine herbs is harmoniously balanced in texture, colour and taste and protects your lips in the ever-changing spring weather. The packaging is, of course, sustainable and plastic-free.

All skin care products from Bärli & Schwänli can be discovered here >>>



Mountain meadow ambience scent: the fragrance of the Alps

Anyone who has ever been in the Swiss mountains will know how clean and fresh the air is up there. In spring and summer, a walk through the mountain meadows is accompanied by the wonderful scent of alpine flowers and herbs. If only you could entrap the fragrance and take it home with you… Guess what: you can!

Bärli & Schwänli has transformed the incomparable smell of the Swiss mountains into a room fragrance with subtle notes of alpine flowers and mountain herbs. So you can enjoy the aromas of summer meadows all year long at your home. Fresh, floral, spicy, but very subtle…

The room fragrance comes in a glass bottle with diffuser and including 6 incense sticks. You can order a refill and additional sticks at Bärli & Schwänli. Interested? You can find further information on the mountain meadow room fragrance here >>>


Bärli Schwänli Easter Ostern Giftideas Geschenkideen Bergwiesen Raumduft


Why was Bärli & Schwänli created?

The founder, Melanie Schmitz, is of German origin but has been living in Switzerland for several years. When she moved from Basel to Emmental, there were – and still are -situations in which she discovers the peculiarities of her adoptive home with fascination.

“The Swiss people who surround me often don’t understand my euphoria. What I find fascinating is completely normal to them. They always say But dear, that’s just the way it is in Switzerland.“, Melanie says with a smile.

“Since moving from the city of Basel to the countryside, I have visited many craft and farmers markets, cattle shows, and so forth. That is how I discovered exciting, old crafts and techniques. But I also always thought that the fabulous high-quality materials that are produced and processed here have the potential to become more!”, she adds.

As a marketing and PR person, who also spent some years in the luxury hotel industry, Melanie quickly felt the motivation to bring the right partners together and to create lifestyle products. For her, it really is a love project. All partners in the network live and breathe the same philosophy: represent the values of Switzerland.


Bärli Schwänli Founder Melanie Schmitz



The Bärli & Schwänli partner network

Initial ideas were taken up quickly; as soon as the first companies in Switzerland were selected, contacted and the concept presented, there was no stopping to the creative process: products started to pile up and this was only the beginning. Many more ideas and products are in the making!

“Throughout Switzerland, we have found people who instantly fell in love with our concept of transforming various Swiss craftsmanship into a distinct set of products. It has been a true pleasure to bring all these different artisans together so that they are developing unique handicrafts for us”, Melanie says proudly.

Artisans and local factories that Bärli & Schwänli is collaborating with include: mountain farms that produce mountain herbs and flower mixtures, hay flowers for sachets, teas, soaps and bath salts, a black-nosed sheep breeder who supplies wool and felt for the coffee-to-go mugs, cutlery bags, placemats, peeling soap covers… Also saddlers who design the exclusive leather bags and backpacks with old fireman’s belts or linen bags from the Swiss Federal Treasury.

Soapmakers create soaps with mountain herbs and flowers as well as natural soaps from fresh organic goat’s milk. Sewing studios, which produce the pillow cases for the scented cushions made of traditional Swiss fabrics, and wool mills that supply organic sheep wool for knitting cushions, placemats and other designs, are also part of the team.

The Equipe Volo Foundation in Biel is also a partner. Here, handmade knitting cushions are created and Swiss military blankets are transformed into cushion covers.

Also involved in the network are woodturners, making wooden cuffs for coffee mugs and cool eggcups, dollmakers making felted goats as those represented in the Bärli & Schwänli logo, a concrete artist is creating tealight holders in modern chalet style, a ceramics workshop from Zurich, provides the “Geissli” crockery, the Heimatwerk Haslital delivers traditional creations for Bärli & Schwänli… and there are many more partners.



All of them work hand in hand and in perfect synergy. For example, around 200 black-nosed sheep live in the “WollReich” in Haslital, a company that develops the covers for the “to-go cups”, cutlery bags, placemats, peeling soaps and others. – www.wollreich.ch.

The Bärli & Schwänli “Kräuterfee”, the herb fairy, develops exclusive herbs and flower mixes that are used in herbal sachet bags for men, women, and children: Schwänli, Bärli and Gitzis. Her herbal soaps are already present in the Swiss market and bath salts will soon follow… Not to mention her wonderful tea creations!

Bio Swiss quality herbs are grown on a mountain farm in Braggio (www.braggio-refontana.ch). The wonderful fresh organic goat milk soaps containing a mixture of these mountain herbs and flowers are produced at Seifenstück (www.seifenstück.ch).

Organic hay flowers can be found not only in the pillows made from traditional Swiss cloths and fabricated by the “LiLeLU” sewing atelier in Konolfingen (www.lilelu.ch); they are also included in the bath sachets. These flowers originate from the meadows of the “Wallisers Schwarznasen” (www.wallisersschwarznasen.ch). They are natural remedies for colds, body pains, and rheumatism.

Tradition is paramount in Switzerland and for the artisans at Haslital, it is a way of life. They make very stylish braces for men and boys, aprons, and scarves… www.heitmatwerk-oberhasli.ch.

Bärli & Schwänli’s spinning mill partner “Vetsch” (www.wollspinnerei.ch) provides their knitters at Equip Volo Manufaktur in Biel with pure Swiss sheep wool. This type of cooperation is really important for the company for many reasons, the social aspect for one and then, of course, the unique mix of products. These two manufacturers supply innovative creations including knitted pillows and cushion covers made from former Swiss military blankets.

Another partner is Regina Marti, an artist from Zurich now living in Scotland. She created and brought to life the company’s logo and also designed the little felt goats (Geissli) that are symbolic for Bärli & Schwänli: www.marticreates.com.

The talented concrete artist from Oberfelden (www.dekovariationen.ch) creates modern chalet style tea-light holders and a variety of table decorations. A ceramic artist from Zürich (www.stadtrand-keramik.ch) crafts modern bread plates and egg cups with the “Geissli” design.

The love for Switzerland and the desire to maintain and preserve traditional Swiss craft is what connects all companies and people who work with Bärli & Schwänli. Coolbrandz included, of course!

You see, Switzerland has a lot of big and small cool companies that rely on craftsmanship, tradition and quality and do not think in competition but in synergies! Bärli & Schwänli already brings together quite a few of them. You can contact Bärli & Schwänli here if you want to become part of the partner network >>>

View this little “Best of Bärli & Schwänli” from DUO Films.




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