Bepure beauty routine: prepare your skin for Spring

Posted on 24/05/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Bepure Natural Vegan Skincare Gift

Spring is such a beautiful season, you agree? With the cherry trees blossoming and the flowers starting to show their heads. It is time for enjoyment and rejuvenation! However, the changing weather can have a toll on our skin: sometimes sunny and hot, raining and cold the next minute… as the skin tries to adapt to the fluctuating temperatures it can dry out and show signs of stress. As winter cedes, the skin is yearning to get rid of dead cells, but also craving lighter products to help it breathe and glow. Extra special care is recommended!  Here is our pick of natural, vegan skincare from bepure.

Start off with a gentle exfoliation. Apply the PURE CLEAN FACE Wash & Mask once a week. Its rose petals provide a gentle peeling effect that smoothes your skin and frees it from dead skin cells. Particularly soft on the skin: the ORGANIC FACE CLOTH. Made from unbleached organic cotton muslin, this cleaning wipe is ideal for use with the mask or for facial cleansing. Made by hand in England, this cleaning cloth is more sustainable than cotton pads and much gentler on the skin than traditional terry cloth washcloths. You can simply wash the cloth 1-2 times a week at 40 degrees with perfume-free detergent, air dry and reuse it! Once your face is squeaky clean, smother it with the INTENSIVE DAYCARE. This light day oil for the face soothes and protects your skin like a light veil without clogging the pores.  It is ideal for warmer temperatures.

To complete your beauty routine, apply the FRESH BODYCARE. Full of vitamin C and fruit acids, it tightens and detoxifies your skin. Blackberry has a strengthening and smoothing effect. Lemon stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism.  All bepure body oils now come with a practical pump closure which makes them even easier to apply. These cosmetics are a great gift you can make yourself or someone you love with a good conscience! Read up about the brand here >>>


Bepure Natural Cosmetics Gift Ideas Spring



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