Bepure natural cosmetics: now even more sustainable through bottle recycling

Posted on 26/06/2019 by bepure
Bepure Natural Vegan Skincare Glass Recycling

Bepure skincare recycling: at the beginning of this year, bepure announced the introduction of a cleaning and recycling concept for its empty bottles. At last, the test phase is now complete. The recycling concept is successfullyup and running. From now on, customers of the brand can return their empty bepure bottles or cans.

In collaboration with the work integration center Winterthur, bepure collects the empty recipients and cleans them for reuse. With this, bepure takes another step on the path towards more sustainability, because there is less need for the production and the transport of violet glass. In addition, less waste is generated because the bottles and cans are refilled.


Bepure skincare recycling: how does this work?

1. Best keep the bepure carton that your delivery comes in for returning the empties
2. DO NOT rinse the empty cans and / or oil bottles with water
3. Complete the return form online
4. Place the empty container tightly closed in the cardboard box
5. Ship the return form together in a parcel with the empties

Bepure skincare recycling: what’s in it for clients? 

Consumers who decide for natural, vegan beauty products from bepure help the brand in their quest for a greener planet. Also, those who return their bepure bottles help the startup to become even more sustainable. With the new recycling system, there is no need to produce violet glass and transport it from abroad to Switzerland. Those who help bepure to recycle their recipients are rewarded with discounts of up to 20% on their orders! After receiving the empties, the company sends an email with a discount code:

1-2 bottles / cans = 10% discount
3-6 bottles / cans = 15% discount
from 7 bottles / cans = 20% discount



bepure natural vegan skincare


Why violet glass?

Bepure skincare recycling: from the beginning, bepure skincare used only sustainable and natural raw materials, which the body can recognize and tolerate without hesitation.

The argan tree, also called Arganie or Latin Argania spinosa, is one of the oldest trees in the world. This “tree of life” grows only in the very dry, desert-like climate in southwestern Morocco and has been protected by UNESCO since 1998. Various attempts to cultivate the tree outside Morocco failed.

Its roots bury themselves in the search for water and minerals up to 30 meters deep into the soil. This has a lasting and positive effect, namely the prevention of desertification of the inner country.

In addition, the argan oil and prickly pear seed oil for bepure natural skincare come from organic production (seal: Ecocert).


Bepure natural Vegan Skincare


Then, there was the question of a suitable packaging.

Often, the packaging that has been produced using many resources (such as water, energy, paper, transportation fuel, etc.), ends up in the trash immediately after a product is unpacked.

Bepure, however, did not want unnecessary overpacking that simply creates trash. It was not even really necessary, because all ingredients and instructions for use are clear and understandable on the product.

Nevertheless, the company was looking for high-quality packaging, which optimally protects its valuable and fresh ingredients and also looks good.

The appreciation for precious essences and oils goes back to the Egyptian high culture. Already then, oils were stored in glass or gold.

The bepure products are 100% natural, with no preservatives or synthetic additives. It was all the more important to find a packaging that optimally protects the ingredients, their odor and benefits. Quite quickly, the company decided for violet glass.

MIRON violet glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except for the violet part. Violet glass acts as a natural filter that is permeable to the areas of sunlight that protect and enhance the quality of precious and sensitive substances.

Even when shipping, bepure pays attention to sustainability. Since 2019, the company is shipping all parcels within Switzerland climate-neutral. That means, with “pro clima” shipping, the Swiss Post is investing a part of the charge in high-quality climate protection projects. This compensates for unavoidable greenhouse gases from the transport of each shipment.

By purchasing bepure products and recycling the containers, customers are helping this young Swiss company in their efforts for more sustainability and social engagement.


bepure natural cosmetics


All information about bepure skincare recycling on: www., Media requests:, Social: @bepure_skincare



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