Life is outside! Wildflowers make for wonderful deco or a gift.

Posted on 03/04/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Bonne Maman Flowers

From our series “DIY and recipe ideas with BonneMaman” : summer is synonymous with playing in the garden, walking through woods and meadows because we are yearning to be outside, to soak up the sun, to breathe fresh air… to simply enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

If you are going for a walk with the family, there is always something to discover. Especially for kids it is important to be outdoors. And nature is full of miracles. Equipped with an encyclopaedia of plants, a field trip is not only fun but also instructive.

Little adventurers can explore the native flora and see in real life just how pretty and colourful it is. Flowers and plants can be smelled, picked (as long as they are not protected) and quickly arranged into a beautiful bouquet.

Instead of using a vase, you can put your wildflowers in an empty jam jar, like the ones from Bonne Maman that we used for our pictures. This is a good opportunity to explain to your children the importance recycling. And honestly, as a mum, would you not love to receive such a sweet, little gift?

Wildflowers presented that way also make for beautiful table decoration or a sweet gift at a children’s birthday party.

The best presents are always those that don’t necessarily cost a lot and that come from the heart. Maybe surprise mum and dad or the grandparents with a nice breakfast table on Sunday morning? Hmmmm…

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