xMas Calendar N° 13: Coolbox filled with beauty products

Posted on 13/12/2018 by Eileen Schuch
xMas Beauty Box

Only 11 more days, then it’s Christmas Eve! Do you feel the adrenaline level rise? Are you still hunting for the last few gifts? At work, all projects finished? The xMas countdown is ON!

The number 13 was always surrounded by many myths and superstition. Well, this 13th December is your lucky day! Open window N° 13 of our Advent Calendar and discover the gift behind!

Under the Christmas tree today is something for all you beautistas out there. It is a surprise Coolbox with beauty products for girls in the value of CHF 150!

Because you’ve been working hard all year and you’ve been good, you deserve some pampering! We won’t reveal all the contents of the box just yet. Only so much: it is cool and you won’t regret participating! Great brands will be included. Some are featured below.


Coolbox Beauty


We have jam-packed one Coolbox with A LOT of beauty products. You will find goodies from brands like L’Oreal, Bourjois Paris, Catherine’s, Goldwell and many more in there!

Sparkling entrance with Mythic Oil by L’Oréal Professionnel

The Mythic Oil is enriched with shimmering golden particles to provide moisture and nourishment. It also contains Magnolia essential oil that smells gorgeous and that is renowned for its calming and moisturizing properties. This oil is specially designed to reflect light. Its formula creates a shimmering effect on the body and enhances hair all the way to the ends. This shimmering oil applies for body and hair and leaves a golden hue, like a precious veil; a wonderful finish that gives you this extra special beam, as if sun-kissed.

Colour me Catherine: “Have what not everyone has …!”

Over three decades ago, Ingeborg Frimmel launched the first nail studio in Germany. As a beautician, the creative visionary knew the industry well and pursued the needs of customers with dedication and a keen sense of innovation. Today, Catherine is a family business. The company stands for know-how and quality. Together with a team of chemists, they develop innovative products, which are manufactured and bottled in Germany. Made in Germany is a predicate that the Catherine Nail Collection GmbH is proud of. The company is known far beyond the borders of Germany though and enjoys international success.

Give a lift to your lion’s mane with Goldwell Curl Splash

What is the biggest problem for curly hair? To find the right care! It needs enough moisture so that it curls into nice shiny ringlets without breaking… Curly hair is very sensitive. It is better to rely on professional care. One such product is the Curly Twist CURL SPLASH Invigorating Gel from Goldwell. The brand has not only revamped their “StyleSign” products recently, they’ve also added some resourceful new products to the range. One of which the CURL SPLASH invigorating curls gel, which gives tired curls new bounce and a flexible texture. Amen to that!




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  2. My 5 favourite beauty brands are: Clinique, Rituals, Maybelline, Yves Rocher and Yves Saint Laurent.

  3. On est gâtées avec ce superbe calendrier de l’avent. Que de magnifiques cadeaux!
    Merci merci coolbrandz

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