xMas Calendar N° 10: a coolbox filled with surprises for girls!

Posted on 10/12/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Coolbox Girls

Thanks to everyone who is reading our blog! For me personally, there is nothing more fun than sharing the excitement of the Yuletide with you. I feel blessed every day to be connected to such wonderful, talented people like you. And Christmas is a great opportunity for me to give you something back. Everyone in our team wishes you nothing but joy and a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends!

Yesterday, we posted a gift for men, today’s gift is for girls: a coolbox filled to the top with beauty products and other girly items in the value of CHF 200,-! You will find goodies from brands such as OPI, L’Oréal Paris, L’Occitane, LR Colours, Mia Tui, I am a Girly and many more in there.


Coolbox Girls
A super bag for superwomen: Mia Tui

You are still looking for a bag that is both functional and stylish? Look no further! In 2010, Charlotte, a mother of two, created Mia Tui. A range of bags that will make you Mia happy!

Waterproof, both inside and out, a Mia Tui bag features many different compartments, topped with accessories specific to each pocket in order to perfect its function. The times of playing hide and seek with your keys are over. An elastic band inside your Mia Tui keeps them in place and handy at all times. A nice touch also: the included holder for a thermos bottle.

To help you find the perfect ally for an impeccable organization we slipped a Mia Tui Bag in the colour Black together with its pink pouch in this gift box for you! Hello Functionality, Bye Bye Mister Messy!

Mythic Oil by L’Oréal Professionnel

This shimmering oil applies for body and hair and leaves a golden hue, like a precious veil; a wonderful finish that gives you this extra special beam, as if you were sun-kissed.

The Mythic Oil is enriched with shimmering golden particles to provide moisture and nourishment. It also contains Magnolia essential oil that smells gorgeous and that is renowned for its calming and moisturising properties. It is said to help relieve stress. This oil is specially designed to reflect light. Its formula creates a shimmering effect on the body and enhances hair all the way to the ends. When you massage it gently in your skin, it releases its sensual fragrance with fresh and sunny notes. The perfuming effect is long-lasting, you feel enveloped in it from head to toe for more than one day. Quite often, people also remark on it and ask what perfume I am wearing. On the skin, it leaves a satiny smooth sensation. You will be happy to hear that, despite it being an oil, there is absolutely no greasy effect. You need to shake it well though before using it and when you do, you can see the little particles dance and beam in the flacon. Then you can be sure to create a uniform glow on the areas you apply it to. The Shimmering Oil is only one from a range of Mythic Oil products and it is exclusive to your professional hairdresser.

Love snow! But what about your poor lippies?

Changing from summer sun, beach and fun to the colder winter climate takes some getting used to! From hot to cold, from dry to wet… your best bet: a lip balm. That never goes out of style!

My recommendation: the iconic eos balms. For your gift box, we choose the two that eos created in collaboration with Marina Hoermanseder, a Berlin-based fashion designer. Extraordinary designs, highest standards in the processing of high-quality ingredients and materials, loved by celebrities – these are similarities between both brands. In cooperation with Marina Hoermanseder, the N° 1 lip care created a special limited edition with two Lip Balms that combine beauty and fashion.

Butterflies and buckles, that is Marina Hoermanseder’s signature look. Naturally, the two new eos Lip Balms Organic Passion Fruit and Visibly Soft Honey Apple reflect it. A particular eye-catcher is the Passion Fruit Lip Balm, the first eos Sphere with Design Print! A butterfly – the central element in her new collection – sits on Marina Hoermanseder’s initials. The Visibly Soft Honey Apple in Swirl Design reminds of the popular Strap Skirt.

Glov: hydro cleansing, tested and approved by our coolgirls

In winter our skin needs special care. If the thermometer indicates temperatures below zero our skin often sees red. By gentle cleansing and massaging the skin, Glov helps it to regenerate. It cleanses your face with water only. Easy to handle, Glov, once soaked with water, unfolds its full cleaning power thanks to microfibres and removes even waterproof makeup in no time. Very soft, it is also suitable for sensitive skin. Glov is hypoallergenic and improves microcirculation. Economical, environment-friendly and highly efficient. New Year, New Luck! Do you want to welcome 2018 looking all radiant? Then this gift is definitely for you!

OPI Fiji Collection: Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

From lush flora and exotic birds to tranquil seas and soft palm-lined sands, Fiji is a picturesque dream destination like no other. The islands’ lush, unspoiled natural landscape filled with vibrant colours provides the inspiration for this OPI collection. It features 12 nail lacquers in Nail Lacquer, GelColor and Infinite Shine formulas, allowing you to live out your colour fantasies with a variety of nail wear options. With colours ranging from rich ocean blues and pops of flora and fauna-inspired shades to eye-catching sunset hues and natural sandy-toned neutrals, the diverse palette reflects the islands’ ‘seize the day’ spirit.

The Colours are ideal for wearing on both nails and toes while enjoying a taste of Fiji from anywhere in the world, whether sunning at the beach, visiting a botanical garden, enjoying a sailboat cruise, or dining at a five-star restaurant under the stars. Living on the Bula-vard! and Two-Timing the Zones evoke the welcoming spirit and uniqueness of the destination, while Do You Sea What I Sea? and I Can Never Hut Up showcase the beach and beautiful lagoons. Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet and Polly Want a Lacquer? draw inspiration from the islands’ beautiful wildlife. The shade we have selected for you is Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon and it completes this all-pink girly box perfectly.

Liquid vitamin boost: Swiss lemonade

White Dust is a Swiss Made lemonade with Schisandra. The Push version contains caffeine, the Relax version, which we included in your gift, comes with the mood enhancing vitamine Thiamine. Sweetened with agave sirop, this beverage is low in calories and thus positioned as a healthy drink. Its main ingredient, Schisandra, is known to have multiple health benefits (stimulates the immune system, antioxydant, enhancing performance for sports people, and many more…).




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  2. I would love this more than a 3 years old opening up any gift! I would maybeeeeeee with great difficulty i must add but because sharing is caring I woudl share with 3 of my friends, including sister 🙂

  3. Durch den Hochzeit’s vorbereitungs stress brauche ich jede menge schönheit und Pflege gegen den STESS

  4. Je ne connais pas toutes ces marques, mais en tout cas, bravo de nous proposer ce genre de gifts!

  5. For me! Every I buy a gift for myself; as I didn’t had time to win it this year, it would be perfect!

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