xMas Calendar N° 17: Coolbox worth CHF 300 filled with surprises for guys

Posted on 17/12/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Coolbox Guys

The seventeenth gift in our Advent Calendar is entirely dedicated to all you cool boys out there. It is a Coolbox containing goodies for guys in the value of CHF 300.

We put everything in there that we thought, in the mix, would make one of you happy. You will find products from brands such as Jeep, Fiat, Victorinox, Phibio, Obrist, Luminox, Wilkinson, L’Oréal Men Expert… and many more in your box should you win. What exactly remains a surprise though!

We listed a couple of gift ideas hereunder. Add your own! If you have gift inspirations, share them with us in the comment section. We are always happy to discover something new!


Coolbox Coolboys


Gift ideas for Guys

If you were to fill a gift box for your beloved, what would you put it? That was the question I got asked from a friend. Hum, not so easy, actually…. Luckily, we get lots of inspiration from our clients and partners! Here a little selection of gift ideas you may find useful.

In my selection, you will find products from brands such as Bulgari, BRONX COLORS, EMYUN, Uppercut Deluxe, Nespresso, Belvedere, Glenmorangie, Hennessy, Gents and something from Tag Heuer to keep you warm! You know, it is nippy on the slopes!


bulgari man extreme



First up, there is an all-time classic: the iconic Bulgari Man Extreme Eau de Toilette and After Shave Balm. With fresh, Mediterranean notes of Calabrian bergamot, cactus and pink grapefruit, this scent reveals an intoxicating woody, oriental character. A fragrance that is subtle, sophisticated and sensual. Like the magnificent Roman Empire, Bulgari Man Extreme exudes vitality and power.

Also nice: the collector’s box from Ardbeg containing Limited Edition Sterling Silver Cufflinks, a little somethin’ somethin’ for the Whisky lover to accessorise his outfit. With the minis from BelvedereGlenmorangie and Hennessy you have all you need to lift the spirit at any party, neat or topped with the characterful Gents Swiss Roots Tonic Water. Hä? Cognac and Tonic? Trust me, it’s a thing!

In your box, think of including a culinary treat. An idea is the Barista Limited Edition Trio from Nespresso – Chiaro, Scuro, Corto – crafted to prepare perfect recipes at home. With that, you can release your inner Barista and get creative! I am not sure it is still available, but maybe you will find something similar…


xMas Goodies


Your “after party” fix is this trio from Bronx Colors Men: No Shine, Cover Mat and Bright Eye. No excuses, you have everything for a kick start the morning after! Slip on your Uppercut Delux Tee, your Tag Heuer scarf and ski hat, grab your sports bag and go!


Cosmetics for men? Bronx is the word.

“The Bronx”, everybody knows this famous area of New York City, if not from own experience then from films. It is the northernmost district of the Big Apple and a vibrant melting pot of multicultural influences. Here, people from all walks of life and different backgrounds meet. The Bronx is home to musicians, artists and actors and that makes for a very creative environment. It is not surprising that many trends are born from this context: among others hip-hop, breakdance and graffiti all have their origins here. The hustling and bustling of the neighbourhood is synonymous with a modern, urban lifestyle. Inspired by the variety of colours, styles and traditions the cosmetic brand BRONX COLORS – URBAN COSMETICS was launched.

To provide the urban, phototactic man with everything he needs after a night spend creating, brainstorming or dancing, BRONX launched a series of cosmetics dedicated to MEN. Currently, the range comprises three products.


Bronx Colors Men




Men Bright Eye: As the name suggests, this cream is meant to brighten up your eyes! It is applied to the area under the eyes – that is where many people have dark circles – so this product magically covers up those ugly eye bags. Instantly, your eyes look brighter, you look more awake and alert and your smile a lot more charming.

Men No Shine: This is awesome! Not only women do “powder their nose” you know! Men too can benefit from swinging the powder puff from time to time! The powder helps to absorb excess oil leaving the skin looking naturally matte and pores visually refined. No more greasy, shiny patches! It’s an instant confidence boost!

Men Cover Mat: For an even more sculpted look, Men Cover Mat is what you need! This premium product is specifically developed for men to eliminate undesirable shine caused by oily skin surfaces. This translucent, ultra-sheer powder leaves the skin smooth and refined without adding colour to your complexion. It blends easily with all skin tones and procures a clean, natural finish.


How about something truly unique?

An absolute highlight to slip in your gift box would be a piece of jewellery from Garogosi. I discovered this wonderful brand at the end of last year and I really like the concept!

Glaciers have shaped the Earth’s landscape for millennia. Garogosi jewellery is a celebration of all the subtle glacier textures and the beauty of the impermanent force which has etched its way through our landscape over millennia. The rustic and powerful items are a celebration of all the subtle glacier textures and the beauty of the impermanent force which has etched its way through our landscape over time.

The person behind Garogosi is Sevan Garo, a multidisciplinary artist. He creates his jewellery climbing up to a glacier, taking a mould directly from its surface, along with the GPS coordinates of the spot and then finishing the item in his workshop in the mountains near Chamonix.


Garogosi 2 Contrast Glacier Ring


Another fantastic brand for men (or women who like to wear their men’s clothes 😉 ): EMYUN. We featured it on Social Media a couple of times already and also showed it on our stand at Montreux Moda. Rey has a several of pieces from this brand that he wears in and out the gym and carries with him on his travels. He loves them!

I have a t-shirt myself which I took with me on a trip to Iceland. Best idea ever! You cannot fully appreciate a good base layer of clothing that is breathable and keeps you warm in the cold and cold in the warm until you have experienced the Icelandic weather conditions. We’ll tell you all about EMYUN in a separate article. For now, we just drop the link to their eShop here >>>  so you may discover the new collection.

In the meantime, check out Rey’s post from Cuba. You can see how easy these sports couture items are to wear in the city, too.



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