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Posted on 18/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Not long ago, I received my very first, utterly beautiful parcel from Boxmopolitan. All black and wrapped with love, the box contains the latest finds that the curators at Boxmopolitan chose and compose to bring us fresh brands and products to the doorstep. Beauty, wellness, fashion, gourmet, art and design items… this box is a gift to make yourself or to surprise someone. And if something is cool like that, it obviously has a place on coolbrandz! Because I love to share, there even is a giveaway! Details below…

The first edition contains products from Schoccolatta, Sanctum Skin care, Make A Wish, Schlumberger, Fundamental Berlin and Essence of Chi. I am posting a little description of each one below. You can find more info and pics on the Boxmopolitan webpage.


The pure raw chocolate was the first victim of my curiosity and miraculously disappeared a second after unwrapping it. Oops, no pic! The smell, so fresh, so strong and how it melted in the mouth revealing a sensational taste. Really loved it! Each chocolate is handcrafted by Monicka Wacker in Switzerland, with exclusively organic ingredients, 99 % of them in raw quality like raw cacao beans, carefully dried fruits and nuts. There was one more item from this brand, and this I kept for you: a body butter made from raw, organic cocoa butter and coconut oil.




Sanctum Skincare

Certified organic and composed exclusively of 100% naturally derived ingredients, Sanctum stands for transparency, fairness and respect for people, animals and the environment. To make this truly implement Sanctum has certifications for organic, vegan and not tested on animals. The box contains a travel set comprising Moisture Replenish Day Creme, Body Soothe Body Lotion and Shower Gel. This set too, is up for grabs!




essence-of.chi-annualEssence of Chi

All Essence of Chi perfumes are based on the Chinese theory of the Five Elements. The fragrance included in this first edition of the Boxmopolitan box is “Annuals 2016”, a perfect companion for the exciting and impulsive Year of the Monkey. A balanced blend of fine woods, resins, flowers and spices, this perfume  embodies the elements of earth and wood and appeasing the elemental conflict between fire and metal. The result is an extraordinary, sensual, warm scent which grounds and harmonizes. It is lovely! I kept this product for you, too.



So, the Schocolatta Body Butter, the Sanctum Skincare Travel Set and the perfume Annuals 2016 by Essence of Chi are sitting here on my desk and are waiting for a new owner. Until midnight tonight, you get take your chance to win this gift on Facebook! Just visit Coolbrandz Deutsch, if you are a German speaker, or Coolbrandz Français, if you are an adept of la langue de Molière, the giveaway is pinned to the top, you won’t miss it!

Other than the three products I am sharing with you, the first Boxmopolitan box also contained a “Make A Wish” bracelet by Claudia Nabholz, a very fine band with a 18 carat gold gilded tiny heart. When it falls off, you may wish something… That is such a cute idea!

Also awesome, the DYI bowls from Fundamental Berlin. They are called “Push Mini” and as the name suggests, they are small metallic disks and at a PUSH you can transform them in whatever shape bowl you like. It is very fun to do and creates an original space for your precious little things.

And to celebrate the first edition and toast to the success and long-life of Boxmopolitan, you get the bubbly included as well: a mini bottle of White Secco by Schlumberger. Well, bottoms up, Boxmo!

The second edition is actually already in the making. You can see its contents below and subscribe for it online.




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  2. Dear Eileen, thank you so much for sharing and the wonderful review. We’re really working hard to bring our customers unique items. When people enjoy it, we can just say: Mission accomplished! I just would like to add that the Edition N°02 was already shipped and the next will be Edition N°03, which is still a surprise. But: We have 3 Boxes left of Edition N°02 and you still can order it as a trial box for CHF 65. It’s worth over CHF 300! Just drop us a line to and say you want to have that, and we will forward the instructions. And of course, also go for the subscriptions because the next boxes will be fantastic as well. Cheers!

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