Think globally, act locally: why every day should be EARTH DAY

Posted on 21/04/2019 by bepure
Bepure natural Vegan Skincare Founders Kathleen Krug Fabian Isaac

Every year, for the last 42 years, World Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on 22 April. Many even talk about the Earth Month of April. But what exactly does that mean?

The idea behind this initiative is to promote an ecological and environmentally conscious lifestyle and to create more awareness for our increasingly fragile planet.

Originally issued by a US student movement, there are now more than a billion participants around the world, including individuals, businesses, schools, and governments who look back on what has been achieved and discuss what else needs to be done around the globe to protect our planet Earth.

In the process, Earth Day has actually grown into a whole Earth Month. Here you can read more >>>


What does bepure do?

From the beginning, the founders Kathleen and Fabian were convinced that using sustainable and natural raw materials that the body can safely recognize and tolerate are the way forward.

The Argan tree, Argania spinosa, is one of the oldest trees in the world. This “millennium tree” grows only in the very dry, desert-like climate in southwestern Morocco and has been protected by UNESCO since 1998. Various attempts to cultivate the tree outside of Morocco failed. Its roots bury themselves up to 30 meters deep into the soil in the search for water and minerals. A sustainable and positive effect of this is that the roots of the argan tree prevent the desert from entering the inner country.

In addition, the argan oil and prickly pear seed oil in the bepure products come from organic farming (seal: Ecocert).



The next challenge was to find suitable packaging. Usually, the packaging of a product, after having been produced using many resources (such as water, energy, paper, fuel for transportation), ends up in the trash. Bepure did not want unnecessary packaging that simply creates waste. It is also not necessary, because all ingredients and instructions for use are clearly and understandably written on the product.

Nevertheless, the brand aimed to find packaging that is of high quality and optimally protects the valuable and fresh ingredients, and at the same time looks good.

The appreciation of precious essences and oils goes back to the high culture in ancient Egypt. Even then, oils and essences were stored in glass or gold.

Bepure products are 100% natural, with no preservatives or synthetic additives. That is why it was all the more important to find a packaging that optimally protects the ingredients, odor, and benefits of the oils and essences. Quite quickly, the decision was made for violet glass. MIRON violet glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except for the violet part.

Violet glass acts as a natural filter that is permeable only to those parts of sunlight that protect and enhance the properties of high quality and sensitive substances. 


Bepure natural Vegan Skincare EarthDay


Since 2019, bepure is shipping all its parcels within Switzerland with “pro clima” mailing. That means in a climate-neutral manner, and that the contribution bepure makes is invested in high-quality climate protection projects by Swiss Post. This compensates for unavoidable greenhouse gases from the transport of each shipment.

In addition, the introduction of a recycling concept for all bepure flacons is planned. Customers will be able to return empty bepure bottles. The empty bottles and cans are collected and cleaned, so that they can be refilled and reused. This marks the brand’s next step on the way to sustainability. It also means that no violet glass has to be produced abroad and transported to Switzerland.


And what can you do?

It would be great if we could dedicate not only a special day or month in the year to topics such as the reduction of plastic or more sustainable products and alternatives to protect our planet and to behave as if every month was Earth Month.

How about tackling certain environmental issues not only in discussing them but working actively towards becoming more conscious consumers. Rethinking behaviors, being open-minded, buying more sustainable products, just trying out possible alternatives.

Sure, the beginning is hard. No one can throw habits out of the window and change 180° from one day to the next. But every small step is already a beginning. And if all of us take small steps,  ultimately a big and important contribution will be made.



Because one thing should be very clear to us: we only have this one Earth. Beautiful in all its colors and facets, there is no plan(et) B. We should love and respect her. With this conviction, bepure acts as a sustainable company every day and all year round.

After all, Kathleen and Fabian are also parents and want their children to have all the opportunities to feel and experience this wonderful Earth.


Bepure natural Vegan Skincare EarthDay



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