Espolon Tequila: the rebel with the smooth touch

Posted on 26/05/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Do I feel strongly about Tequila? You can say THAT! I love Tequila! The word alone brings back fabulous memories from the time I was a student in England and working in a Mexican restaurant to finance my studies.

True, that ‘s been a few years and a lot has changed since then. Today, the restaurant is not called Fiesta Mexicana anymore and is now more focused on Tex-Mex. At that time, however, it was owned and run by a Mexican couple who offered truly traditional cuisine and an extensive collection of different tequilas. The list of cocktails was very long, just like many nights we spent there together after work.

To work at „The Mexican“ was much like going out and getting paid for it. Always a good party! After the night’s service, regulars and staff often stayed on and continued to celebrate the good times behind closed doors. Classic cocktails were served and new one’s created, always the same people, the same stories about Mexico, the same rituals… we were all part of the same family and felt very much at home. It was cool.

Some of the best moments in my life are linked to tequila: good food, good friends, good conversations, good music… aaaw, memories!

With tequila, it is as with everything: if you buy cheap, you pay the double bill the next day with a huge hangover. But that is not the tequila I am talking about. Good tequila is complex and has character. It is not necessarily destined to mix cocktails and can be enjoyed on its own.

It is at this end of the table that Espolon sits with the grand. It is simply delicious.

Espolon-Cirilo-OropezaThe Espolon Tequias are handcrafted from 100% pure, blue agave. They are prize-winning premium tequilas and represent the true Mexico. Espolon tequila celebrates the Mexican culture of the 19th century with emblematic imagery. The bottle labels feature the protagonists Guadalupe, Rosarita and Ramon, the proud rooster and national symbol of Mexico, at important moments of the rich history of the country.

Espolon Tequila is distilled and bottled in the artisan Destiladora San Nicolas in the Mexican highlands of Jalisco. The School of Architects and Engineers of Jalisco awarded the “Best Tequila Factory in Mexico” to this distillery.

It is here, that Master distiller, Cirilo Oropeza, brings his extensive expertise and craftsmanship to the creation of Espolon Tequila, assuring that as much artistry is applied to the liquid as to label.

Espolon favors tradition and craftsmanship, not mass production. Instead of the 12 hours that are industry standard, Espolon cooks the agave hearts (pinas) for 18 to 20 hours, thus extracting the more rich, intense flavors that distinguish its tequila. The distilling process lasts 5.5 hours that is 2 hours more than the industry average.

In 2000 Espolon was launched in the United States and praised by tequila specialists around the world. At the San Francisco Spirits Competition, Espolon was awarded a double gold medal and the Beverage Testing Institute distinguished it with a platinum rating.

Gruppo Campari acquired the Espolon brand as well as the Destillerie San Nicolas in 2009. After a pause of three years, Espolon was re-launched in the US and is now also available in Switzerland, in two varieties:

Blanco 750ml onWhiteEspolon Tequila Blanco

The Espolón Tequila Blanco label tells the story of Guadalupe and Rosarita joining Father Miguel Hidalgo in his brave campaign for Mexican independence from Spain. As depicted in this label’s scene, the duo fought fiercely with undying passion. As Ramón the Rooster crowed his shrill battle cry, the brave army of revolutionists clashed against tyranny, against the cruel caste system, willing to sacrifice everything for the cause. This movement set the stage for Mexico’s eventual independence.


An elegant, clean finish that ends with a hint of spice characterizes Espolón Blanco Tequila. It is unaged and comes direct from distillation. Espolon Blanco is clear in color with a platinum cast. A delicate, sweet agave flavor is this tequila’s signature that is embellished by floral, tropical fruit and lemon zest aromas and a hint of pepper. It’s mouth-feel is soft and its palate light to medium-bodied with bright agave flavor; notes of pepper, vanilla bean, grilled pineapple and spice.



Espolon Tequila Reposado

Spain’s Hernando Cortés captured the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, conquering its people and building Mexico City in its place. As illustrated in this label, Guadalupe and Rosarita reveled in the markets of this new metropolis, yet a pair of devilishly toothy grins hinted at their true intentions. Driven by a passion for Aztec civilization—as their spirits had once played a role in this complex culture—our couple schemed to infuse elements of Aztec culture into every market in the country. Guided by Ramón the Rooster, they vowed that generations would benefit from this fallen society’s impressive achievements.


Espolón Reposado flaunts a slow finish with a sweet spicy fade and Añejo-like wood spiciness. It is aged 6 months in American oak barrels, its color rich with a golden hue. Spicy, caramel aromas with a hint of chocolate characterize Espolon Reposado. It’s bold, round mouth-feel leads to a medium-dry, full-bodied palate with rich roasted agave, sweet tropical fruit, intense vanilla and brown spices.




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