Fun Lab: co-create with Somersby and become a brand ambassador!

Posted on 01/01/2018 by coolbrandz

The place? A virtual laboratory. The rules of the game? Help to design the launch of a new alcoholic drink – Somersby – for Switzerland!

Designing the launch of a new brand into a country used to be a job for the marketing experts. Well, not any more! For the first time, a brand has teamed up with the coolbrander community of influencers to shape their launch campaign. Fun Lab is a co-creation space where coolbranders brainstorm together to uncover new ideas and discuss existing ones to create original brand launches. And Somersby – a new to Switzerland alcoholic apple drink – has taken full advantage.

But it’s not over yet…Demonstrate your coolness, be open-minded and let your creativity flow! Your contributions are taken very seriously and the reward for your help will be just fabulous… especially if you agree to become a brand ambassador!

FunLab-TastethefutureGet rewarded for your sparkling ideas

We must say a big thank you to everyone who has already contributed during “phase one” of Somersby Fun Lab: your suggestions have been marvellous! (and we have already seen first hand key decisions change completely because of them). Now, in “phase two” of the project, we will be brainstorming tangible concepts of how to introduce the brand into Switzerland. Come and seen the concepts and designs for yourself and contribute some ideas of your own…

A whole set of new challenges has been created to allow any Coolbranders wishing to become Somersby brand ambassadors to co-create fun activities for the Swiss launch. Join this lively crowd now and influence the way Somersby is introduced in Switzerland!

And, if you agree to become a brand ambassador, as a Fun Lab member you will be amongst the first people in Switzerland to receive the product. Not just one bottle either… but enough to share with your friends and to get a party started! Plus many other attractive prizes are waiting for those who are submitting the best ideas.

Somersby, the apple drink that seduces Switzerland

Lord Somersby, a quirky inventor from Great Britain, had the idea for Somersby when he saw a lone apple tree. How to delight his great friends from different eras such as Cleopatra, Napoleon and Newton? What kind of drink would be able to unite them and to socialise? Only a fruity, refreshing Somersby to break the ice! Raise your glass to warm summer nights; enjoy the company of Lord Somersby and his illustrious guests. Join Fun Lab now, celebrate open-mindedness and savour ice cold Somersby with your friends!

Make this summer a Somersby summer and join the few privileged who will discover this new, trendy drink first!




  1. Hello all, thanks for the clubhouse event last night and I look forward to participating in phase 2!!

  2. Vielen Dank fürs Päckli mit dem Somersby-Getränk! Hab mich riesig gefreut dass ich mittesten darf!

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