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Posted on 11/01/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Garogosi Jewelery Contrast Glacier Ring

Did you ever dream of having something so singular, so special, that there is but of its kind? Are you a passionate mountaineer, an alpinist or simply someone who loves nature? Then our gift today is destined for you! It comes directly from a Glacier, where it was formed and shaped into an item that is truly unique. A moment in time, an instant of poised ice captured in the beauty of a piece of Garogosi jewellery and made to last forever.

Glaciers have shaped the Earth’s landscape for millennia. Garogosi jewellery is a celebration of all the subtle glacier textures and the beauty of the impermanent force which has etched its way through our landscape over millennia

The rustic and powerful items of Garogosi jewellery are a celebration of all the subtle glacier textures and the beauty of the impermanent force which has etched its way through our landscape over time.

The person behind Garogosi is Sevan Garo, a multidisciplinary artist. He creates his jewellery climbing up to a glacier, taking a mould directly from its surface, along with the GPS coordinates of the spot and then finishing the item in his workshop in the mountains near Chamonix. The process he developed and perfectioned over several years is absolutely unique. During the procedure, nature is perfectly preserved: no heat is emitted, no trace is left, and no damage is caused to the Glacier.

The gift we got for you today is one Contrast Glacier Ring in the value of CHF 350. This ring represents the Garogosi brand ethos – Contrast Defines. The multitude of textures and intricacies on the Glacier are emphasized by the contrasting ice smooth surfaces.

The Garogosi genesis: how it all began

In 2014, Sevan was asked to create a series of sculptures for an exhibition titled ‘Your Engagement has Consequences’ in The Hague, Holland. When he heard the title he immediately thought – GLACIERS. The plan was to go to a Glacier, take moulds directly from its surface and to then cast these moulds into a series of sculptures. These would capture and preserve the form and fingerprint of the glacier. “Glaciers are retreating at an incredible pace around the world, so these sculptures perfectly depicted one of the consequences of our engagement with the environment”, he says.

Together with some friends, he travelled to the Alps intending to take a mould from the surface of one of the most iconic glaciers in Europe, Mer de Glace, or ‘Sea of Ice’. “I have never been on a glacier before, let alone taken a mould from the surface of one. All I had was the materials for the mould and an old ice axe. I had no idea if it was going to work.”

He was also told, that the mould would not set on ice. A real challenge that he set himself there! So he thought of using a unique blend of materials that had to set for 24 hours after casting the mould which meant that it had to be left there overnight. Having never tried this under these extreme conditions, who knew if this was going to work! “It was one thing going up there the first time, but on the second day a storm had come in, so that was a whole new level. But we couldn’t just leave the mould up there. When we finally made it back up to where we’d left it, we could see it had all been worth it. The glacier had shed the mould like a skin, leaving a perfect fingerprint of the ice.”, Sevan remembers.

Three months later, he was in The Hague installing his sculptures for the exhibition: six large glacial sculptures, cast in pure white pigment. But then….”I turned my back and suddenly heard a large smash. I knew straight away what it was.” One of the sculptures had fallen off the wall and smashed into hundreds of small pieces.

“There was nothing I could do so I just began clearing up the mess. While I was clearing up, I held one of the small pieces of shattered sculpture in my hand. I thought ‘this would make a really interesting and conceptual piece of wearable sculpture.'” This was the beginning of GAROGOSI.

“My intention was to make a few necklaces to get the money together to cast the glacier sculptures in bronze. At the time, I would never have considered going down the road of starting a jewellery brand.”

While Sevan had no formal training in jewellery, his skills and experience with the manipulation of materials and metals as an artist and sculptor lent themselves easily to GAROGOSI’s creation. “I had never made a necklace, ring, cuff or bracelet before, and had never cast with silver or gold, but I knew the basic principles of casting. I also had no idea about developing a brand and setting up a small business. But I thought, let’s give this a shot.”

Three months later, Sevan had made a full collection of wearable glacial sculptures including Rings, Necklaces, Cuffs and Bangles. A month after that, he launched GAROGOSI in London.

Discover the Mer de Glace Collection here >>>, and the Glacier de Bossons Collection here >>>.

Garogosi’s engagement for sustainability

For each sale of Garogosi jewellery, an oak tree is planted in Wales. Sevan has teamed up with The Tree Plan to replant the original ‘Wildwood’ that covered much of Wales following the last Ice Age. When you buy a piece from Garogosi, you will be sent the GPS Coordinates from the location of your oak tree once the it is planted!

This is where the GAROGOSI jewellery is made… no factories, nothing imported, just a man, his workshop and nature.

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Garogosi handmade jewellery: questions and answers

Does Garagosi take commissions? Yes, they do. If you would like them to make you a unique item or take a mould from a specific Glacier or special location, you can simply ask!

How long will your order take to arrive? All of the jewellery is handmade in London and Chamonix. Because of the unique creation process, you need to allow three to four weeks for delivery, unless available immediately. If you need an item by a certain date, just contact Garogosi and they will do their very best to get it to you in time.

How is your jewellery made? This is the exciting part. First, Sevan checks the weather. Then him and his partner gear up and make their way up to the Glacier. They choose a location, apply a specialised mould, take the GPS coordinates (which you can have engraved on your jewellery if you wish) and wait 24 hours for the mould to set. They either camp out on the Glacier or make their way back to the studio and get ready to return to the Glacier the following day. The next morning, they follow the GPS locator, find the mould and slowly peel it from the surface of the Glacier. This process leaves no trace or damage, and reveals a fingerprint of the surface, capturing everything including the most minute and intricate details. Then this mould is used to make a cast, from which your jewellery is made. Once leaving the Garogosi studio in Chamonix or London, your order will send by FedEx or Royal Mail.

To ensure the longevity of your item, it is recommended that you take it off before swimming, bathing or showering as this could lead to tarnishing. However, a tarnished item can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth to return its shine.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Garogosi directly by e-mail >>>




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