Last Minute Ideas For Easter – And Beyond

Posted on 18/04/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Bärli Schwänli Easter Giftideas Ostern Geschenkideen Schweizer Handwerk mit Herz Giftideas

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone! Yesterday, it was Christmas and already it’s Easter! Never mind the crazy time around Valentine’s… Have your pre-Easter weeks been so busy as well? Did you even have time to think about and get gifts for all your loved ones? What about Easter brunch, all set? The fridge is filled, nothing to be left desired for the Easter feast? And do you have something to put in the Easter basket for everyone? If not, here a little list of last minute ideas we put together for you: vouchers, recipes, rituals… we hope you will find time to spoil your beloved and be spoiled in return over this long weekend!

Our first inspiration comes from Max Chocolatier. If you privilege quality, handmade creations over mass-production but you simply didn’t get around to search for and buy an original gift, here the solution: a chocolate subscription! It’s a gift that keeps on giving because every month, the receiver will be surprised by a box filled with delicious, artisanal chocolates delivered to their door.

You can choose from different formulas: the Seasonal Chocolate Subscription, a year-long chocolate subscription with seasonal Grand Cru chocolate surprises four times a year, the Chocolate Surprise Subscription for 6 months, the Chocolate Deluxe Subscription for 12 months or – probably every chocoholic’s dream – the Chocodor Filling Subscription for 12 months with a selection of handmade truffles. Every bunny loves some bunny. Show it with Schoggi, you can never go wrong!


Max Chocolatier Chocolate Subscription Spring GiftIdea


Sunday brunches are major but the Easter brunch is probably the most regal. In collaboration with Mövenpick Fine Foods, Marina (aka Lovefoodish) created a fantastic recipe: Quark Easter Bunnies. They are super easy to make and great fun, not only for kids. You’ll probably have all or most of the ingredients at home anyway. The recipe makes for about 12 cute, delicious bunnies depending on the size you shape them in. Find the recipe here >>> What’s more: Mövenpick created an Easter Calendar with great gifts to win each day until the 21 April. Go here: and try your luck!

If you are still looking for inspiration on what to put on the table this Easter, here an idea: we once participated in a Mövenpick event called “Kaffee & Kulinarik” which was, as the name suggests, about cooking with coffee and pairing food, wine, and coffee. A fantastic experience! Why not draw inspiration from this menu? It was paired with 2016 ÉO Blanc and 2014 ÉO Noir, two of the over 1200 fantastic wines you can choose from in 28 Mövenpick Wein Cellars across Switzerland.

Coffee and sweet Easter bunnies for brunch, something hearty and wine for lunch… if you don’t want to cook yourself on Easter, maybe check here if you can still book a table at 20/20 Restaurant by Mövenpick Wein! It just won its first Michelin star!


Mövenpick Finefoods Mövenpick Coffee Easter Brunch Recipe


Speaking of brunch: is there anything nicer than having a good lie-in, waking up late(r) in the morning, smelling the heavenly scent of fresh coffee, hearing the chitter and chatter of loved ones and then sitting down at a beautifully dressed table and enjoying a loooong, relaxed meal together? Some of our brunches last all day and then cumulate directly in an aperitif!

We have lots of inspiration with Alver: cereal bars, bircher müesli, power balls, quinoa salad, pasta salad, small curry snacks, crackers, hummus… All dishes to which you can add this golden powder that is high in plant-based protein. Perfect for all those wishing to reduce their intake of animal produce!

Proteins of plant origin can be found in legumes, cereals, soy, vegetables and microalgae that are called Golden Chlorella, but also in peas and mung beans. Alver proposes 100% natural, vegan protein products in powder form, soups, sauces and also pasta! A long weekend is a good occasion to explore something new and try new recipes. Go here and check out their website >>> 


Alver Golden Chlorella Brunch Table


For a colorful spring and a particularly authentic Easter, Bärli & Schwänli has expanded its range and added new, handmade products that make fantastic gifts or decorations!

This startup from Emmental specializes in Swiss handicraft with heart. Timeless design instead of fast-fashion, sustainable materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods and fair production with a love of traditional craftsmanship… this is the credo. Since the company was founded in 2017, many traditional Swiss materials have been transformed into lifestyle products with a partner network comprising mountain farms, sheep farmers, saddlers, woodturners, soap makers, wool mills, small factories, and artisans.

Working together, sustainable use of resources, love for nature, awareness for high quality, combining traditions with modernity, esteem and a lot of passion for what you do… its a philosophy we share. Hence, we invite you to visit their new e-Shop >>>



The Easter holiday is a good occasion not only for us to indulge but also for our skin. Catching up on sleep, eating well, resting… and helping our skin rejuvenate!

As winter cedes, the skin is yearning to get rid of dead cells and is hungry for lighter care products that help it breathe and glow. Extra special care is recommended! Here is our pick of natural, vegan skincare from bepure.

For gentle exfoliation, use PURE CLEAN FACE Wash & Mask once a week. Particularly soft on the skin is the ORGANIC FACE CLOTH, a sustainable alternative to cotton pads. You can simply wash and reuse it! Once your face is squeaky clean, apply the INTENSIVE DAYCARE face oil, it is ideal for warmer temperatures. To complete your beauty routine, apply the FRESH BODYCARE. Full of vitamin C and fruit acids, it tightens and detoxifies your skin.

This is just a small selection. You find many more wonderful products like the two below on the brand’s website:

Bepure skincare is a great gift you can make yourself or someone you love with a good conscience! Read up about the brand here >>>


bepure natural vegan skincare naturkosmetik


A romantic dinner, an Easter weekend getaway or a summer holiday… there are many good reasons to wear beautiful jewelry to sublime those moments that make life so precious. Bombom Bijoux creates the sweetest pieces inspired by candies and cakes that make for a wonderful present that you can offer a loved one, a friend or yourself at any time!

You are invited to a spontaneous party over the Easter holiday and you do not have a gift? A voucher is a solution! You just indicate the amount you want to offer and the receiver of your gift can browse the e-Shop in their own time and find what they like themselves.

There are many beautiful collections to choose from. The latest is called Bombom Heat and it is all you need for summer: gorgeous pieces with turquoise, sea shells, gold, and pearls.

Jewelry from Bombom Bijoux is a sweet gift to make. Go here and browse the website:


Bombom Bijoux BombomHeat Tchoupomoting Jewelry Schmuck


One cool thing to do is spontaneously escaping on a city trip. Isn’t Easter all about surprises? Imagine the joy you can bring if you slip THAT in the Easter basket of your favorite bunny: a WOWTrip!

Are you up for an adventure? You can book now and leave tomorrow to an unknown destination! Your beloved – or your BFF – is a travel bug and Wanderlust their middle name? Then they will love this gift.

The concept is simple: you can indicate the date you want to travel and the airport from which want to take off but you don’t know where you are going to land. Florence, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw… you will only know once you go!

Your experience comprises direct round-trip flights from the selected city of origin to the WowTrip destination and hotel accommodation.

Sounds like a gift you would love (to make)? Are you up for a surprise? Check out and maybe take off tomorrow!


WowTrip Easter Weekend Getaway Holiday Surprise Vacation




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