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Posted on 20/01/2018 by coolbrandz

MarieSmoothiesBehind Smoothies ADDICT hides a specialist in healthy foods. Very conscious about health, Marie launches her blog and e-shop in Geneva in March 2014. When it comes to fabulous food, smoothies are her thing. I mix, you mix, we mix – fruit and vegetables, seeds and oilseeds. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what smoothies are about. Instead of eating foods separately, they are mixed and savoured in a perfect composition. Need to know more? Make Marie your wing woman!

Do you fall into the same habits and repeat the same mistakes each year? Devour entire boxes of vitamin supplements, put on four layers of clothing – but still, misery of all miseries, manage to catch a cold each and every winter? Time to take action and get your fill of vitamins on your plate! Or your glass rather, because that is what smoothies are all about.

Fun and dynamic, this concentrate of vitamins and flavours kicks in immediately. Even better, this synonym of BOOST does not forfeit pleasure. Forget healthy recipes with little or bad flavours – gourmandise oblige. Smoothies ADDICT is your ticket to escape the winter blues once and for all.

Smoothies ADDICT swears by smoothies and super foods!

SuperfoodsIf we are all caught by the frenetic pace of everyday life, with take-away meals and perpetual snacking our daily companion, here’s a solution:  Fetish beverages, healthy protein juices, nutritious and low in calories, designed to chisel your silhouette, foster good moods, make you look good and get your fill of all the vitamins you need.

At 29, Marie, super-mom of a little boy and with a full-time job, learns about smoothies and immediately recognises their virtues: ” At that time, I was tired when I got up in the morning, lacking iron and vitamins. After my smoothy, I felt satisfied at all levels. Additionally, I soon noticed considerable benefits on my physics: healthy skin, beautiful hair and strong nails.”

With skyrocketing energies, Marie is encouraging us to share new recipes, based on her sound knowledge and profound advice, stemming from her experience as a “Foody”, but also including other bloggers’ Healthy questionnaires. Her blog mirrors her personality: young ,funny and refreshing! The very suggestive names of the recipes are inspiring Le Super AntiOxidant (Super antioxidant), La Belle Peau (Beautiful Skin), Le Popeye est Gourmand (Popeye is a Gourmand), Le sous le Sunlight des Tropiques (Under the Tropical Sun) – the sheer reading is pleasure!

Enter super food, beauty food and healthy food – some foods are genuine gold mines: Vitamins with antioxidant properties, rich in minerals and trace elements, stimulators of the immune system. For those, Marie had to launch her e-shop. Nutritionally speaking, it showcases a wide range of food with great virtues, helping you to take care of yourself without breaking a sweat. Spirulina, Chia seed, the famous Acai Goji berries… to name just a few. These super foods are power packed damage control and rebuild masters! Their benefits are clearly and simply stated, without too much complex jargon. Take Spirulina: It purifies the body and, like a superhero, eliminates heavy metals and pollutants by absorbing them. Let us mention, too, that of course, Marie carefully selects all products from trusted suppliers.

DeepPurpleSmoothie Making – how does it work?

To share her knowledge on how to prepare healthy and delicious smoothies in a jiffy, Marie organizes workshops that she spices up with general tips on better eating and practical information on food – and, of course tasty and healthy recipes.

Adopting good nutrition gestures is trendy – and about time, too! This is why Smoothies Workshops are a great opportunity to discuss smoothies and to recharge your battery, surrounded by power women – even mothers with toddlers and all ages are welcome! Workshops are held on Saturdays, 11 am, in the heart of the city of Geneva (French only). Registration is limited to six participants per workshop. Expect outstanding service and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere! Surrounded by smoothies, tonics, anti-oxidants and stimulants, Marie rhymes healthy with sexy.

Isn’t this just the incentive you need to want to eat better? Here’s the thing that makes salivate even diehard junk food addicts! If your aim is to feel better, join the force of those on the healthy side: On your marks, get set …

Contact Marie at:, Tel. +41 (0) 79 225 01 37, Facebook, Instagram






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