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Posted on 06/02/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Influencer Campaigns 2012 Coolbrandz Switzerland

A new year is always an occasion to reflect on the past and to prepare the future. Coolbrandz, founded on 11.11.11, will celebrate its 8th anniversary this year.

Eight years… when I say that out loud, I almost cannot believe it. It seems time just flew by. I had the idea in 2005 while swimming and since then it matured in my head. I wanted to launch in 2012 and prepare everything. After all, leaving employment and becoming independent is a major step in life.

I didn’t even pay particular attention to the date, 11th November 2011, until the evening when I scribbled it on a piece of paper: 11.11.11. It occurred to me then, that in my lifetime, there would never again be a date as perfect as this. I said to myself, that’s it, let’s go! I started a WordPress blog that night and began to write. Until the end of the year 2011, I would just produce content while sorting out things with my employer, get all the papers ready and so forth and then go full speed ahead in 2012.

Having worked in Strategic Marketing for almost 20 years prior to that, my network was extensive: many people helped me at the beginning by referring brand owners, be inviting me to networking events, by allowing me to speak at conferences…

Those were absolutely exciting times. All this energy and the enthusiasm with which my ideas were met… unbelievable! In my wildest dreams, I never imagined it to be like that. I will be forever grateful for every push I received, big and small, every motivating, encouraging or soothing word, every helping hand that reached out to me and everyone who put their trust in me and my startup project.

The Coolbrandz Community grew rapidly and very quickly, just a few months in, the first Influencer Campaigns were booked. Here a list of all the projects we realized in 2012:

01. Bill’s Technologies: Startup Support
02. Bodum: Launch of Bistro Line, Word-of-Mouth
03. Cbijoux: Blogger Workshop
04. Chamane Energie Drink: Launch in Switzerland, Influencer Campaigns
05. City of La Chaux-de-Fonds: Blogger Trip
06. Crans Montana Tourisme: Summer Festival
07. Douglas Box of Beauty: Launch in Switzerland, Influencer Campaigns
08. Ecosapin: Startup Support
09. Eden Springs Switzerland: Edelvia Watercooler, Influencer Campaigns
10. Handpresso: Startup Support
11. Heaven’s Genève: Launch New Collection, Word-of-Mouth
12. Hugo Reitzel: Launch of Mini Squeeze, Influencer Campaigns
13. Jardin des Monts: Startup Support
14. John Richmond: Launch of Viva Rock, Word-of-Mouth
15. Masaba Coffee: Startup Support
16. Mondelez: Launch of Trident Neon Fu, Influencer Campaigns
17. Mood Swiss Ring: Startup Support
18. Reckitt Benckiser: Launch Dettol No-Touch, Influencer Campaigns
19. Rémy Cointreau: Rémy Martin VSOP, Influencer Campaigns
20. Ringier Geschenkidee: Blogger Reviews
21. Ruinart Champagne: Ruinart Rosé Interpretation
22. Taucherli Chocolate: Startup Support
23. Uhlman Eyraud: Launch of Fisherman’s Pro-Fresh, Influencer Campaigns
24. Unilever: Launch of Lusso Café Zero, Word-of-Mouth
25. Volkswagen: Crazy Drive, Launch VW Up, Word-of-Mouth
26. Wyssmüller Fondue: Startup Support

Yes! 26 Projects of all kinds in the first year of launching the Coolbrandz platform: Launch Campaigns, Word-of-Mouth Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Blogger PR, Influencer Relations, Tryvertising, Content Production and Seeding, Event Organization… Plus, two major events that I participated in myself: as the Keynote Speaker at Swiss Marketing Conference about Strategic Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Startup Weekend Lausanne where I pitched my project Coolbrandz.

Needless to say: my lack of sleep was major.

I will write about each project in detail (Challenge, Concept, Results) but in the meantime, if there is a particular case you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are a startup owner or a brand responsible, and you would like to know more about strategic word-of-mouth marketing, social media marketing or influencer and blogger relations, send me an e-mail and let’s discuss.

Digital content producers, bloggers and influencers in their respective domains who wish to become part of the Coolbrandz Family and collaborate with cool brands, can get in touch here >>> An agent will contact you.

If you are a (tech) investor reading this: we have two new projects in the pipeline that could maybe interest you. I would love to present them to you! Say hello by e-mail>>>

There are many myths and references around the number eight. In Chinese and other Asian cultures, it is considered a lucky number. Eight refers to prosperity and wealth. I hope that all these attributes will apply to my little enterprise in the coming years as well. That my team, my community and I will remain happy with what we are doing, that we will always be lucky enough to have great brands reach out to us and that the company steers towards a safe haven. That is all I wish for and my personal New Years resolution: to do everything to make it happen. Bonne année! Et merci pour tout!



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