Krug x Lausanne Palace: it’s always fondue o’clock

Posted on 06/04/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Krug LausannePalace & Spa Carnotzet

I missed all the action this winter because I spent most of the Yuletide with my family abroad. So I never got to enjoy a fondue at the super cosy Krug Carnotzet in front of Lausanne Palace. The good news: it is not over yet! Until the middle of April this gourmet parlour is still open. I am already counting the days until I am back in Lausanne and get to hang there with my crowd! Two birds with one stone: home, and five star fondue! Oh my, it really has been too long…

What is the story?

In partnership with Lausanne Palace, a 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Lausanne, the famous champagne house Maison Krug offers a unique gastronomic experience with the aim to bring the hotel’s guests closer to the gastronomic roots of Romandie, the French speaking part of Switzerland.

For the occasion, an unforgettable experience has been created: a dinner, in a unique setting, introducing guests to a culinary journey that marries the traditions of the two Houses.

The Carnotzet – ah, le carnotzet! – is BIG in Romandie, many gastronomic outlets have one, and many families have one at home, too. It is a small cellar, in which the wine is stored. No, let me correct that: in which the wine is ENJOYED! Because the (often teeny tiny) cellar equals a room that has been especially transformed to host and entertain family and friends. Rustic and intimate….

It is that atmosphere, which the Carnotzet by Krug at Lausanne Palace captures. Here, you can enjoy a delicious Swiss fondue paired with a Grande Cuvée. Simple, yet sublime… A meal to my taste!

P.s. If (for what incomprehensible reason) you should not like fondue, sushi or tapas are on offer, too! I am sure your fondue loving friends won’t mind!



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