Les Laboratoires Culinaires: learn how to cook like a Michelin Star Chef!

Posted on 25/04/2019 by Eileen Schuch
les laboratoires culinaires gourmet cooking class neuchatel switzerland

Foodies and aficionados of fine cuisine, this is for you! You love cooking and sharing your knowledge and experience with others? You are not completely helpless in the kitchen and want to just add an edge to your skill? Or maybe you are completely helpless in the kitchen and wonder if there is life after pizza…? Les laboratoires culinaires in Neuchatel is a gourmet cooking school that caters for all your passions, whether you are a beginner or an amateur! Classes include the following:

Wild flavors by Judith Baumann: (re)discover the power of flowers and herbs! As small and fragile as they may seem, the plants that grace our gardens and meadows have wonderful qualities. Delicate aromas and subtle perfumes add a signature to your dish that makes it truly singular. Our ancestors knew it and used them to sublime their meals. Lifting the visual aspect of your creations and adding layers of flavor is an art you can now perfection!

To be or not to be by Anita Lalubie: now you see it, now you don’t… what if you could surprise your guests with an optical illusion? Maliciously delicious, learn how to prepare a menu with a twist! From appetizer to dessert, Anita Lalubie, presenter of the Swiss culinary TV show Al Dente will help you whisk up a culinary masterpiece as if by magic!

I’m the star of after-work parties: the #afterwork gathering, bar(e) necessity or urban hype? We will never know. What we do know however is that Insta loves this happy hour moment! And where does work end and fun start, anyway? If the perfect food pic is your vocation this cooking class is your one stop destination: tapas and cocktails – click – c’est ultra chic! Flavors of the Mediterranean will evoke souvenirs from happy summer days.

Bonus: right now, and until 30th April, you have the chance via our friends from Webforkids to win the participation in the cooking class “I Love you mum!” for your child. This particular class is dedicated to helping kids elaborate a surprise menu for Mother’s Day; the perfect gift for caring mums who wish to initiate their little ones to cooking.

Speaking of the relationship of mums and children and the impact it has on shaping culinary preferences: Inga and Laetitia, the founders of Les laboratoires culinaires, were passed the passion for food by their mothers, too. And like their mums before them, the two women, now mothers themselves, continue to inspire curiosity and ignite the talent for cuisine in their children.

Preparing food is one thing, cooking with style is a lifestyle. Taking time to experiment, refine and finding your own culinary identity – a luxury to some, an evidence to others – but definitely a gift you can give yourself without scruples and one that keeps on giving!

Think of the pleasure you can provide for those around you! What’s more: Les laboratoires culinaires are dedicated to raising awareness in the preparation of local, seasonal food. Inga and Laetitia made it their mission to give a new dimension to raw and healthy food in terms of originality and offering solutions to reduce waste in the context of sustainable development and environmentally friendly consumption.

Well, I think that we can all agree on how noble a cause this is… in the interest of the local economy and the planet.

These are values you adhere to? Why don’t you do yourself some good and give your culinary curiosity a spin? Take a class and your skills to the next level. Or maybe you have a friend who is crazy about cooking? In any case, nourishing passions… that’s a pastime to my taste!



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