The Loving Spoon: for the love of vintage items

Posted on 08/10/2018 by Eileen Schuch

A passion for vintage, mixed with a creative spirit, that’s the magic potion from Zurich that led to the creation of The Loving Spoon. The Maxim: re-purpose. re-value. re-love.

Across Europe, in the United States and Canada, Maya Chelmis hunts the flea markets and unearths great finds of the last century. Obsolete in public homes, abandoned in attics and tarnished old-fashioned by time, she rekindles these antiquities for a second life. A spirited fan of reused objects, she belongs to a generation that propels old things in a new era. Keen on spoons and covered vintage silver, Maya customizes them for all occasions.

Messages of humour and love

With skillful hands, this true queen of DIY, attacks her work with a hammer, stamping staggered messages on butter knives, cutlery sets, cake servers, sugar tongs etc. They are hilarious and endearing: Cereal Killer, Le Beurre c’est le bonheur (Butter is happiness), La vie est dure sans confiture (Life is hard without jam), All you need is cheese, You are the butter on my bread …

Maya’s creativity does not stop at the back of a spoon. When you see her in her workshop, surrounded by all her paraphernalia, you’re pretty sure she’ll fork up other spirited objects. Actually, one of them is already under her knife!

Arranging the cutlery on your table takes on a whole new dimension. Quite simply, this is a genius idea. Long live The Loving Spoon!

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A day with The Loving Spoon




  1. Wieso konnte ich damals übersehen, dass die Loving Spoons in der Schweiz hergestellt werden? Meine Güte, bin drüber gestolpert und fand das so ne ganz tolle Idee. Freut mich jetzt umso mehr, dass sie aus Zürich stammen. 🙂 Big up for Maya!

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