In the mood for… summer! – Giveaway

Posted on 25/08/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Mood Summer Giveaway

Hello cool people of the Internet, spirits are high, mood is good? How is this summer getting along for you so far? Have you already been on vacation or are you still planning to go? Or, as for most of us, is it back home, back to work, back to school…? Yeah, thought so! 😉

Here is the good thing: summer isn’t over yet! About another month of sun and fun lies ahead of us. And we are in the mood to make the most of it: so many cool places to explore, so many terraces to test and barbecues to organize!

Maybe, this year will even grace us with an Indian summer. After the rainy start into our favorite season we would deserve it, right? Let’s hope for the best!

Something that is always in season is happiness. And to put you in a good mood, we got a little surprise for you: one Mandala Ring gift set is up for grabs! All you have to do is choose #yourmood and spread good karma!

This is the deal: if you wish to participate in this giveaway, go here and find the color of Mandala add-on that you like the most. For a chance to win it, post the name of your preferred color as a comment below. To double your chances, add a little mantra to your post, something kind, motivational, and positive that you would like to share with our community.

It can never do harm to project a little good into the digital space, you agree? 😉

In exchange for your contribution to the positive movement, you will secure yourself the chance to maybe win a mood Ring with Mandala add-on via our lucky draw! Open internationally, until 05th September 2017.

All clear? Post away! Good luck to you all and many thanks in advance for sharing your positive energy.

About mood: story, principle

mood is more than just a ring. It is a piece of contemporary jewellery and simultaneously a medium to express yourself in an original way. Via a choice of base rings – sizes, shapes, materials – and a whole array of colourful, fun or luxurious add-ons you can create a 100% personalised jewel. Clip & Play. According to your mood!

mood how-to

Pretty ingenious, right? The idea is simple yet fundamentally innovative: a ring of minimalistic styling but infinite possibilities for personalisation.

With one simple operation, your mood can be modified in accordance to your feelings and desires. Urban and androgynous, mood is intended for both men and women. It is via the different materials that the ring can be adorned with that it becomes feminine or masculine in its expression. This concept allows the owner of a mood to go on living and make it evolve with their personality.

Since 2004, the mood community is steadily growing. Find out more about the values that mood represents in the short video below.




  1. Sandoora sieht grandios aus und als Yogalehrerin genau mein Ding!
    Mein Mantra ist alt aber wirksam: don’t worry – be happy

  2. Pétrole würde super zu mir passen 😉
    Mein Rezept für Gelassenheit ist ganz einfach, man darf sich nicht über Dinge aufregen, die nicht zu ändern sind.

  3. Du kannst nicht jeden glücklich machen. Du bist halt kein Nutellaglas Die einzigen Erwartungen, die du erfüllen solltest, sind deine eigenen!
    Opaque lie-de-vin, “Sandoora”

  4. Framboise, I love it ! MANDALA est un terme sanskrit signifiant cercle donc magnifique alliance entre le mandala et la forme de la bague IN THE MOOD 😉 Merci pour ce giveaway 🙂

  5. Violet “mandala” gefällt mir besonders gut 🙂
    Mein Mantra ist allseits bekannt: Hakuna Matata 😉

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