Last minute gift ideas for the spontaneous

Posted on 08/05/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day in February, Easter in April, Mother’s Day in May … the beginning of the year is blessed with many festive occasions. You can hardly catch a breath! What if you forgot to get a present or – oops – all the shops are already closed? Hello Internet and DIY!

Fortunately (?) we live in an area where 24/7 shopping online and with a credit card is possible almost always and everywhere. A hotel is quickly booked, the same goes for the plane. You can whisk away year sweetheart, mom, friend or even the entire family at the blink of an eye. A spontaneous short trip is always a welcome gift, right?

Those who like it more personalized – and perhaps less expensive – can “improvise” gifts. Used objects can be repurposed – there are plenty of upcycling ideas on the Web – handwritten letters and cards are a sweet gesture, handicrafts are cute, a home-baked cake …

We’ve put together a few last-minute ideas for you. Have fun giving!


Gourmet Experience: S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino – fine dining in Switzerland’s most beautiful locations

If your giftee is a foodie, the invitation to a gourmet dinner will surely make them happy! Here is an idea: Swiss Deluxe Hotels and S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino have again partnered this year to bring us a gourmet festival of singular taste. Never before has there been such a wide range of events. New venues designed by world-class architects, wonderful festival dinners and several special evenings…

While most events are already sold out, the one on 12 May of course among the first to go, there are a couple more still available. You can book a table at one of the remaining dinners, handwrite an “Invitation to a surprise gourmet experience”, not tell the person where and what it is going to be and keep the suspense until just before you go! And why not make a long weekend of it. Ticino is such a beautiful region! We listed the four events that are still available as of today below this picture for you. You better be quick, chances are they sell out fast!


S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2019 Four Seasons Geneva Les Bergues Tables Setting


23.05.  Lounge Night at Seven Lugano The Lugano >>>

The lounge night at the bar in Seven, one of Luganos hotspots, is going to be a highly fashionable event. Overlooking Lake Lugano, The Lounge is frequented by a hip crowd. The evening that S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino is hosting there will be cool and tasty! Chef Claudio Bollini will amaze guests in collaboration with Contadi Castaldi wines and Ittinger beers. CHF 70.– per person. Contact: Seven Lugano The Lounge, Via Stauffacher 1, 6900 Lugano, T: 0041 91 290 77 77,

06.06. Lounge Night at BLU Restaurant & Lounge >>>

This evening is the chance to mingle with a wonderful crowd while enjoying nibbles and tipples! BLU Restaurant & Lounge in Locarno will offer finger food prepared by Takuro Amano and Davide Asietti, paired with Contadi Castaldi sparkling wines from Franciacorta and Ittinger beer. The evening starts at 7pm and continues until 11pm. CHF 70.– per person. Contact: BLU Restaurant & Lounge, Via Gioacchino Respini 9, 6600 Locarno, T: 0041 91 759 00 90,

07.06. Salute con sapore, Health with flavor >>>

If your friend, mum or beloved is health-conscious, this might interest them: a gourmet evening at the Regional Hospital of Lugano. It might sound surprising at first but it makes total sense! What we eat has a big impact on our health. And good food can not only lift the spirits but also positivity influence wellbeing. Healthy eating without compromising on the gastronomic aspect, that is something Sapori Ticino and Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) are working on together hand-in-hand. Chefs Italo Vittoni, Fabrizio Marcionetti, Carlo Giovio, Ivan Casarotti, and Rinaldo Palermi will delight guests with their healthy, flavorsome creations. Contact: Ospedale Regionale di Lugano – Italiano, Via Capelli, 6962 Viganello, Tel: +41 91 811 61 11,,

16.06. Final Party at Hotel Splendide Lugano >>>

The Grand Finale of this year’s edition of San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino is held in the new ‘Panorama Room’ of Hotel Splendide Royal, now the crème de la crème of Lugano restaurants. Guests can expect absolutely magical vistas and a ball of flavors! This party will be the cherry on top of the delicious series of events in the context of this outstanding gourmet festival. If you want to put a sparkle in your foodie friend’s eyes and offer them an unforgettable experience, this is it! CHF 270.- per person. Contact: Hotel Splendide Royal, Riva Antonio Caccia 7, 6900 Lugano,



Feast at Food Zurich – Offer a ticket to a culinary experience at Europe’s newest food hotspot

Whisk your giftee away to Zurich! From 16 to 26 May 2019, the Limmat city, will vibrate to the beat of FOOD ZURICH: a panoply of lectures, tastings, and culinary attractions for people of all ages and from all horizons.

If they are interested in food, new trends, and plant-based recipe inspiration, there is a panel talk on 18 May about algae as future food followed by a 3-Course Dinner at tibits, the vegetarian Bistro in Zurich Seefeld.

Guest speakers are Mine Uran, protein expert and CEO of Alver Golden Chlorella, and Elisabeth Wagner, Managing Assistant at Islander Rathlin Kelp, a producer of organic algae from Northern Ireland.

Details: tibits Bistro Zurich, Falkenstrasse 12, 8008 Zürich, 18 May 2019, 6:00 to 9:30 pm, CHF 100 (3-course menu, presentation, and goodie bag)

Dive into the exciting underwater world of Salicornia, Kelp, Chlorella & Co. and enjoy algae dishes from the tibits creative kitchen. Each participant will also receive a goodie bag filled with exciting algae products from tibits and Alver. Sound like something that your friend would enjoy? Let them immerse in the world of algae and get your ticket right now >>>



Handmade with love – A chocolate gift from Max Chocolatier

Chocolates are tiny tokens of love, particularly if they come with a personal message. To your mum, partner or friend, say “Thank You!… for sticking with me through life, the difficult times but also the sweeter moments.” Be it just one single truffle in a beautiful little box, assorted pralines, bars or chocolate covered fruit… offering chocolate as a gift is a charming gesture. Uh oh, the shop is already closed. Too late? Nooo! Consider offering a chocolate subscription from Max Chocolatier, a gift that keeps on giving! You can book it online right now >>>

All you have to do then is find an original way of presenting the gift: print out the details, form a paper roll and bind with a nice ribbon, for example. Or put it in an elegant envelope with the person’s name on, set a beautiful brunch table on Sunday morning and hide the surprise under their coffee cup, fold a paper veil and slip that in the bouquet of flowers (that you will, of course, have thought of getting, yes!)…

A chocolate subscription really is a sweet gift that will remind the receiver every month of how much you appreciate them. Other than that, chocolate and champagne are a great combo, of course! And if you feel particularly inspired you may organize either a fantastic brunch with salty as well as sweet foods, coffee, and hot chocolate, or even bake something. All these things really don’t cost the world but they are sure to put a big smile on your giftee’ s face!



A handmade flower arrangement – Upcycle used items like champagne crates, jar glasses…

The most original gifts are often those who cost nothing. Just your time and creativity. If you have old crates, jars, bottles and the like, don’t throw them away, upcycle them! Empty champagne bottles may serve as vases, crates as flower beds, jars may contain all sorts of things: chocolates, candy, homemade marmalade…

Anybody can go to a flower shop and buy a bouquet ready made. But wouldn’t it be charming to personalize an arrangement with your favorite person’s favorite things? Add fruit, for example, or any accessory that might show just how well you know them…

The possibilities are endless. If you have young children, you can have them pick mum’s favorite flowers in the garden or from a meadow and arrange them nicely in an upcycled container. Flowers in jam jars are also fantastic for the brunch table!

If your friend, mum or partner likes a tipple, surely they would not say “NO”  to receiving a bottle of champagne with their flowery gift.



Sunday Brunch and Day Spa for your Mama – Spoil and pamper her, she deserves it

What does your mum desire the most? If the answer is “Some quality time with you!”, here an idea for Mother’s Day: Sunday Brunch followed by a Spa Treatment. In Geneva, for example, Grand Hotel Kempinski, offers special packages comprising brunch at Il Vero restaurant with its stunning lake views and relaxation at Spa Valmont.

This too is a gift you can still purchase on Mother’s Day and enjoy later. In the form of a gift voucher, for example, for her and a friend or, even better, for you and her! Spa Days are always great fun among girls.

And who does not like to brunch? The one at Kempinski Geneva is particularly opulent! We know because we tested it.



Bombom Bijoux New Summer Collections – sweet handmade jewelry from Switzerland

A delicious dinner, a weekend getaway, Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, there are many good reasons to wear beautiful jewelry. It sublimes all the best moments in life. Bombom Bijoux creates the sweetest pieces that make for a wonderful present that you can offer a loved one, a friend or yourself at any time!

Ana is not only a contributor here on coolbrandz and our “brunch testeuse” – Non! – she also, and above all else, is a fabulous jewelry designer! Just recently, Bombom Bijoux, her jewelry brand, launched a new summer collection. And there also is one specifically created to show L.O.V.E! Discover the collections: Bombom Heat / Love



Bepure Natural Skincare – Ethically sourced, fairtrade, vegan argan oils and essences

Every year, World Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April. Many even talk about the Earth Month of April. But the wellbeing of our planet should be top of mind every single day! On Mother’s Day, for example, let’s not forget Mother Gaia, our Mother Earth! She who feeds us, who lets us walk her forests, beaches, and mountains, run through meadows, pick flowers, bathe in her oceans and breathe her air… Valentine’s Day is a great occasion as well to show some love for our planet!

When looking for gifts we, as consumers, do have a choice. Find out what bepure does to lead their startup in the most sustainable way, to create jobs and protect Mother Nature all at the same time. Browse the eShop >>>



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