Nestea and Natasha Bedingfield team up to bring you Let Go

Posted on 22/05/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Nestea Natasha Bedingfield

Monday is the day that many associate with having the blues. Weekends just feel better. True. But: just as the sun is always shining, even when we have rain; just as it is always day somewhere, even when we have night… at the end of the tunnel that is the working week, there is always light. Particularly if it is short like the one ahead. Long weekend, who doesn’t like the sound of that!

La vie est belle is our credo, and our karma is Let Go! Everything that weighs you down, all the little things that stand between you and happiness. Just let them go! It is simply not worth to stress. Sometimes, the things that worry us seem huge like mountains when in fact they are quickly resolved. The faster you deal with what bothers you, the more time you have to fill the space with the things you really like: see friends and loved ones, read a book (you know the things made of paper, where you actually turn pages and don’t just swipe left or right!), close your eyes and listen to music…

In our times of over-connectivity and living socially, the pace can get overwhelming. Frequent breaks are essential to maintain our balance. That is why we post you this feel good song here. It is a collaboration between Nestea and Natasha Bedingfield and obviously part of a campaign. But the message rejoins what we aim to communicate: life rocks, because you make it so! You are the master of your destiny. And to fulfil your potential, it is your job to see that you maintain both your physical and mental wellbeing. Tune in and let us know how you like the song. We would also love to know how you escape the daily pressures, what do you do to relax? Post your tips in the comment box below!

And we have one more goodie for you today: with the code coolbrandz_15 you can benefit from a -15% reduction on all your orders at Sudio Sweden. Not bad for a start into the new week, right?



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