Propercorn, the healthy snack: lowcal, natural and utterly delicious

Posted on 20/02/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Propercorn Popcorn Done Properly

Propercorn is a low-calorie popcorn, certified vegan, wheat free and gluten free! Cassandra Stavrou has brought a youthful look to the long known corn grain. The new generation of popcorn is healthy and can be enjoyed by all. This is not just a snack to attack cravings or accompany aperitifs: Propercorn, as the name suggests, is popcorn crafted correctly.

A healthy and crunchy snack!

Today, the trend goes towards upscale snacks. Since we are all concerned about our health, our snacks should not play havoc to our blood sugar levels.

Popcorn is a snack that is agreeably low in calories and high in protein. It thus satisfies our appetite and controls the sugar level in the blood. So where is the catch? Number one: its preparation. While its golden colour and tantalizing scent attract gourmets, the preparation process can lead them to frustrating experiences on the scale:

60 grams of fat (composed of coconut oil to cook the corn, soybean oil used as false butter), salt or sugar can easily bring one portion of popcorn to a horrifying 1000 calories.

Along comes Propercorn, the lowcal, tasty popcorn: with under 100 calories per 20g sachet, Propercorn makes popcorn much healthier! Low in calories, rich in iron, fiber-packed, filled with antioxidants and handmade, Propercorn contains only natural ingredients. Feel an untimely craving? Entertaining a slumber party with your pals or heading for a marathon at the cinema? Propercorn is the perfect solution!

POPular throughout history

Popcorn goes back to 5300 years BC. It has been found in tombs and sites from the Aztecs. But let’s not talk about old corn in Mexico – let’s pop across the ocean and straight into the year 2011: that is when Cassandra founded Propercorn and is since set on the course to win the British market. Within only two years, until 2013 alone, 5 million packs were sold! Now, we see this magic grain corn popping up all over the place: Switzerland, Germany… the word-of-mouth among foodies is working!

But where did this crazy idea come from? Childhood memories, of course! From an early age, Cassandra spent her everyday life with her dad. Not being the greatest cook on earth, there was one thing he prepared like a chef: popcorn! Busy trying all the recipes that came to their mind, Propercorn had already taken shape in their kitchen, many years ago.

Chose from a range of six flavours

The popularity of popcorn attracts all ages. Hence, Propercorn came up with flavours to suit all types of consumers: be they traditionalists, daring or new lovers. Astonishingly enigmatic, the salty and sweet varieties come in six flavours: Smooth Peanut & Almond; Lightly Sea Salted, a classic; Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato; Sour Cream & Black Pepper; Sweet & Salty, a bestseller;  Sweet Coconut & Vanilla strongly leans towards the Gourmet.

Lightly Sea Salted is popcorn at it’s most natural, seasoned with a very slight hint of salt. The butterfly corn is simply done and seasoned to perfection. How many calories? Drum roll … 88 per bag! Firey Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato is the popcorn for the adventurous. With a pinch of Indian red chillies, it reveals its full flavour with a Worcester sauce seasoning and dried tomatoes. 96 calories only! Sour Cream & Black Pepper combines a creamy taste with a mixture of sour cream and black pepper. 94 calories – can you beat that? Sweet & Salty envelopes the butterfly golden corn with a shell of brown sugar and a dash of salt. A total of 129 calories! Sweet Coconut & Vanilla is sprinkled with a fresh blend of coconut and Madagascan vanilla,  Smooth Peanut & Almond is our guilty pleasure, with smooth blend of peanut and almond… A delight! But still only 120 calories!

Low in calories, tasty and tempting by their evocative names, this popcorn has everything to become all the rage during happy hours. These nuggets of nibbling not only come with great taste – they’re a sight for sore eyes, too: Just have a look at the packaging. They are kept in a modern style, lightly and colourful, with cool designs that draw attention immediately. So lets grab a pack or two and head for the cinema or organize a film night at home! Your seat neighbour gives you dirty looks? Take enough to share …

There are also Limited Editions, Crunch Corn, Mixed Boxes and Gift Boxes in the e-shop! Fun, healthy, affordable – and so good! Make sure to stock up! Bring a package of Propercorn along and head for cocktails!




  1. hmmmmmmmmmm sieht ja verlockend aus!!!! Must have :o)))) ich freue mich schon sehr auf die tollen und einzigartigen Gaumenfreude!

    Greets Michelle

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