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Posted on 02/05/2019 by Eileen Schuch
Obrist Wein Box June Lovefoodish

Maybe you know it: Coolbrandz originally comes from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and its home base is in Vaud. Our canton hosts many wonderful places to visit at any time of the year. Especially charming, however, is the region of Lavaux in summer. This UNESCO protected area stretches along the northeastern shore of Lake Geneva and is characterized in particular by the terraced vineyards.

Although my home has been Lausanne for a long time, I have lived on the beautiful Riviera for a few years as well: in St-Saphorin, a small village of which is said that, if you turn on the tap, no water comes out but wine ( 😉 ), in Corseaux, the home of some well-known people such as Hugues Cuénod, James Mason, and Shania Twain, and Vevey, a city that houses, among others, the headquarters of Nestlé and Chaplin’s World.

Obrist, a Swiss wine producer and importer is also based in Vevey. I often drove past the building on my way to and from work. At that time, I never thought that I would one day work with this fantastic company. But back to the topic: Vino!

Some really great wines come from our region and I am always delighted when I get to share them with you from time to time. That’s why I surprised my foodie friend Marina aka Lovefoodish with a Discovery Wine Box. It contained not only Obrist wines, but a wonderful trio from near and far that is perfect for a light, summery dinner in the garden. From an aperitif via a rosé to a white wine… everything it takes to get a girls’ night going.

Marina not only took these beautiful pictures, she also paired each wine with a delicious dish, fresh and homemade of course! With a touch of Dolce Vita as you can see…

Obrist Wein Box Selection


I love surprises and I also love to surprise others. So Marina did not know what to expect when she got the box. Let’s see what was inside.

The first is a wine-based, Mojito flavored drink called Estrella Mojito. If you like the taste of Mojito, you will love it. Well-chilled and served with fresh mint, it is wonderfully refreshing and fits perfectly as an aperitif. Bright yellow and fruity in taste, but not too sweet, Estrella Mojito delights the palate with natural aromas.

Marina agrees: “Very refreshing, not too sweet, and natural in taste.” And Christina, who also got a box from us, says: “A fresh summer drink – perfect for parties, picnics, and barbecues! Ideal for hot summer weather! “. Yvonne says, “Estrella Mojito is a fun drink. Everyone should have a bottle of it in the fridge in summer!” I can only agree with that. I like mine with ice, lots of ice, lime and mint. The price is quite affordable with CHF 6.50 for a 75dl bottle. If you order online, you can expect the delivery within 5 – 10 days. You can order here >>>

In addition, there is a “Friend Bonus”: If you read this article, you will get CHF 15 off your next order with the Promo Code Marina15!

Obrist Wein Box Estrella Mojito
The second wine is a Rosé: “N ° 1 – Cuvée E. Obrist” Rosé 2017. This wine is produced by Obrist from the grape varieties Gamaret and Garanoir using the “Saignée” method. You know what that is, right? If not, here is a short explanation: “saigner” is French and means “bleed”. That is fitting here because in this process, a container of red wine mash is literally left “to bleed”, or explained in words less “bloody”: a portion of red wine juice is let out the container. The reddish juice is then fermented to rosé wine.

This explains the intense salmon-pink color of this Cuvée, which shimmers beautifully with violet reflections. Its allure is fruity and elegant, its character soft and round. You can taste aromas of black cherries and pepper. A wine that goes perfectly with seafood cocktails, spring rolls, tapenade, vitello tonnato or pizza, hummus, taramasalata or sushi! Almost everything that I like to eat anyway… Marina served it with a cheese platter and cherry tomatoes. That too is a wonderful combo! You can order “N ° 1 – Cuvée E. Obrist” Rosé 2017 online for CHF 13.60 here >>>

Obrist Wein Box Rosé Lovefoodish


The third in this tasty trio is a Clos des Rennauds “Arvine” 2016. It’s a winner. Literally, because this wine won the silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in May this year! This award-winning Arvine is wonderfully dry and fruity. It is characterized by notes of citrus fruits and rhubarb and has a slightly salty finish. This special structure makes it the perfect pairing for dishes with seafood and fish, goose liver terrine and other poultry dishes, as well as cheese specialties such as fondue, raclette or wine cake, a traditional dish in Vaud.

Clos des Rennauds is located in the heart of Chablais. This small vineyard is cultivated using methods that are close to biodynamics. The use of natural preparations and observance of the lunar and planetary cycles form the basis of this production method. Yvorne is particularly known for Chasselas, but in recent years, the vineyard Les Rennauds that is located right in the village has been diversified. Chenin, Riesling, and Arvine are now also grown there. Pure, powerful and aromatic, these wines delight even the most discerning connoisseurs. Clos des Rennaud was mentioned for the first time in 1921 at the Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne, where wines from the plot, that Émile Obrist then acquired in the early 1930s, were already served.

Marina has combined this full-bodied, characterful white wine with a classic prosciutto, melon and bruschette. If you, like me, find it looks delicious, give this article a Like. She will be happy!

You can also order Clos des Rennauds directly online >>> The price is CHF 19.40. And here, as mentioned earlier, you can also use Marina’s promo code MARINA15. A voucher for CHF 15 is waiting for you!

Obrist Wein Clos des Rennauds Arvine


For 160 years the name Obrist stands for quality. The Winehouse was founded in 1854 and owns well-known vineyards such as Cure d’Attalens and Clos du Rocher that stretch from the terraces of Lavaux and the region of Chablais to central Valais.

In addition to the production of wines from their own vineyards and domains, Obrist is passionately dedicated to the discovery of outstanding wines from all over the world. The product portfolio includes numerous extraordinary and exclusive wines from renowned growing regions everywhere.

Obrist is a leading partner of the hospitality industry and serves both retail and private customers. A tailor-made consumer service, winemakers, and oenologists, who have been awarded numerous medals and who are always progressive, guarantee the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

You will notice that not only when ordering online, but also – and above all – when you visit the Obrist Vinaria in Vevey. More information about Obrist and its wonderfully curated wine portfolio on



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