Snug as a bug with Pandacow

Posted on 01/10/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Panda cow Switzerland China Onesie Premium Quality Garments

This is the story of a Swiss cow and a Chinese panda: Pandacow. It is the coming together of two symbolic animals, two countries, two cultures… the birth of a new garment brand that is devoted to one thing and thing only, the Onesie: a jumpsuit that procures ultimate comfort.

Far more than an outfit, Pandacow is a beautiful way of life that gives you an experience of extreme wellbeing. It allows you to dive into an ultra-soft universe and to protect yourself from daily stress. All equal, the experience addresses the whole family, regardless of age, gender or physique. Pandacow is about feeling good: in your life, in your body, in your skin. Jump in and stay Moooooo! 

Jump in and enjoy it like a second skin

Designed in Switzerland with passion, “Made in China” with care, Pandacow is a fusion of the best of the two worlds: hailing from Lausanne, brand-founder Yann Meyer and his team have been spending half of their time in China since March 2016 in order to guarantee that the garment being designed is in the best Jiangsu’s pandas paws (a rare species in that region)!

Pandacow rises above biases. Yann and his team are proud of their premium quality “Made in China” label and value the Chinese resources and know-how as an integral part of their brand’s DNA.

The Pandacow models combine well-being and Swiss quality with style and the Chinese craziness of today. The result: home and streetwear proposed to you by a hybrid brand, a mix of China and Switzerland, a fusion of innovative tech and craft…

The designers of this creation thought everything through to offer the best comfort in every environment. The material comes from a manufacturer in Xinjiang, on the crossroads of the Silk Road, renown as one of the pioneers to have established new standards of production and quality in Chinese textiles. Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, chemical-free, the very soft cotton guarantees the comfort and durability of the product. Pandacow also recognizes the know-how of the local manufacturer. All other steps of the production are carried out in the city of Shanghai with ecological and social respect and responsibility. A quality inspection is conducted at every step of the production. The future developments of the product are endless…

To never miss a beat and follow the evolution of this brand, join the Pandacow Squad online: Web, @PandacowSquad on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.




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  2. Oh ! Whaou ce serait fou de gagner une superbe pandacow alors que je connais personnellement le créateur Merci coolbrandz

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