Play Me, I’m yours! – The street pianos are back!

Posted on 14/06/2018 by coolbrandz

Imagine 60 pianos ready to invade the public space. Imagine impromptu concerts in the city center or ones that take place in the countryside. No need to imagine because it’s already reality! From June 8th to 21st Happy City Lab is organizing the 5th edition of “Play Me, I am yours.” It’s a not to be missed, participative event!

For this 5th edition, 60 pianos are installed in popular venues, unusual, historical and symbolic places in Geneva and surroundings like the Grand Théâtre de Genève, the Place du Marché in Carouge, the Esplanade du Château in Nyon or the Parc enfant du Lac in Divonne. In 24 municipalities of Greater Geneva (Canton of Geneva, District of Nyon, Ain and Haute-Savoie), 12 pianos will be revisited by artists and revealed as true masterpieces. In the streets self-service pianos are available to anyone who wants to play a tune.

Everywhere in the city micro-concerts are taking place and music and art are at the service of the metropolis. This year’s edition is sublimed by two concerts on a grand piano in plain nature. A pure delight!

A story full of music

The English artist Luke Jerram created the initiative in 2008. Since then “Play Me, I’m Yours.” brings music to the streets of many countries. Its mission? Questioning the concept of ownership and the rules for using and sharing the public space.

Amateurs, professionals and music lovers, this event is for you! Become an artist yourself, right in the heart of your city and help transform it!

To follow the event closely and locate the pianos, go to: Website, Facebook.

Street Pianos 2015DSC_5555 copy


Street Pianos 2015DSC_5531 copy


Street Pianos 2015DSC_5542 copy


Street Pianos 2015DSC_5566 copy


Street Pianos 2015DSC_5549 copy



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