xMas Calendar N° 09: Poo~Pourri Gift Sets

Posted on 09/12/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Poo Pourri Office

One day, I came home and in the letterbox, I found a parcel from Poo~Pourri. The name alone made me smile: a contraction of Poo, the euphemism for – you know – Number Two – and Potpourri, commonly associated with a mixture of dried flowers and fruits that are used to give a subtle scent to rooms. I thought, “How fitting a name!”, seen that this product’s purpose is, in fact, preventing unpleasant odours in the bathroom.

I received a full-size bottle and a travel vaporizer, which has the perfect size to be slipped in a handbag or a trouser pocket.

As I was indeed travelling when I received the samples, I did not test the product straight away. Error! In all honesty, I think the railway and many airlines could largely benefit from making something like Poo~Pourri available to their passengers. Any public space – hotels, restaurants, bars – could seriously lift their bathroom experience by providing it to their guests. Instead of using all sorts of chemicals that are literally flushed down the drain, Poo~Pourri actually prevents odours from forming in the first place. And, the environmental debate aside, it really works!

It is one of those products where you think – “Hahaha, right! A bit of fun, a prank gift for an office colleague, maybe…” – until you experience it for yourself. Which is why we thought we team up with Poo~Pourri to give you the opportunity to test and build your own opinion.

Family feasts, friends get-togethers, office parties, year-end celebrations… it is that time again and there is no better occasion to allow you to discover this product than right now! Behind the 9th window of our Advent Calendar, we put 10 Poo~Pourri gift sets in the total value of CHF 300: 3 x 1 Set with 3 bottles containing a different scent each, and 7 x 1 Set comprising a full-size bottle and a Glitzy Spritz refillable vaporizer.

You are curious and would like to discover Poo~Pourri’s world of wonderful odours yourself? You can check the full range here >>> To add to the fun, leave us a comment with the name of a scent you think should not miss in the brand’s portfolio! Citrus, Lavender Vanilla, Tropical Hibiscus, Vanilla Mint and Secret Santa already exist.   Now it’s your turn to get creative! 😉

Poo Pourri Beauty




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  2. Bonjour Eileen, devons-nous systématiquement mettre un commentaire sous l’article ou est-ce que le click-and-win, avec notre réponse suffit ? En tout cas, merci pour le calendrier de l’avent. C’est toujours un réel plaisir de le découvrir chaque année.

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