Make someone happy today, with Roses!

Posted on 07/02/2019 by Eileen Schuch

One day, I got a message from Prestigeroses Switzerland asking if I were interested in testing the service and receiving one of their wonderful rose boxes.

I love flowers, in general, and roses, of course. However, I was travelling a lot around that time and whatever flowers I would have gotten would have just simply stood there with nobody seeing them and appreciating their beauty.

And so an idea came up: what if, instead of receiving the roses myself, I surprised three girls with a gift? No need to think ages about it. I just knew who the bouquets were destined for:

Larissa. She is a blog contributor for coolbrandz and helped me so much with things to do in Zurich. And yet, we simply do not see each other enough! A floral greeting to say Thank You! was long overdue and so, this was the perfect occasion.

Valentina from I love to follow Valis Stories. She truly is an inspiration for me. So full of life, so authentic, funny, caring and sweet. Job, family, blogging… she juggles everything like a pro and always with a touch of humour. It is wonderful to her little family prosper. Her happiness makes me happy. And I thought flowers are a great way to say Keep it up girl, you are doing a fabulous job!

Nancy from Cookies Secrets. She is a contributor for coolbrandz too and participating in Events for us. We share many passions, but two really brought us together: our love for food and travelling. The rose box was meant to be a message as if to say I truly appreciate you and hope the journey we embarked on will be long and joyful!

For the perfect surprise, I asked all three what their favourite colour was and had roses in that colour delivered to them. Roxana who brought Prestige Roses to Switzerland delivered them herself. That’s a nice touch. The company is still small and only active in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. When they had just started out, she was doing everything herself together with her partner. That little personal touch added to the surprise, I think. And this is how sweet the boxes look:





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