Qwine Grand Cru: the new QoQa vertical for top-class wines

Posted on 21/01/2021 by Eileen Schuch
Qwine Grand Cru Mr Qwine Benoît Charache

For 15 years, the Swiss online portal QoQa.ch has surprised its 700,000 member strong community with new offers every day. A team of 120 otters – that’s what the QoQa employees call themselves – finds the best deals for its customers and negotiates the most favourable terms and conditions.

Over time, QoQa aggregated its offers in specific verticals like Qooking, Qsport, and Qwine. The wine sector was developed in collaboration with Benoît Charache – Mr.Qwine – the in-house wine expert.

There are also charitable projects or extravagant campaigns, such as the joint auction of a Picasso painting in 2017, in which 25,000 QoQa members took part. Together with the canton of Vaud, QoQa launched the welQome support platform to support local retailers during the Covid-19 crisis.

Now, the community based success story continues: with Qwine Grand Cru, Qoqa and Mr. Qwine created another vertical, alongside Qwine, that is entirely dedicated to  top-class wines. The new shop proposes three offers per week: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at exactly twelve o’clock.



A concept that works

  • Qoqa has 15 years experience in negotiating the best deals for their Community
  • In 2009, Qoqa launched a vertical entirely dedicated to wine: Qwine
  • Qoqa has an in-house wine expert, Mr. Qwine, who negotiates, consults and curates
  • For over a decade, Mr. Qwine is Benoît Charache, son of a Burgundian winegrower
  • Qwine Grand Cru proposes high-end wines at ultra-competitive prices
  • Satisfied or refunded: returns are possible upon request
  • Delivery is included in the offer

What sets Qwine apart, is the longevity of the personal relation with the winegrowers. It is one that is based on respect, transparency and trust. The whole commercial premise of the site is based on the personal relation between Benoît Charache and the producers. He knows each one personally, buys and imports from them directly.

Qwine Grand Cru Mr Qwine Benoît Charache En Vignoble


Himself the son of a Burgundian winemaker, Benoît Charache enjoys the trust of the entire industry and has access to the cellars of the châteaux and their exclusive vintages.

Together with his team, he curates the selection, controls the quality, negotiates the best conditions, and buys in volume. That is how Qwine Grand Cru can offer exceptional wines while adhering to the same concept of Qwine and, by extension, Qoqa: an unbeatable offer that is limited in time. It is a different approach to selling wine and gives more people the possibility to purchase big labels at advantageous prices.


Previous offers included:


Offer of the day

Check back to Qwine Grand Cru often to see the latest offer. One deal expires when the available quantity is sold. Then the following offers are published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon.

From May to July, “Qwine Grand Cru” highlights “Primeurs” and focuses on the Primeur wines from Bordelais.

At Qwine everything stays the same: There are wines to discover that are perhaps less well known, but are also very delicious.

Happy Shopping, wine lovers!




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