Sisao, Swiss chocolate with no added sugar – and free of lactose!

Posted on 20/01/2018 by coolbrandz

Are you diabetic, lactose intolerant or simply want to indulge guilt free in some gourmet chocolate? Here’s for you: Sisao Pure Swiss Chocolate, the result of two savvy foodies who joined efforts to create a crunchy chocolate with no added sugar added and free of lactose. Heaven!

sisaoTo create a new chocolate brand in Switzerland, with its annual output of 180,000 tons (tonnes, oh yes!), in a market stuffed to the brim, is sheer madness, you say? Actually, it’s not! Even less so when you happened to have fallen into the magic cauldron when you were little, as had happened to Pascal and Ahmed. Chocolate? They never tire of it!

Gluttony is a major sin? We beg to differ: Chocolate offers dietetic properties! It’s square softness serves as antidepressants, this cannot be denied. And frankly, it’s impossible not to be greedy when it comes to Sisao.

Swiss tradition and advanced technology

Pascal Hasler and Ahmed Atmani, the men behind these exquisite squares, were fuelled by the desire to create a chocolate with very special characteristics. Carving a small niche within a well-established tradition of chocolate making, they bet on modernity and technology.

“Being keen testers, they were looking for the Holy Gral of cocoa: a treat of great character, slightly sweet, with no lactose, and light on the palate.” Mission impossible? Quite the contrary! Sisao, like an inverted oasis, almost touches the divine. It was under the wings of passion and enthusiasm that, after eighteen months of testing, they found the perfect recipe. The result? A creamy and light single source chocolate, stripped to all its purity that melts in your mouth.

While Pascal is the head of a wealth management company in Geneva, his partner Ahmed Atmani, a trained chocolatier and self-employed in retail, makes his living in a service station management company. A priori, there is no reason to believe that chocolate could be their next bite. Bound by friendship, they both melt when it comes to chocolate. In Asia, they whet appetite: Asians prefer a lighter and less sweet chocolate.

The organic and fair trade concept in Togo

Togo_sisao_chocolatIn October 2013, they launch their affair! Born on the shores of Lake Geneva, Sisao stems from a certified organic and fair trade coop in Togo. Once the cocoa beans arrive on the Old Continent, they are roasted and processed in Switzerland, by the couverturier Felchlin, located in the canton of Schwyz. A chocolatier then takes charge to give it the final, crafted form.

The lengthy and meticulous process, uses state-of-the art technologies and innovative technique to extract lactose and introduce a sugar substitute.

The first chocolate, a milk chocolate, contains 42% cocoa and only 9% of sugar from milk powder (compared to 53% of sugar in conventional milk chocolate). The second chocolate is dark, contains 64% cacao and 0% sugar. The latter is substituted by maltitol, a sweetener with an intensive sugary taste that has the added advantage of not attacking the teeth. Goodbye cavities! Furthermore, this sweetener is encouraged for people with diabetes because its absorption is slower than that of sucrose.

sisao-chocolatBio and fair trade, concocted from A to Z, this chocolate is high-end. Remove the sleeve, and you’ll find 10 chocolate squares, individually and delicately wrapped in Nippon paper, the same that is used for origami. The minimalist and colourful sleeve is decorated with the embossed Sisao logo.

Available in a rich palette of 16 different colours, this tasty rainbow offers a colour for every mood, making sure that the outer appearance matches the valuable content! Designed as a gift item, Sisao stands out by its sleek and stylish design. But that’s not all: Additionally, each package comes with a sweet message in French to add a spoonful of sugar to our days: Le chocolat qui fait rosir de plaisir, Le chocolat qui soigne les vertes et les pas mûres, Le chocolat pour les fleurs bleues.

New: White chocolate!

What about fans of white chocolate? You, too, can treat yourself soon:  the launch of a recipe with 35% is planned for this year!

Where can you buy Sisao?

Between Lausanne and Geneva, several ultra trendy shops are already licking their lips with Sisao on their shelves. The Chocolaterie Geneva, the 3 Pinces, the Musée de l’Elysée, Fricote, the Beau-Rivage in Lausanne, and the Basil boutiques among the elect. An online shop is also available. Choose ten squares per sleeve for prices between 8 and 10 CHF. Or opt for the elegant gift box, with 15 sleeves, for 150 CHF.

If the word chocolate makes your mouth water, succumb to your epicurean desires: Finesse and delicacy are waiting for you. Choose Sisao to accompany cigars, Grands Crus, whisky or even tea. One final Word? Exquisite!

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