Mood: rings that are interchangeable, customisable and fun

Posted on 10/02/2021 by Eileen Schuch
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mood is more than just a ring. It is a piece of contemporary jewellery and simultaneously a medium to express yourself in an original way. The idea is simple yet fundamentally innovative: a ring of minimalistic styling but infinite possibilities for personalisation. With one simple operation, your mood can be modified in accordance to your feelings and desires. Urban and androgynous, mood is intended for both men and women.

It is via the different materials that the ring can be adorned with that it becomes feminine or masculine in its expression. This concept allows the owner of a mood to go on living and make it evolve with their personality. If you would like to get creative with mood and create wonderful stories with the brand, or want to explore business opportunities, subscribe below!

Technical prowess for maximum fun and coolness

A steel structure forms the base of the ring, upon which an addon is embedded. The masterpiece is composed of two separable elements that hold and retain the addon. The particular architecture offers great freedom to the owner of the ring, who can very easily change its look by changing the addon. Those are available in several colours and materials.

#CreateYourMood is about expressing yourself, living life to the fullest and sharing your Joie de Vivre! mood people are active and respecting of nature. They like the outdoors, sports and challenges. On the other hand, they fully embrace an urban lifestyle, are stylish, creative and individual. mood ambassadors come from all walks of life: climbing, kitesurf, snowboard, snowkite, wakeboard, DJs… If you want to be part of the tribe, get in the mood and share your pics with us. And if you don’t have a mood ring yet, you can purchase one in the mood concept stores in Lausanne and Orbe or online >>> here.

During these tough times, the magic is not in receiving, but in giving. A small present, or even a symbolic gift… the smile it puts on the receiver’s face is priceless; any day of the year! In the end, it is the gesture that counts. A little something that says I think of you, I am there for you, you are never alone.

Would it not be super cool if you had a ring whose allure you could change in goodtimesand in bad, in spring, summer, autumn and winter? A piece of jewellery that you can personalise and adapt as you go along… something that helps you express your feelings, show the many facets of your personality, give hope or shine the light on a special occasion.

Well, mood is such a piece of jewellery. It can be precious, sweet, fun or crazy. You decide. And it is a gift that keeps on giving because you can add pieces over time.

Mood is a gift that both men and women will enjoy. It is unisex in the sense that the base ring is androgynous and very puristic. You can choose from different sizes and materials. Depending on the person who wears it and their mood, it can adopt a feminine or masculine allure by the addon, the middle piece. See below just how versatile this Bijoux is.



About mood: Swiss Made Design since 2004

mood is a ring with an innovative design and a revolutionary concept: on the base ring, simply stick the “addon” of your choice. This ring-shaped centrepiece is interchangeable and gives the jewellery its own individual character. Manufactured in countless variants, it allows an infinite number of ring combinations. “Choose your mood”: this is the invitation to redesign your ring to your desire! The Lausanne based brand, which sells its rings through the website, has opened five mood stores since October 2015: Orbe, Martigny, Carouge, Geneva, Zurich and Barcelona. Below a graphic that shows how it works.

mood how-to





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  3. I love Mood rings they are very special. It will be great if I win this one, I would enjoy it every day!

  4. j’aime beaucoup l’idée de pouvoir changer l’addon au grés de mes envies, de mon humeur et des saisons 😉

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