Startup Ticketfrog is Master of Swiss Web 2017

Posted on 10/04/2017 by Eileen Schuch
ticketfrog team

I wanted to write up about Ticketfrog for a long time: friends said that they are the hottest thing right now, that what they do is so cool, that I should feature them… and, I know Rahel, a fellow marketer, who is part of the Ticketfrog team. She sent me some info through in February…

As time is flying so much when you are having fun, I never got around to organize that meeting with the “Frog Team” and have that coffee after all. BUT, what better time to draw your attention to this cool crew than NOW that they snatched up the highly sought after “Master of Swiss Web” award at Best of Swiss Web 2017! What a glorious day for our friends with the green frog as a mascot! Congrats for your achievement from all of us here at coolbrandz! (Pic below courtesy of BOSW)

ticket frog best of swiss web 2017

What makes Ticketfrog so hot?

Cool ideas is what we are after and here in a sentence what sets Ticketfrog apart from the crowd: unlike other ticketing platforms, Ticketfrog does not charge the event organizers for selling their tickets through the platform. The service itself is financed by publishers who can book ad space on the ticket itself allowing them to communicate in a more innovative way with their target audiences – before, during and after the event. Sounds good? Feels even better! If you ever tried to organize an event and sell your tickets through an online provider you will know the type of fees involved. With Ticketfrog however, your event is quickly set up, people can start purchasing their tickets and all benefits go directly to you, the event organizer. No fees! Your guests simply print out their tickets at home. These not only grant access to your event but also offer a multitude of advantages such as discounts and vouchers with the advertisers who use the tickets as a communication support. The video below explains it quite well (if you speak German).

Suddenly, online ticketing becomes an interesting option for anyone wanting to organize a concert, sports, business, or any other event. Ticketfrog offers you all the important features that you expect from an online ticketing provider; only without the hassle of pre-sale and any other fees and obligations. It’s completely free. And that is pretty cool in our books!

Impressions from the Best of Swiss Web Award Night

I am actually planning a couple of events this summer for coolbrandz as well as clients and think of testing the service. If you already have, let me know how you got on!



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