PANDORA Jewelry: the perfect gift to celebrate your friendship

Posted on 01/09/2018 by Eileen Schuch

The 30th July 2016 is International Friendship Day. For this occasion, PANDORA launches a collection of playful, feminine jewelry to recognize best friends.

For over three decades, PANDORA celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of women. For the early fall season PANDORA delves deeply into the emotional connections that unite girlfriends, and presents enchanting new symbols of friendship. The hand finished genuine jewelry also celebrates the International Friendship Day by United Nations, which promotes harmony throughout the world every year on July 30th.

The charm pendant Forever Friends holds symbols of the strong connection between friends: a glossy heart in sterling silver and an encrusted infinity sign. Shining with zirconia gemstones, the Infinity Heart clip is also embellished with these powerful symbols.

The new jewelry should not only be kept always in honor, but also serve as a loving keepsake for your best friend. The ravishing Best Friends charm can be worn as a pendant on a necklace or a bracelet or be given separately as a gift to a special friend, as a sign of the strong link between you two.

The PANDORA collection for early autumn reflects the importance of friendship and is now available at all PANDORA retailers and in the PANDORA concept stores (see

We are especially delighted to be able to give you the opportunity to show your best friend how much she means to you. For International Friendship Day, we are giving away 1 x 2 PANDORA “Friends Forever” sets, one for you and one for your best friend, each consisting of a necklace and a charm pendant with a heart and infinity sign.

Participating is very easy: simply like this post and leave a comment in the comment box below explaining why your girlfriend is the best.

Double the happiness for BFFs

You and your bestie are inseparable? You always do everything together and at parties people refer to you as double trouble? Well, we give you the opportunity to double your chances to win by participating in our PANDORA Friends Forever Giveaway on Instagram, too!

Simply follow this link. It takes you to our Instagram channel where you will find all the information to participate. We are sending you and your best friend much love and wish you the best of luck! [Edito: the giveaway is now closed. The winners have been informed and already receive their gifts.]




  1. Sie ist immer für mich da, Tag wie Nacht zu jeder Uhrzeit. Sie holt mich runter wenn ich schwebe und zieht mich hoch wenn ich am Boden zerstört bin. Sie sagt mir die Wahrheit auch wenn es manchmal schmerzt. Ich kann mit ihr lachen und weinen, mit ihr “scheiss” machen aber auch super ernst sein. Sie ist einfach meine zweite Hälfte.

  2. weil sie eine gute Zuhörerin ist, das Leben nicht so ernst nimmt wie ich und immer gelassen bleibt.

  3. It does not matter if we live in the same place or on different continents, I know that I can always count on my Mari. She is simply the best person to have around, and we could fill books with all the adventures we had together.

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