xMas Calendar N° 19: Family Box from Webforkids – Yamo Babyfood, Faber Castell, Le Bébé

Posted on 19/12/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Webforkids Box

Recently, some of my (blogger) friends announced their pregnancy. We also welcomed quite a few babies in the coolbrandz family this year. And, if you follow us in Social Media, you will have seen that we support a couple of startups that devote their project to making the life of families easier, healthier and more fun. One such startup is Webforkids. For our Christmas gift N° 19, we partnered with this new platform in order to propose something special for young parents: a family box containing goodies in the value of over CHF 300!

What’s in it? Well, you will find a voucher over CHF 100 from Yamo in your box, another startup that we were supporting throughout their crowdfunding campaign and of which I am personally a huge fan! Then, there will be goodies from Faber Castell inside and – oh, lalala – a piece of jewelry from Bijoux Le Bébé!


Webforkids Box


What if… there was an alternative to conventional baby food? Making it yourself, yes. That is exactly the challenge many parents are facing today: should you buy or make the food for your baby yourself? Nothing beats homemade, right? Or does it? Are you a nutritionist, do you know exactly what should go into your baby’s food, and in what quantities? Do you have the self-confidence to prepare it all by yourself? Never mind the time involved studying about it, practicing just to get it right and then preparing it on a daily basis.

I am not a mum myself but all my respect and support goes towards those raising and caring for children. What a responsibility! In general, and the one of nutrition in particular… In terms of nutrition, especially those early months are so important for a child’s future. So why feed your baby processed food that does not contain natural vitamins and has an expiry date longer ahead than your baby is old? I am a big defender of using fresh produce in home cooking, which is why I am delighted to recommend yamo to you. And I am not alone! Other Swiss personalities support, recommend and back yamo, too. Among them, to name just a few: Prof. Dr. med. Oskar Bänziger, (Specialist in Paediatric), Sabrina Corvini-Mohn (Politician, mum of two), Cécile Imfeld (Make-up Artist, mum) and Stefanie Bürge (Nutritionist BSc BFH and Personal Trainer).

Yamo is 100% organic baby food, without additives. Only pure, natural ingredients from regional producers in Switzerland are used. What makes yamo so special is the production process: unlike contemporary baby food manufacturers, yamo is not sterilized at high temperatures. Thermal sterilization not only destroys a lot of the vitamins but also the fresh taste and natural colors. For yamo, the innovative and gentle technology of high-pressure pasteurization is applied. Using pressure instead of heat allows the purees to not only keep the vitamins contained in their ingredients, but also their fresh real taste as well as their natural colors. In that way, yamo can be stored refrigerated for several weeks – without any additives at all. Now, if that’s not cool!

Another sweet gift we have included for you is the pendant La Bola from Bijoux Le Bébé.

It all started with the stylized silhouette of a boy and a girl, that became icons very fast. In a few years only, the jewel leBebé has become a must-have. It’s more than a jewel, it’s a concept: belonging to a world of love and attention that only a mother can give.

The story continued with the creation of BEBE PRIMEGIOIE, a collection of jewelry for babies that was presented at Baselworld 2015. The line consists of mini-accessories to commemorate the important moments in a child’s life, such as baptism and the first birthday. It is a playful universe, simple and innocent, but one that at the same time testifies of the deep affection and values that mothers want to transmit.

Bijoux LeBébé traces the origins of this link from its inception: pregnancy. Sometimes planned, sometimes unexpected, it’s a unique and extraordinary moment in every mothers’s life. Discovering that you are pregnant is an indescribable emotion, incomparable! And so, SUONAMOREBebé was born. The prime piece of the collection is a pacifier-shaped pendant (lolette) to create a bond between the child and his mother – it emits a soft sound that cradles the child during its first nine months.

Also in your box: crayons from Faber Castell. Perfect for some fun family time! Coloring is such a wonderful pastime, especially around Christmas. Who else is going to put that red nose on Rudolph?




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  2. No kids but a lot of nieces and nephews. Just looking at them and their genuine innocence is so sweet

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