Swiss Yogurt Community: together towards less sugar

Posted on 05/10/2017 by Eileen Schuch
Yogurt Community Switzerland

Recently, we invited the Coolbrandz Community to join our team of Yogurt Tasters, a project whereby selected bloggers and consumers from every part of Switzerland help Hirz and LC1 to keep their promise concerning the reduction of refined sugar in their fruit yogurts.

Too much sugar intake can impact on our health. Any initiative towards a healthier lifestyle deserves our support. That is why we are delighted to be part of the project. Reducing the refined sugar content is one thing, but the real challenge is to do so without compromising on the quality of the yogurts. Consumers love them for their taste and texture; any change in the recipe requires that their preferences are embraced. Maintaining what is so typical for the yogurts while reducing the content of refined sugar is not an easy task.

The purpose of the Yogurt Community is to participate in a series of blind tests during which taste and texture of the yogurts are evaluated and the results shared online. The feedback provided by the members of the community will help to better understand how consumers perceive the products and what the trends and preferences are.

Together with Amandine, Valerie, Sara and Charlotte, we are receiving different yogurts to try and evaluate over the year. The first lot was already delivered: six little pots – 3 blue, 3 red, each one with an attributed code which allowed to identify them in the online questionnaire.

Yogurt Community Switzerland Reduced Sugar

As far as I am concerned, my favorites were quickly established! But do the other members of the community share my preferences? Over the course of the year, we will receive more insights and update you on the progress of the project! Look out for the hashtag #YogurtCommunity in the Social Media to know more.

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