Zwyer Caviar: the first ever ethical caviar brand

Posted on 01/05/2018 by coolbrandz

t2bp_00051Caviar is without doubt one of the finest symbols of gastronomic luxury. Unfortunately, the appeal of what is known as black gold has led to the overfishing of sturgeon and is now endangering the survival of the species.

In the face of this controversy, it was interesting to discover that there’s a Swiss brand selling a sustainable alternative! Zwyer Caviar is a family business based in Appenzell, Switzerland. It was founded in 2007 by Alexander Zwyer and sells the world’s only ethical caviar produced thanks to breeding conditions respectful of sustainable development.

Deep in the heart of Uruguay, the fish live on farms in a healthy ecosystem that is similar to their natural habitat. The company advocates transparency when it comes to genuine traceability concerning the age of the sturgeon, its diet, or the production date of the caviar on your plate.

ZwyerCaviar-BlackPearlThe brand has already scooped some prestigious awards, notably the Golden Pentaward in 2009 for its unique packaging called the ‘Black Pearl’: a spherical case made from a recyclable material that can keep the caviar cool for several hours. The same year, it also nailed the World Luxury Award, which heralded its creative excellence in luxury communication.

See for yourself: taking a quick tour of the company website is enough to whet your appetite. Zwyer Caviar is also available as an iPhone app; a great way to get to know all about caviar, familiarise yourself with the brand or receive exclusive tasting invitations.

But to finish off, how does etiquette dictate you eat caviar? Well, caviar is supposed to be served chilled, on its own and with a special spoon. Metal spoons are to be avoided as they will adversely affect the taste. Some people like to eat it with toast or blinis, but the most original way is to sample it as it is: take a little caviar from the palm of your hand between the thumb and index finger, then let the roe slide into the mouth… and savour the flavour!




  1. Tried it at a tasting in the hotel school of Lausanne. Was very good. Great story and a nicely run family business.

    Swiss caviar from Uruguay unusual but good!

    • thanks jonas, cool to have a feedback from someone who’s actually tried it! we were enchanted by the philosophy that this swiss luxury brand adopted and that it is an intrinsic element of their business conduct. responsable behavior that translates into all aspects of their activity: from the product itself through to the packaging…. brands that care are cool!

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