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Posted on 04/09/2018 by Clarins
Clarins Skincare

Clarins Skin Illusion: Your skin. Only better.

With Skin Illusion, women have unlocked the secret to “bare-faced beauty”, with a foundation that recreates the illusion of bare skin. In fluid or loose powder form, the Skin Illusion mineral and plant based formulas enhance skin with an exceptional radiance, while providing skin care benefits and comfort. Clarins reinvents the art of powdering, both simply and flawlessly, with the new Loose Powder Foundation. Its innovative design incorporates an ultra-soft brush and a clever distribution system to release an optimal amount of powder. It’s the new bathroom and handbag essential!

The Clarins Complexion: Skin care expertise and the instant beauty of make-up.

Since beautiful skin is the secret to a beautiful complexion, Clarins’ foundations incorporate all of Clarins skin care expertise. Every formula is enriched with plant extracts, for moisturized, luminous, protected skin. To correct imperfections and even the complexion, Clarins textures become one with the skin, to perfectly match skin tone. Clarins’ foundations are skin care products.

In every Clarins foundation there are 4 “skin care” actions:


Mineral and plant-based formulas

Clarins looked to nature to find their radiance-boosting secret. Extracts of pink opal and pink algae perfectly combine together to naturally illuminate the complexion.

Pink opal powder: a radiance-boosting mineral silicon

Known for its ability to diffract the light, pink opal powder creates a luminous, optical phenomenon on the skin surface called opalescence, which helps to visibly smooth skin and give the complexion incredible radiance.

Pink algae plant extract with energizing and moisturizing benefits

Harvested in Ouessant, in France, pink algae was selected by Clarins Laboratories for its moisturizing and stimulating benefits. Its extract helps to tone the skin.

Clarins Skincare Pink Algae

NEW: Loose Powder Foundation

The lightness of a powder, the coverage of a foundation, the comfort of a skin care, the illusion of bare skin. A “bare skin” effect for a flawless complexion.

  • Evens the complexion and gives it incredible radiance
  • Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines
  • Leaves skin supple and comfortable

An easy-to-apply mineral texture

It’s tricky to apply a loose powder without getting it everywhere. Being so light, it can be hard to handle. So for loose powder beginners and also pros, Clarins has come up with an innovative design to ensure that application is:

Easy = Its clever distribution system releases just the right amount of powder, simply by shaking the jar 3 times.

Sensorial = Loose powder is applied lightly… which means with a brush. Magnetized to the lid, its brush is extremely soft, thanks to ultra-fine fibres. It applies powder to the face delicately and evenly.

Portable = You can take it with you anywhere – every day, for the occasional touch-up, or on a weekend away for a flawless complexion.

Clarins Skincare Loose Powder

8 shades to suit all women

Pigments coated with a plant-based amino acid are completely compatible with the skin and ensure lasting make-up hold. The purity of the pigments gives the colour unrivalled radiance, for a long-lasting, very natural-looking, glowing complexion. Shades available according to markets.

Clarins Skincare

Skin Illusion SPF 10 Fluid Foundation

The lightweight foundation with a “bare skin” effect which naturally enhances a beautiful complexion. A texture so light, you don’t know it’s there…

Once you apply its fresh, smooth, creamy texture, you’ll forget it’s even there. Only the feeling of comfort remains. It becomes one with the skin, bringing a feeling of well-being and a silky-smooth touch, for a totally natural-looking, even make-up result. Skin Illusion conceals imperfections, to perfectly unify and enhance the complexion, all day long.

16 shades to suit all women

Clarins Skincare


Pink alga: Asparagopsis armata

Pink algae, also known as harpoon weed, is a seaweed cultivated and harvested in Ouessant, France. It originates from the southern hemisphere and recently colonized the waters of the northern hemisphere after it arrived clinging to the hulls of boats. Known for its antiseptic properties, pink algae is high in biologically active intracellular silicon. Clarins Laboratories use it for its cell regeneration effects and its moisturizing and softening benefits.

Opal powder

The Orientals called the opal the “anchor of hope” and in Sanskrit the word “upala” signifies precious stone. Considered a lucky charm and also used for its therapeutic benefits, the opal is also famous for the depth of its colour. Opal powder is composed of perfectly smooth, spherical mineral particles which produce a specific diffraction of the light. Like a genuine radiance booster, opal powder creates an optical light phenomenon on the skin surface known as “opalescence” which effectively evens and smoothes the complexion while giving it exceptional luminosity.



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