Gumpert Sports Cars: emotion, performance and power

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A Gumpert in his natural habitat embraces the road and combines the most refined expression of very German technical engineering with an expertise in unparalleled design. Born from a passion for racing, Gumpert Sports Cars stand for breath-taking aerodynamic efficiency, elegant curves with attractive proportions and for stunning supercars with exceptional technologies. On the roads, Gumperts are not your everyday sight.

Gumpert Sports Car DetailIf you happen to find yourselves at the wheel of this power engine, the world is a wonderful playground: Any road trip is exciting, taking completely different turns, winning effortlessly the attention of passers-by. Lined up, you’ll see a unique collection of German thoroughbreds, ready to face any challenge. All aboard!

Gumpert takes off at high speed!

Roland Gumpert, the founder of the company, has held the Audi Sport reins in the past. In 2001, when the new century was still in his early years, he proposed a new generation of sports cars, ready for racing, but adapted for use on the road. In 2004, the company Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH took shape, and sketches by Marco Vanetta saw the light of day. After long and hard work, Gumpert Sports Car made its entry in the linge of prestigious automobiles. In October 2005, the Apollo models hit the road.

Halfway between genius and passion, Gumpert roares without fear! The fates of Audi and Gumpert cross again, when skills and know-how of Roland Gumpert and Roland Mayer, the director of MTM  (Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH, legendary engineer of the Audi turbo 5 cylinder) join forces. The new bomb Altenburg is pure dynamite on the roads. A performance that makes you hold your breath!

In 2012, Gumpert reveals two extremes of the Apollo supercar at the Car Show in Geneva: Apollo R, planned for races only, boosted 860 hp and weighed in at 1100 kg when empty; Apollo Enraged was homologated for the road and came with 780 hp and 1175 kg.

This kind of racing car escapes the paddocks. Taming a car equipped with a bi-turbo V8 4,2L, whose power has been increased from 650 hp from the original Audi to a staggering 780 hp, weighing in at only 1175 kg, is definitely not child’s play. With these models, Gumpert plays in the big leagues. Reaching up to 359 km / h, one can only imagine the pressure on board – or the long-term reliability.

Concept Car Gumpert Tornante - Photo Credit GumpertIn 2014, Gumpert enlarges its niche brand with a new explosion. No need to worry, though: The car will not evaporate in a big bang. Pushing to even greater excellence, with the desire to leave a lasting imprint, Gumpert went on the trails of the racing monsters to provide a model that clearly uses the rallies as a reference. Ready to devour the road, reaching 100 km / h in three seconds flat –  an impressive explosion of power.

Devoted to mastery, the company states its hegemony in competition. Its racing machines have already gained a few laurels during sports events, especially at the Nürburgring racing circuit.

“We want to convey to all motor sport fans what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a rally car,” says Roland Gumpert

In the heart of the action, panting and frantic, the most intense moments will be experienced at the wheel of these masterpieces. Meticulously, Gumpert pays special attention to details. His only claim being to create small bombs, Gumpert strives for perfection. Its prestigious emblem adorns a carbon fibre shell, reinforced with fiberglass, wearing a dress of lightness, manufactured by forty employees of this company in the former East Germany.

For these Gumperts, the ultimate madness of urban motoring is ready to shake all senses of the driver. Fans of sport sensations are bewitched by Gumpert! To take advantage of the quintessence of these thoroughbreds, synchronize your heart rate to the haunting melody of a V8.

Are you searching for a sports car that is at the forefront of exclusivity? Take heart, oil your senses, start your engines – go explore!

Image film Gumpert by OM Studios (Director: Jirko Krah)



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