#xMas Calendar N° 5: sugar-sweet jewellery by Bombom Bijoux

Posted on 05/12/2017 by Eileen Schuch
BomBom Bijoux Bracelet

There are many good reasons to offer a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift for Christmas. For example, to say “I love you” or “Thank you for reading our blog!”, or simply because you are the coolest community of all. Today’s gift is proposed to you by our friends at Bombom Bijoux. Halfway between the craft of designing jewellery and selecting precious stones, Bombom Bijoux celebrates original materials from around the world. A gift that will enchant your stocking and add sparkle to your Christmas tree!

And because we believe that macarons are probably the best way to sweeten the countdown for the holidays, we slipped this surprise from BombomBijoux in our xMas Calendar: 1 x jewellery gift set in the value of CHF 250, made from pieces that you can pick and choose to your liking.

To participate, simply like this post and tick the “CLICK + WIN” box below. Double your chances by telling us in the comment section, which one of the holiday styles composed by the Bombom Bijoux girls is your favourite, Ana’s (necklace and bracelet from the “sugar” collection) or Jessi’s (earrings, bracelet and stacked rings from the “macaron” collection)? The winner will be determined by lucky draw in the week of 25th – 31st December and can select the gift set from the beginning of January 2018. Good luck!

bombom bijoux holiday outfits

But who created the sweet universe of Bombom Bijoux? We already presented Jess and Ana to you in one of our #AtableAvecAmelie interviews. The two friends from Bolivia launched Bombom Bijoux in Switzerland: Ana is the designer who creates and manufactures the jewellery that is inspired by sweets; Jess is more of the entrepreneur in this dynamic duo.

Their aim? Offer unique pieces of jewellery for every woman. The precious and semiprecious stones come from every corner of the world and represent a selection that Jess and Ana make during their travels. The success of their creations? Inventiveness and a combination of colours and shapes that pleases every sweet tooth! Whether you are dressed casually or for an elegant Christmas party, Bombom Bijoux fit any occasion.

BomBom Bijoux Ana Jess

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