La bague fleur: like a breath of spring on your finger…

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It’s a dreary day, you go surfing on the mood site and already you feel better: you go with the flow and you see a whole host of rings to suit your mood, clothes, colour palette, rings to lend a distinctive touch to your outfit.

Here’s what you do:

1. First you make your choice… OK it “seems” simple, but have you seen the choice? Good luck! Right, a flower ring, that’s nice… so let’s go!

2. Next you place your order; it’s done in a few clicks.

3. Then you wait… but not long: in 3 days, you’ll be sent your 1st parcel, a bit like a “teaser”. You get a round, sliding gauge device to measure your finger with. Nothing’s a game of hit-and-miss at mood, it’s as accurate as the slipper finding Cinderella, only more so.

4. You measure up and send it back (even the return envelope is pre-stamped by mood!).

5. A few days later, you open your little gift box from mood and bingo! You have a ring made to measure wrapped around your finger, as well as some floral accessories in the colours you ordered. You choose the flower of the day, you clip it on, and there you have it!

It goes with your outfit, and it’s the kind of ring you can wear anywhere, in short… it instantly puts you in a good mood!

Clotilde Marsault, lifestyle blogger for coolbrandz


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